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  1. Omg.. Herlene’s choice of words hindi ko kinaya….
    My gahd… the words like “Pukpukan”… 😱😱😱😱😱

    • Pagpasensyahan mo na.
      This is just one of the many reasons na ayaw ko syang mag represent ng Pilipinas
      For what? Para muling patunayan sa buong mundo na tama na ang bad image natin abroad.
      Some foreigners even make jokes with the way we speak English and pagiging walang class daw.
      Well in the US, Filipinos are well-represented but in other parts of the world, napakapangit ng image natin.

  2. OFF TOPIC : A Pinas actress Dolly de Leon is currently ranked third in the battle for nominations in the best supporting actress Oscar 2023 ! Unbelievable , that ‘finally we have’ and ‘how come it took so long’ a Pinas actress might likely bring home an Oscars trophy next year ! ( a couple of years ago , a Korean actress won in the same category )

  3. No to Boy Abunda interviews. Not again sorry. It’s just for him to show off!

  4. What can I say, he looks like a clown, look at what he is wearing.

    I am not really a fan of Nicole Borromeo.

  5. I like the way Chelsea speaks. Pang Miss international. Nakikita ko Kay Nicole Borromeo c Bianca Guidotti and I hope Hindi cya maligwak dahil parang may something negative sa pananalita Nya +smile na copycat Kay Guidotti hihihi. Borromeo should be Miss Intercontinental. C Basiano nman ay pang MGI. C Tamondong dapat sa Globe.
    Gusto kung sampalin c Stacey para tumahimik pero try Nya sa Miss World baka magkaCrown cya Doon.
    Budol should take the opportunity to train harder as First RU para makuha Nya Ang MGI next year kung sasali pa sya. Yung sasalihang international beauty pageant ni budol this year Ang acid test kung dapat ba syang sumali uli nx year🙄😊

  6. Mas ok sana kung c Kris A Ang nag interview to satisfy the self-righteous readers😆😱😊 hahahaha
    Magdiwang Po Tayo dahil NASA TV5 na Ang Abs-cbn 😀pakiFuck check Po. Hihihihihi

  7. Buti na lang may Christian Esguerra, Lapid Fire at Ogie Diaz. Laki daw ng binayad ni Imee kay Boy Abunda!?

  8. I don’t watch any Boy Abunda’s orToni Gonzaga’s episode on YT. In showbiz, mas gusto ko how Ogie Diaz conducts interview. May wit at puso.

    That’s all.

  9. What the heck does Boy Abunda have on?
    It looks like a glorified beach towel. Mercy!
    Lovely BbPilipinas court nonetheless.

  10. I loved the way Maureen gave him a verbal flip when she answered his Kanye-ism of a question with a “I am okay, this question is not okay.” Smart girl 🙋🏻💜💐

  11. I agree with what you are saying Stacey but based on your tone, the history that you believe in is one-sided. Do you actually understand what you are talking about?! The history that you learned growing up from Historians/Propagandists are apointed by the victors of that time therefore, it is obviously limited and biased which is the revisionism of what really happened.. Now that the people behind that biased history are no longer in power, it is time for us to dig deeper and hear all sides of the story particularly from people who were actually there during those historical events including CCTV footages that proves that these unknown side of the story are all based on facts.

    • Manong, may I share a lesson/tip given to us by a job mentor?

      “When the client says to you in your face that they are perfectly satisfied with your competitor, then sadly you have no opening…’.

      I believe the truth is the rightful possession of those who work to seek it out. Such as yourself, po.

      They who choose to comfortably float in the perceived status quo, well leave them be.


      (The day may come, their very names will be ‘protected’ & even casually mentioning them as an ‘Off Topic’ will prompt the blog service provider to quarantine/block readers. If so, then so should forcing ‘another pageant’ in posts that clearly have nothing to do with it, as a few notable ones among us are concerned as having that habit tolerated.)

    • The First Lady said she bought those tiaras and paintings “for the people”. Are you gullible enough to believe her? 🙋🏻🕊💐

      • @Jmgonzalez

        The former 1st lady saw herself as the brand ambassador of our nationality and culture… Would you prefer someone who intentionally styles herself to look destitute as a representative of our country?

      • It was no surprise that the staging of Evita was forbidden during the height of conjugal dictatorship.

      • @Closer2Fame … That’s a very tired excuse of hers, using it with no trace of shame whatsoever. By the way, that’s the country’s money she used, so I don’t think Filipinos would wish you be represented by a thief 💐

      • @Jmgonzalezme

        The country’s money? Where is is your proof that they stole that money?..That is pure allegation… There is indeed unexplained wealth but where would they get it from if the Philippine Government never had that huge amount of budget?

      • @Closer2Fame … Read up. She brazenly says it in her interviews. And by the way, the country is rich but if you have a conjugal dictatorship who uses the national coffers as their personal wallet, it’s always charged to the government 💐

  12. This year’s batch of Bb Pilipinas queens is among the prettiest in the history of Bb Pilipinas along with Batch 65, 79, 93, 94, 96, 97, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2018. Among the smartest are batch 76, 81, 82, 89, 94, 2005, and 2011

  13. The “Interviewer” must be at the center and must wear the most colorful clothes because he is the most important person in the room.

    An experienced talker is different from a great interviewer.

    I feel sorry for the ladies for sitting down with this guy. And I feel more sorry for Karen Laurie for being used by this guy for publicity.

  14. Oh God no, the charlatan is at it again 😱 The one who taught Cat to answer “Honey… Darling!” for her Q&A. He is not and never will be Binibini-worthy. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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