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  1. Three words: not that pretty. Such a small, compacted face.

    And what’s with all these excessive Q&As?? Even Miss Universe Thailand is doing it, and you know what? We Filipinos invented the microphone buffet, and it’s not really about the long-windedness, the heavy-handed words or the delivery- it’s the sincerity (think Janine, Pia, Catriona).

    Celeste didn’t have it when she was Miss Earth; she has it now. It’s about speaking what you truly know, and so what if it’s all about her mother?? There is something actually endearing with her tentative way of speaking and the Italian accent is the cherry on top of a perfectly-made dessert that is neither too sweet nor too bland.

    And unlike Gazini, Celeste is going into MU ‘untouched’- what ruinedGazini and Rabiya were all the last minute tweaks, tucks and fillers they didn’t really need in that short space of time. Celeste won’t be burdened with any of these (Thailand will however, because come on, is cosmetic surgery really your ticket out of poverty?? ).

    I believe the final question at MU is not that hard- it’s always the perfect vanilla question.

    But getting to the top three is.

    • Celeste will be the Cynthia Lander Zamora the next batch. Tall sexy beautiful but nganga in QnA. If Cynthia didn’t falter in Q and A in 2002 it should be Oxana and her last two standing.

  2. Not since Mr. Gafud’s collaboration with MUSingapore organization has another MU national franchisee received as much coverage in the blog as MSA… WW is quite well-known now among Pino/ay pageant followers! Para nga’ng tumumal na ang posts on MUSA; kung hindi pa ‘yun’g tatlo’ng Fil-Am na kandidata (as below comment of ‘Texas’), wala na tayo’ng balita… 🙂

    Why not MUPO work also with MSAO? Apparently & from the tone of comments here, this is one brand Filipinos like… Kasi, the pandemic prevented ZT from coming over for the inaugural MUP. Now that ‘all’s clear’ for the most part (or habang puwede pa), maybe she can now come over & catch up with that 2020 batch she chatted with…

    More of these ND-to-ND schemes, please!

    At yayamanin prize package ng MSA! New SUV/sedan, stay at luxury hotel. May gems?

  3. On another topic…

    I can’t wait for R’bonney Gabriel to compete in Miss USA 2022. I have high hope on this girl–to represent USA and our culture in Miss Universe. A proud Filipina-Texan, R’bonney has the making of Miss Universe because of her arresting beauty, effortless charm, brilliant mind, exquisite back story, and authentic advocacy.

    MUO might have noticed R’bonney’s magnetic personality as she rocked social media the day after she won Miss Texas. That kind of girl is what they are looking for.

    I think it’s gonna be a wildest dream to see two half-Pinay beauties as the last two women standing on the MU stage, ‘no? And they are in the persons of R’bonney and Celeste. *Goosebumps*

    That’s all.

  4. While her answer sounded well, she didn’t answer the question about how she would use the SA crown for social justice. People are so easily impressed just because it was delivered with conviction in proper english grammar.

    I am also not a fan of that long winded question. They really need to get to the bottom line. They could have done away with the silliness in the beginning and went straight to the question at the end.

    To be honest, this winner should make it to the semis but I don’t think she deserves more than that. Chos!!!! hihihihi

      • Celeste’s monotone makes her answer in the QnA less impacting. It makes her lacking in conviction. In beauty pageants, you don’t have to give a precise answer. It’s how you put wit and stress on your statement, and that is where the fans give their thunderous applause. In short, it’s the delivery.

        If we can refresh our minds, among the five finalists last MUP pageant, Pauline’s answer was standout. It was short, simple, yet impacting. It was not pageant patty-ish. Oh, I can’t forget Brook Mahealani Lee’s answer to the question, “If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?”

        Brook Lee: “I would eat everything… in the world… You do not understand… I would eat everything TWICE.”

        Super witty. Not pageant patty. Not formulaic. Very far from what the pageant trainers here in the Philippines teach.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL, if I may add, the impactful “delivery” you are talking about comes from confidence about your answer. This does not even have to come from a great stock of knowledge– although it always helps– but from knowing oneself very well.

  5. Miss Ndavi Nokeri speaks like and sounds like Demi-Leigh Tebow! She is sweet and pretty!

  6. For Namibia Universe 2022 , the delegate is sub-sub-par … kind of curious why they did not just assign the Supra winner last year or the Supra 1st ru a couple of years ago … any of the two will have a great chance for the MU crown …



  8. Congratulations to the new Miss South Africa!

    While Ndavi is considerably not in the league of SA’s A-list Queens (Demi, Tamaryn and Zozibini), once given a Midas Touch by the pageant guru, Werner Wessels, I believe she will shine on the MU stage.

    The question is quite tough, something that Celeste might hardly crack once asked, but Ndavi simply answered it with ease. I am now thinking that if Celeste and Ndavi make it in the Top 3 of the forthcoming MU, and once asked with the same socio-political question, my gut feel says Ndavi would clinch the crown.

    We just hope that in this year’s edition of MU, the judges would give much weight on the beauty of face and body of the contestants, and that an easy question would be given for the final 3, like “Who do you miss most at this time?”

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, we know that at MU, the Q&A for the Final 3 is the ultimate determinant of the winner, after the series of elimination rounds involving beauty of face and body. I’m sure Mu will not ask that “no-brainer” question (hahaha!), considering that the host country Dominican Republic is a Third World country like ours and its below-poverty-line is almost the same level as ours. I’m sure gut issues will be highly favored topics at Q&A.

      • @Scorg dear, if MU will indeed be held in Dominican Republic, medyo may pag-asa tayo for Celeste. For sure, the Latin people would still prefer yung mga kabugang ganda. Sana. *fingers crossed*

        Kaya nga last MUPh, I bet for Pauline kasi s’ya ‘yung alam nating kakabog sa QnA kahit gaano pa kahirap ang tanong sa MU. Kung katawan ang issue sa kanya noon, siguro naman kung s’ya ang naging MUPh winner, mapupwersa s’yang magpapayat gaya ng ginawa nila Jonas kay Pia Wurtzbach.

        Sana talaga kapag nakapasok na si Celeste sa Top 5, ang itanong lang sa kanya ay, “How close are you with your mom?” Para naman sure na s’ya sa Top 3. Kahit 2nd Runner-up lang ang placement n’ya sa MU, I’d be more than happy dahil, finally, we get the complete placements in there.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL, I have a further reply to you but it does not post after several attempts. Don’t know what is objectionable in a simple post.

      • How close are you with your mom?
        Dami kong tawa dito hahaha
        Pero yeah by the look of it Celeste’s waterloo is Q&A pero sana hwag syang magkalat masyado. A runner up or top 5 finish is fine with me.

      • @JustPassingBy, that’s also my worry. Q&A does not only require good communication skills but more importantly depth and breath of knowledge of current socio-politica-economic issues. This is a function of good education and immersive involvement in Philippine community affairs. The Top 3 at MU stage is mostly determined by an insightful 30-second answer to some gut issues of global impact. The answer must succinctly verbalize a glowing inner beauty of a confidently beautiful person. I hope our bet is training hard for this.

      • @JPB @Scorg, I also notice na shaky ang boses ni Celeste kapag sumasagot s’ya sa QnA, para tuloy kinakabahan s’ya at hindi confident.

        Since charming naman s’ya, daanin na lang n’ya sa smile before and after n’yang sumagot.

        Nonetheless, si Celeste pa rin ang pinakadyosa among those already crowned reps ng mga country sa MU.

        That’s all.

    • AW-L and Scorg
      Not only her trembling voice that denote tentativeness in her answers but also the minute facial expressions and nuances. I hope this would be set right by a public speaking expert (not Boy Abunda please). No doubt she is really beautiful though.

  9. I hope CC gets the crown after a 4-year wait but … if not CC, I hope it is either Portugal , Guatemala or Ukraine … but I am worried though that this will be a boring year when the winner is announced as it will turn out to be the usual Colombia , or Venezuela, or Puerto RIco ( Brazil is not going to be in the picture this year )… I still hope , as in previous years , that the winner will be a new country if not CC.

    • it will be nice surprise if these are able to make their debut entry into the first cut : Bhutan, Mauritius, & Iraq

      • At medyo thick yung thighs and legs nya, same when she competed sa Miss Grand. Noticeable talaga so I have to mention.

    • I do not see the hype on Guatemala. Ok na sya as a runner up sa Miss Grand. I haven’t seen her lately but I hope she fixed her teeth (bottom).

      • To substitute for Guatemala, it will be very exciting to see the last three standing to be Portugal , Ukraine , & Curacao …. if CC fails to make it

  10. I think Ndavi Nokere’s answer to the socio-political-economic question about social justice is brilliant for a 30-seconder answer. She talked about a metric on social justice– the percentage below poverty line– a politically safe topic. “It is OUR responsibility…to create a sustainable, innovative and …. inclusive South Africa so that we can unlock opportunities for the youth”, she said. She’s vying for MU but she seems to be talking about MI’s advocacy in partnership with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Zero Poverty is UN SDG’s priority Number 1.

    • Good Sir, with all due respects, you REALLY had to force that…

      Alam niyo na nga po’ng wala na sa BPCI ang MU franchise. Keep that MI thing distinct. I mean, not even MSA organization has the franchise for the Japan pageant. Baka branding-partiular sila.

      (Btw, parang nawala kayo nu’ng that @Golden Mean came up for Supra. Did very well supporting our bet, yet Lalela Mswane was nicely vindicated. You two should meet; you sound/write similarly.)

      • @Grand Port, I was simply referring to an issue discussed in an MU contest that fits more the MI advocacy. I don’t know how you connected it to MU being not anymore a BPCI franchise. It’s non sequitur! About @Golden Mean, she is a prolific writer, but I can see her forte is lengthy feature writing while mine is short comments on the business side of pageantry. My topics are mostly on issues, not personalities. If ever I mention a person, it is incidental to an issue or advocacy I am trying to explain. During Supra, I posted one in defense of comments bordering on racial slurs against our bet. Other than that, no more posts because I was silently rooting for South Africa, who was my bet at MU last year. Same thing with MGI during SamBer’s time. I was silent because my personal bet was the black Miss USA (from Ghana).

      • ‘Eto’ng reply na ‘to, I don’t expect you to be notified about it. And anyway, puwede’ng kay Admin na rin lang ‘patamain’…

        I do not believe it is wise to connect MU to ‘the other side, to Cubao’ IN ANY MANNER. ‘Yun lang.

  11. Congratulations. she has beautiful mind and body. She could be a strong crown contender especially if she reaches the question and answer round. However Between her and Celeste, Celeste has an edge.

  12. she is pretty and vibrant but she is not even a Tamryn Green … I do not see a MU crown in her future

  13. The final question asked of Miss South Africa is obviously tough and could also be a relevant question in the Philippine setting: How would you use your title as MSA to lead the nation to play their part in advancing social justice. Her emphatic answer: “We cannot say we are advancing as a country while half is still left behind, if 50% of the country is still living below poverty line. It is our responsibility to ensure that we create a sustainable, innovative and most importantly an inclusive South Africa so that we can unlock opportunities for all youth.” An impressive answer for a 30-second-or-so time limit for a question that borders on political, economic and social issues. If this question was thrown to a recent BBP, MUP, MWP or MEP winner, I wonder how would the answer be, knowing that the Philippines has the third highest % poverty line in the whole of ASEAN, next only to Myanmar and Laos.

    • Well scorg I’m pretty sure Celeste can’t answer this type of questions knowing that she spent most of her life in a Southern European country. I think in the last MUP top 5 only Pauline can answer this emphatically. And I guess that if this question will be asked here, generic statements again. 🙄

      • @Diana, I thought so too– generic and motherhood statements. Not only that it requires a deep and broad knowledge of socio-poltical-economic issues, they have to give a safe politically correct answer that will avoid the threat of red-tagging, undermining confidence on the government, etc.

      • And scorg we all know how Celeste fared at miss earth especially at the question round. I find ME’s question round as the hardest of all pageants since you really need the study topics before hand. Hindi naman pwedeng carbon tax ang question tapos unity ang sagot kakaloka. We’ll see maybe Celeste is Gazini 2.0??

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