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  1. Dito pumapasok yung reasoning ng “kapalaran”…again and always remember, “You are a product of your decisions but there is still destiny!”…and I thank you!!! Have a lovely Thursday everyone!!! ❤

  2. Both MWP and BPCI failed to see her potential and both pageant didn’t giver her a chance to win a crown. Joanna Camelle Mercado tried her luck in Bb. Pilipinas 2017 but her dream was cut short when she did not make it to the list of Top 40 and she didn’t give up she decided to join in MWP 2019 but she went home without a title. Felicidades Miss United Continents 2022.

    • Malay mo Kung may MUC crown eh Baka sa Kanya binigay hihihihi..

      Failed is not the right word. Just because she didn’t win a crown before doesn’t mean it’s someone’s fault. It’s just not meant to be for her to win and it goes to show that you don’t need a crown first to win another.

    • So it was in 2017 BP when she aspired to be one of the official candidates but failed the T40. Someone indicated below that this 2022 edition as well.

  3. Maybe she should try MUP , but it looks like she is more of a Bb … (Intercont or Globe)

    I have not seen any news yet on host city of MU2022. My three preferred cities for this year are:

    Busan, South Korea
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Paris, France

    CC will do very well in any of these cities … I hope it is not going to be in the US or Mexico

  4. KF tends to field and dominate these minor pageants…

    I hope they are also focusing on reclaiming it’s stature at the BIG leagues like MW and MU.

    This past BB edition proves that Aces can dominate without fielding a million candidates.

    • Agree. It’s quantity over quality. But Miss International wise, I think KF historically is better than Aces. KF is the only pageant camp In the Philippines that was able to clinch a crown for a foreign delegate ( Kevin Lilliana in 2017). Aces trained foreign girls are not that lucky yet. Also they have Bea and Lara while Aces only has Kylie. Aces also failed big time with Mariel de Leon and Bianca Guidotti.

      • But you don’t see A&Q making “paawa” excuses when they fall short, na the cards are stacked against them etc.

        You didn’t see Aces make excuses at MUPh this year when The Camp took the top prize. Same at MWP 2022. They graciously accepted the results & moved onto the next battle.

        KF fields the most candidates in Bb Pilipinas (vs MUPh and MWP) because it has been a greater challenge for them to nab the top titles at the local pageants for the international alpha titles.

        They always think this shortcoming is due to external factors (like this weak bato na Aces had two alumnae in the judging panel at BPCI this year).

        They believe that BPCI is neutral grounds so they focus on this competition.

        But consider this: Aces has won the Bb Pilipinas International title every year since 2016.

        So has every BPCI judging panel since 2016 been stacked to favor Aces?

        KF should look internally & reassess their training program as to whether there are areas they can improve on.

        Q&A for example.

        The other camp is quite rigorous when it comes to training in this aspect. Tito Norman even took part in a training session for the A&Q delegates for BPCI this year.

        I think it does the KF camp no favors to push this narrative na they have no control over their destiny & they are always being cheated.

        They certainly have the talent to find beautiful faces. They just seem to lack the confidence when it comes to MUPh, MWP, and now Bb Pilipinas International.

        I really hope KF can summon the inner resources and creativity to breakthrough at the alpha titles.
        But they won’t do that by making paawa excuses when they fall short.

    • Remember 4M in 2017. The aces trained girl clapped big time to the eventual winner KF trained Miss Indonesia. It doesn’t really matter now actually. Si RL dalawang MUT na napanalo nya. Si KF trained MU-indonesia 2018 and miss Cambodia in 2020. Parang hindi lang din absent.

  5. Jeslyn Santos was appointed back in 2016, wasn’t she? ‘Andito pa nga malamang sa Blog Library ‘yun’g posts during that time… BUT in the years that followed – 2017 to 2019 – nag-pageant : Jewel of the Philippines. The last one was Jerelleen Rodriguez, another Norman’s Blog staple then.

    Then, pandemya…

    Now, Jeslyn took on the ND helm. Question : with Camelle’s win & the crown in our War Room, any plans for Filipinas to re-launch that Nationals & host the global contest eventually?

    Mukha’ng mas nagiging claro ang trend towards stand-alone Nationals. Even Mr. Blogger said in one of his posts for MWP 2022, if I’m correct, was that ALV Productions was ‘intently eyeing’ (similar) this franchise. That it wasn’t included in the recent MWP title offerings means… re-Jewel?

    • Right, I was just thinking about that too. Madame Precious Q. should get that franchise and resurface the erstwhle Jewel of the PHL and Jewel of the World (perhaps add the “Miss”) in their roster of titles. MWP has way too many already and does not seem to attract outstanding ladies either…

      • Now, take a gander at @MissQueenWannabe’s comment above.

        Three points :

        1. Given BBP’s longevity, it is reasonable to assume they’ve gone over the MANY franchises offered to them over the years & if they have the ones they currently have then there’s a reason.

        2. Miss United Continents organization apparently has no need for either BBP or MWP! They managed to crown two Filipinas in ~6 years without their help. At kung ako nga naman ang org, I would capitalize on this to launch my own franchise. Aura is in. Will our future be Grand, too?

        3. Tayo ‘yun’g may gusto sa kasalukuyan’g kalakaran precisely because having the Biggest 4 brands separate means multiple cross-over opportunities. Now, we want a ‘BBP-United Continents’… Ano ba talaga? ‘Di ba nga’t ayaw natin ng marami’ng title? Where do we draw the line? Is THREE (3) enough, for example International, (The)Globe, & Intercontinental?

        In any case, I join the call for support of Mutya International. I hope it will become so successful that it will offer its own international franchise, like Earth. And at the very least, it will mean a sure source of income for local fashion designers. Imagine the (foreign) contestants in various ‘tikbalang’ interpretations! 🙂

        … Or ‘higantes’. The town of Angono should host!

    • Mutya ng Pilipinas have created their own international pageant which will be named Miss Mutya International conforming to the former Miss Maja International and Reina Hispanoamericana. The pageant will be launched during the coronation of Mutya ng Pilipinas this November.

  6. Congratulations.

    The best revenge is indeed success. No need to sour grapes or threat to spill the after losing. Just do well in your future endeavors.

    My only beef with Camelle’s photos above is the exaggerated charcoal drawing-like eyebrows and fake eyelashes. She already won, no need to be trying hard in her styling.

    Her eye area made her look more like a “Camel” Mercado. Char!

    World Peace.

      • apologies. my post is a reply meant for jaretwrightlover post’s above. not sure why it jumped to your box

      • I agree. 🙂

        Paris might be a stretch now. Mataas pa ‘ata SARS-Cov2 cases & the monkey pox is detected in Western Europe though I think vaccination is being done.

        Costa Rica is a safe bet considering TELEMUNDO sponsorship. But Korea is nearer & the time zone will be easier for us. Plus, Pino/ay pageant fans may be able to watch the Finale in larger numbers than if it were held San Jose. Puhon, Pusan!


  8. Yes indeed!!! Froma non-placement at Miss World PHL 2019 to a WORLD-CLASS beauty queen. Good choice of rep from Jeslyn Santos’ team.

    • I just could not fathom why she did not even place in the TOP 20 at Miss World PHL 2019. So to those non-placing ladies at Bb Pilipinas, Miss Universe PHL, Miss World PHL, Miss PHL Earth, Mutya ng Pilipinas, and Hiyas ng Pilipinas. Keep striving and hope that you will be hand-picked by any of this franchise holders.

      • It indicates that our country has deep bench of girls who are potential international beauty titleholders

      • Yes I couldn’t fathom up until now why the Allison girl was sent to Supra. I mean come on she won’t make it sa top 12 sa bbp. Even top 24. 😆

      • @Serge, it indicates that our local pageant organizations, for whatever reason, cannot distinguish a potential international winner from that so-called “deep bench”. Camelle did not even qualify to Top 40 of BBP 2022 and did not place in the MWP 2019. What does this tell us?

      • @scorg. Winning candidates are the cream of the crop. Losing candidates and those who fail to make the cut are still potential titleholders. Filipinas have mastered the art and science of winning beauty crowns. It also helps that an aspiring beauty Queen signs up in the pageant suited to her personality.

        These are the reasons why the Philippines has vast reserves of potential beauty queens
        1. Filipinos are beauty pageant-crazy people. Beauty pageants are held in almost every corner of this country, thus a lot of Girls get discovered
        2. The presence of many beauty camps who help transform ordinary girls into beautiful swans
        3. Bandwagon phenomenon of joining several pageants until the desired result is achieved. This phenomenon has started during the time of Elvira Gonzales.

    • @scorg the jurors up to this day may mestiza bias. Just look at the last roster of bbp. Majority of them are fair skinned. Sultan Kudarat and Cavite lang more ang morena. The rest are lighter shades of brown. Kakasad

      • @Yna, the bias is very obvious, not only on the jurors’ side but on the organizers themselves who choose the official candidates. They seem clueless that mestiza beauties are ordinary-looking in some countries, especially in Europe and Latin America. So when we select a queen who is mestiza, we struggle to make her look Asian in styling. If there is still time to prepare, we try to get her a good skin tan.

      • Sa madali’ng salita ni @scorg, bakit daw hindi sinali sa Roster sina Krista Singh at Carol Veronilla. Si Joanna Rabe nga, ‘eh, kung hindi pa nag-back-out ‘yun’g isa’ng kandidata, ‘di pa nakapasok.

        Basta, loyal kami kay Perlyn Cayona at Team SK – Lesley Ann Ticaro, Honey Be Parrenas, & their clan! Throw in Noreen Mangawit (Kalinga), & we’ll have a PARTY.. 🙂

        Even that Soriano girl from Pangasinan.

        (I’d personally include Alexandra Rosales from Laguna, but yeah that’s just me.)

      • ‘Ay, mali.

        Lesley is from Davao del Norte nga pala, but even then we had the gorgeous Weam Ahmed, too!

        Ta’s, that VISION from Davao de Oro at MUP 2021. Forgot her name, but I think she’s a Mercator ward. Humabol pa nga siya du’n sa una’ng Prelims ‘bubble’ nila at that hotel in Zambales,…

        Isabelle de los Santos of ‘Makati City’ was a revelation in the Q&A & the ‘Carnival Queen’ NatCos. ‘Eto, sa tingin ko isa pa’ng puwede’ng mag-Camelle Mercado-of-sorts, if ever. Puwera jinx, OK? 🙂

      • @Grand Port, we are on the same page with Carol Veronilla (easily a poster girl for MI’s Sustainable Development), Lesley Anne Ticaro, Perlyn Cayona, Noreen Mangawit, forgot-her-first-name Latuigat (sorry!), Nina Soriano, and Honey Bee Parrenas– the brown beauties Philippine pageantry seem to have bypassed.

    • Let’s not use the word “world class” too easily. Hihihi

      I don’t mean to denigrate her achievements though…

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