24 comments on “Camelle Mercado of the Philippines wins Miss United Continents 2022

  1. @Grand Port

    Maria Ahtisa Manalo was 21 when she competed in Miss International 2018.

    I’m also surprised that Ahtisa hasn’t thrown her hat in the MUPH and MWPH rings since passing her Bb. Pilipinas-International title to Bea Patricia ‘Patch’ Magtanong.

  2. Another feather in the cap for Jeslyn Santos.

    Congratulations Camille Mercado on helping the Philippines’ win their second Miss United Continents crown.

    The Philippines are one of six countries with two or more Miss United Continents titles.

  3. O ha. Winwyn, sya then Jeslyn Ramos. They won in lat am countries because they look ASIAN. Kaya kung sa lat am next mu good luck Kay Celeste. Her beauty will be pretty common there.

    • surprising to know that in MWP2019 , not even a top 20 placement there … I cannot recall if MWP2019 batch was really quite that strong

      • Oh did she join MWP? Who won Supranational in her batch?
        This lady could have done well in Europe based on her performance. Very supra.
        Hope she joins Binibini or MUP.

      • Camelle joined back in 2019. Supra was still with BPCI when Resham Saeed was the titleholder sent to Poland.

      • Thanks Norman.
        She should join again after her reign.
        She deserves to compete in an alpha international pageant

      • Sya pala yung maganda na nadapa sa stage during EG performance nung MWP

    • @Yna, it just shows that what is stunningly beautiful to most Filipinos (read: Caucasian features) may be ordinary-looking in some countries. Remember when dusky Miriam Quiambao almost clinched the MU crown in Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean country close to Dominican Republic? She lost by a hair to the very intellectual black Miss Botswana. Just look at MS where Asian beauty prototypes seem to enjoy the upper hand in a land where almost everyone are blondes and white-skinned!

      • Korek ka dyan scorg, and fyi marami nang misses from lat am na Italian descent kaya di na bago Italians sa kanila. Cecilia Bolocco?? Is Italian . A lot of Venezuelan-Italians nanalo ng miss Venezuela, mostly in world and international lang but the last one is Mariam Santucci Habach na by the way may Italian passport and probably uses it most of the time.

    • Correct Yna, but Jeslyn’s surname isn’t Ramos, it’s Santos. Great choice by the org. for choosing Camelle to represent the Philippines.

  4. Taray nag Spanish!… Last candidate I know who spoke Spanish during pageant interviews was Miss Margie Moran… Good job! The gowns are gorgeous! I love it!

    • I also spoke Spanish…after weeks of memorization.
      Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4. University of the East.


    Magaganda rin ang mga bellas ng Ecuador! Am also happy Venezuela penetrated Final 6. Six!

    • Country being proud still not an excuse for Kayetanu not to pursue his 10K peysos monthly for Filipinos; nor BBM not to pursue his 20 peysos per kilo of rice. 🫣😬🫣

  6. Congrats ! great assignment

    The 1st ru Ecuador can compete fairly at MU if she becomes a delegate …

    • @jaretwrightlover
      Yep. I see most of these girls competing in another pageant like Ecuador’s Ivanova Velez who is 20 and Venezuela’s Lis Arbelaez who is 19.

      • YES! Venezuela & Ecuador are love. 🙂

        Age group ni Tamondong – late teens to early 20’s. Ahtisa was 22 when she competed at MI, no? Chella Falconer as well at MUP last year.The next 2 to 4 years will be exciting… Puhon, they will.

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