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  1. Hindi po mukhang magsisters sina Laurrie at McDonnell…ang layo beks.

    • Pambihira ka naman, ses. Puwede naman’g du’n mo ‘ko sa baba sagutin. Talaga’ng kailangan’g panibago’ng thread, kita’ng-kita tuloy ng community. 😦

      Siya. Hindi na kung hindi… Samantalahin ko na lang ang pagkakataon para mag-follow-up kay Blogger tungkol du’n sa mga na-feature niya’ng MUP wish list~hopefuls.

      1. That Fil-Brazilian model from MisOr, with hair as frizzy as Katherine Guipetacio’s.
      2. The two other Miss Millennial alumnae, one from Pampanga & the other from San Pedro, Laguna.
      3. The black girl na Mercator model. I don’t think she competed at the 31st SEA Games (Vietnam)!

      At least si Diana Mackey, napa-compete niya sa Nationals. BBP nga lang.

      Kung tutuusin, this documentary can serve to drum up excitement for the 2023 screening. Since MPE just concluded (Ramp of Tarlac), Team Filipinas 2022 is effectively complete.

      Sino ba’ng up next to compete? May September ba? Si Ingrid, kailan ang Bolivia niya?

      • (Cont.)

        ‘Yan na. Speaking of ‘married women & mothers’, ‘di nagpahuli ang boys. Sila rin daw. Pasok! 🙂

        (‘Di na nagpa-pageant si Boss. ‘Yun’g natira na lang from 2019… Daumier & Mico are done. Ashley’s is probably early next year. Kailan ba nanalo si Paton?)

      • Sorry na sis. Mali yung napindot ko kanina. Pagpasensiyahan mo na ko. 🙂

  2. Naniniwala ako sa sinabi ni Pauline na pagkatapos ng lahat ng ginawa nya hanggang sa outstanding QnA nya, pwede talaga syang manalo.
    Siguro, sadyang para kay Celeste talaga nakatadhana ang korona.

    • IMHO, the result of MUP 2022 was as clear as the Scandinavian midnight sun.
      Based on over all performance, beauty and physique, it was only between my favorite Michelle Dee and Celeste Cortesi. It was neck to neck between these two. However, there were some factors that the judges had to consider in choosing Celeste.
      If I had to rank the finalist, my top 3 would have been the beauty trinity of Celeste, Michelle and Katrina. No other candididate/s in the batch can even come close to elite circle of these three. I usually don’t favor repeaters pero itong tatlong ito ang talagang may karapatang bumalik and makipag compete muli.
      This is in contrast to the results of the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas wherein I believe Basiano was the highest scorer (though Im not a fan). She was beaming during that night and she had the “winning spotlight” following her all througout.
      I also believe that Karen Laurie should have placed.
      Thank you for that wonderful question hahaha

  3. This is a very good program worthy to be released on national TV. Pageant enthusiasts get to understand what a pageant candidate is going through behind the scene. Candidate gets to feel a lot of emotions on or off the stage. She gets to feel the Excitement and the frustration while trying to achieve that dream of winning the most coveted title of the country. She gets to experience mental and physical fatigue too. Apart from winning the crown, equally important is the friendship she forges with her fellow candidates. This once in a lifetime experience is something that every pageant girl would cherish for the rest of her life.

  4. these 5 are the very best of the best 5 … the best 5 ever so far since 2020 in MUP …

    • Ayyyy. May paandar para di masapawan since bonggacious ang BBP. 3.5m views na sa Youtube in less than a week.

      • Aaaww… You just had to bring it there.

        Facially, yes I’ll have to agree with @jaretwrightlover.

        But now that we’re here, here’s my views after seeing the video in its entirety.

        1. Piczon should be appointed to some international pageant. We don’t want another one that got away!

        2. Vanessa Caro & Nicolene Limsnukan can be sisters! Same of Laurrie & McDonnell.

        3. Chantal Schmidt & Ghenesis Latugat could try a fitness pageant next! Samantha Lo & Christelle Abello are telling…

        4. PLENTY of options to represent NZ at MU! As mentioned by one of us before, Diana Mackey & Jessica Rose McEwen. Before that, VVV… Perhaps, even Franki Russell. Whom do you prefer?

        5. This was the first year MUP alumnae attempted a BBP cross-over. For the most part, it was unsuccessful. Caroline Veronilla & Krista Singh didn’t make the Roster. Nyca Bernardo & Rabe (Joanna, not Chanique) did but didn’t get very far in; at least the former got an Ever Bilena prize for her trouble.

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