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  1. Who knows?

    Jenny Ramp could be the third 19-year old to win Miss Earth in their history.

    However, Miss Earth needs to continue creating first-time winners.

    That is unless if Jenny unleashes one key element to her game like Karen Ibasco did with her Q and A in Miss Earth 2017.

    Ibasco was just as good in other areas until her Q and A just gave her a little more extra to help the Philippines win their fourth Miss Earth title.

  2. By the way, Miss World Venezuela 2020 who competed in Puerto Rico last year is one of the finalists of Miss Earth Venezuela.

    • You are the best epitome of the word “basher” someone who is unable to say anything positive.
      Congratulations for winning this special award lol

    • ‘Eh, kasi naman po. Nilagyan niyo pa ng tatlo’ng ‘laugh’ emoji ‘yun’g comment niyo. Na-jombags tuloy kayo… 😉

  3. This River Robles is an MGI fanatic. For fake glitz and glam but without integrity. Ewww.

  4. To the readers concerned…

    The willowy & dusky Air queen was Annabelle McDonnell’s Runner-up at Miss Kuyamis, & this year was the first time the MieOr organization dispatched their titlist to MUP. Presumably, their 2022 winner will compete at MUP 2023,…?…

    Recall that post wherein the Blogger gave his thoughts as to which national tournaments the ladies would go? Well, he correctly predicted Annabelle would be at MUP (nga naman…), though I agreed (in principle) that with her height & curves Tempra might be ideal for BBP. INSTEAD, someone else went… Nice, he said, would be nice (pun intended) for World, but Esel Pabilaran went there… Now, I’m totally confused how the org decides where to send whom & why. ‘Coz they just sent two (2) Runners-up – Tempra & Lampad – to MPE!

    … Or I might be confusing them with the Miss Iloilo 2022 Court. But that’s Dorothy Gemillan, no?

  5. Our homegrown beauty pageant, while commendable for its innovative segments, seems to lack corporate sponsors that can fund a spectacular show. It is a pity that innovativeness has not extended to the area of Business Development. It seemingly has not capitalized on its save-the-earth advocacy as a bankable lifeline to corporate sponsorships. Global warming and its impact on climate change and other environmental challenges, are the hottest issues in the world today. Products and businesses are now branding along environmental themes– natural, organic, chemical-free, degradable, recyclable, etcetera– that sponsors are just out there waiting to be tapped.

  6. The concept was actually unique but the execution kinulang. I like the intro which is very Miss Earth pero dapat nilgayan ng fake grass yung buong area, naawa ako sa mga girls na naka heels pero putik ang inaapakan. At saka kahit sana walang stage, sana nilagyan ng gigantic LED yung sa likod ng hagdanan. I like the summer vibe, unconventional. Maganda ang winner pedeng ihanay kila Celeste at Hannah. Sana sa internationals, kung the same concept and venue, gandahan nila ng 500%. Malinaw din ang feed dahil siguro daytime. May mga good points din naman. Yun lang po

    • Walang budget sa PR, instagram lang yung PR nila and tayo , tayo na lang daw para libre.

  7. Thumbs down kayo ng thumbs down sa mga comment ko about Miss Earth eh ang chaka talaga naman ng organization na ito. Maganda pa mag-pageant mga barangay eh. All we want is a Pinoy-based pageant that we can all he proud of. Is it too much to ask?

    As for the winner this year, kahit may kulang, magpe-place ka. Nanalo nga si Karen Ibasco eh.

      • Check mo rin mukha ni Karen Ibasco nung coronation. Tingnan mo kung maganda. Sagutin mo iyan.

    • The MPE production was not what I expected. After two years of full virtual presentations and finals, and we only got this. Introduction palang the word “barangay” levels talaga is valid. I wish they staged it not in Coron, or better where the soil they are standing on to is with green grass not with dry soil, no greens not even bermuda grass.

      Then the delay.

      Then the technical glitches and lags.

  8. Congratulations to the winners. Well-deserved. Jenny Ramp has to train hard in pasarela. She has to learn to flirt in front of the camera. She also has to tone her muscles by doing deltoid, pectoralis, rotator cuff, glute, hamstring, and quad exercises. She has plenty of time to prepare for Miss Earth pageant in Vietnam.

    • ME 2022 is still in Philippines am I right Serge? However ME 2023 is in Vietnam.

      Jenny will be joining this year’s Miss Earth not next year’s. Actually I am worried about Miss Earth 2022. With the quality of production of MPE 2022 that I just saw, will that be an indicator of how ME 2022 will be the same, amateurish?

      • I stand corrected River Robles. You are right. I am excited about this year’s edition of Miss Earth as it will be a live event. I cannot wait for Jenny Ramp’s amazing physical transformation.

      • I am not worried at all about its production. They have proven time and again that they could stage a fabulous event. With environmental conservation as its theme, this pageant is one if not the most relevant in the world. I commend Lorraine Shuck and company for seriously applying what they are advocating.

    • I do too. Miss Grand International and Miss Global I can say gave us a good 2022 edition of each pageant. Lively, modern and classy, I doubt ME can do that, the quality from the last face to face finals night in 2019 was not at par already with the production of Miss Universe or Miss Grand International or Miss International.

  9. Dear Ms. Schuck,
    Sana po ibigay nyo na lang sa Binibining Pilipinas ang MPE para at least makapag concentrate kayo sa pag elevate ng Miss Earth pageant.
    Parang di nyo na po kayang mag- fund ng decent production.
    Kung di nyo po kayang i elevate ang Miss Earth, ibenta nyo na lang dun sa ND ng Miss Earth Vietnam o kaya sa Miss Earth USA kasi sayang talaga ang brand na ito at parang nag se self destruct po kayo.

    • You chose the right word, self destruct.

      I do feel that is whats happening in Miss Earth , its goimg down the drain.

    • Tingin ko nga rin mas better off mas Miss Earh kung hawak ng bansang mas capable sa maganda production. Philippines is a lost cause for that, focus nalang tayo sa quality ng girls

  10. Kaya minsan naiisip ko na may bearing ang claim ng baklitang may-ari ng pageant sa lugar na maraming nagpapa-sex change, eh. Pwedeng sabihin na mas kaabang-abang ang pageant nila kesa sa pageant ni Lorraine Tsuk.

    Nakakalokang pageant. Kaya mga Pilipino lang din ang nanlalait sa pageant na ito kasi ang mga Pinoy want a production that we can be proud of, hindi puchu-puchu. Naku, naku! Kung ako kay Robi, hindi n’ya tinanggap ang hosting job sa pageant na ito, very baranggay level.

    That’s all.

    • Matagal ng may bearing ang sinasabi ni Uncle, ayaw lang tanggapin ng mga Pinoy because of Pinoy Pride. Sana manood talaga sila ng Miss Grand International, para malaman nila yung pageant proper nakakaexcite din and classy. Sa production number palang ng reyna, una na syang isasalang, pasasayawin na agad hanggang sa dulo you’ll be at the edge of your seat kasi either may mahihimatay or may mangyayaring tie-breaker.

      Sa Miss Earth, pati yung location problema, each year walang proper na interpreter, may lag kapag sa livestream, etc

      • Very very true@river robles!!!! As in bonganess nmn tlga ang pageant ni angkol production wise! Taob kung taod lahat ng mga alpha pageant kuning! Ayaw lang i-acknowledge ng mga vaklitang faney na mas angat ang show ni angkol.🤣🤣🤣…pero laging inaabangan ng mga vayot! Sana lalong bonggahan pa ni angkol now lalo’t may paandar na inclusivity ekek ang MRS Universe este MISS Universe na ikinadismaya ng maraming vekla!

  11. Sobrang sabog talaga ng MPE. Nagpunta pa ng Coron para magpageant sa pool side and Q&A sa lobby, eh kaya naman yun sa Maynila gawin. Kaya kahit pinoy wala ng kaamor amor sa pageant na yan e.

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