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  1. OK, the way I see it most of the people here agrees with the idea because of inclusivity and the likes. But come on, is it really practical for a pregnant woman to join a pageant? Is it more important to join a pageant than to take care of your family especially your children? I know people here will say what about career women who can juggle several roles in their plate. But they were not able to do it overnight it is a result of several attempts and may be of failure before they were able to get the right strategy to balance work and family.

    If MUO is really serious on this matter then they have to lay down all the information, prizes, eligibilities, accommodation, consequences needed on specific cases. On how are they going to deal with the specific case of a married woman, pregnant woman, a mother, a pregnant mother, an engage woman, a woman who will deliver during the reign and all other possible cases. Another question that pops up is that if a winner is a single woman, is it fine for her to get pregnant during her reign? 🤔

      • @Grand Port, this reminds me of the winning answer of Miss Botswana in 1999 to the question “Would you favor the MU title holder to be pregnant during her reign?”. Her unequivocal answer: “it’s something to be happy about as pregnancy is a celebration of femininity”, or something to that effect. In the context of this issue at hand on including married women in the MU stage, wouldn’t that status in life add credence to what Miss India’s Sushmita Sen was referring to when she talked about the “essence of being a woman” in MU 1994?

  2. I don’t totally agree with MUO’s inclusion of married women among its qualified contenders on the basis of my personal perception of what marriage is and its cultural gender-biased demands on a woman. But looking at the issue on a global perspective, where marriage is defined in various different ways– by law, religion, custom, traditions, and popular culture (live-in arrangement, same-sex union)– why prevent a beautiful empowered young woman from coming forward to inspire others?. Also from the perspective of cultures where marriage does not hinder a woman to keep her maiden name identity, I think there is some basis for MUO’s decision.

    A dispassionate look at the action shows a patently business decision. MUO is owned by Endeavor Group Holdings, the company that controls a list of high-profile businesses that include the Hollywood’s biggest talent agency WME, mixed martial arts league UFC, and the Professional Bull Riders rodeo organization. Its expertise includes events management, talent representation, sports operation and advisory, media production and distribution, creative and experiential marketing, brand licensing. That said, I surmise that the market research culture in the Group has permeated into MUO’s decision.

    • Yes, obviously it’s a ‘patently business decision’. ‘Di lang ‘paandar’ sana, as one of us said below.

      This should be easier to pull off than the transgender inclusion! After MU-Spain 2018, hindi na naulit. Pa’no nga naman mauulit when no less than the ND of (beep!) said the candidate must present documents she is now LEGALLY femme. Methinks that local pageant camp’s hopeful was unable to get hers in time to join last year… Puhon, she will finally show up for the 2023 edition. 🙂

      (The country now with three (3) crowns at MIQ,the Thailand-based transgender pageant has now galvanized its hold on the Pino/ay pageant faneys’ mind as THE ultimate ‘concurzo bellezas’ for that community & for our community-at-large. And I don’t think their documentation requirements are as rigorous.)

      Ang akin lang, sana ‘di lang lip service ‘to. Kasi, with so many upstart pageants mushrooming & lapping at its shoreline, perceived as it is as the industry leader & pioneer in many ways, it needs to keep its lead. Not easy, but the only way to go now is forward.

      • @Grand Port: I’m sure this business decision will have a lot of caveats. Note that MU is not just a title but also a job. Just like any working mom, if a married woman is crowned, she should be able to fulfill all her contractual obligations to MU throughout her reign. Should she get pregnant during her reign (from the legal husband of course), the runner up takes over until she is fit to work again.

        Just like in accepting transgenders where there are requirements like documents of female legal status, maybe a requirement here is consent by the husband/ live-in partner, negative pregnancy test at time of application, etcetera. Many may not pass the requirements, but at least the door is swung open for them.

      • @Grand Port, by the way the implicit assumption here is that the age requirement stands. We’re talking of beautiful young women, not “grandmothers” or “ugly mothers” as some comments here aver.

  3. Miss Universe Organization, what happened??? Pabagsak na ba tayo? Kaya pa ba? Hindi naman nakakahiyang magsabi ng totoo o humingi ng tulong sa mayayamang kumpanya o negosyante? Parang papawala na tuloy ang kinang ng MU…tigilan na yang inclusivity na yan na walang limitasyon…dahil lahat sa totoong mundo ang lahat ng bagay ay may limitasyon. Have a great Sunday everyone!!! ❤

  4. Why stop there? Open the pageant to “all” female mammals able to walk with two feet!

    Pardon the sarcasm but enough is enough. I’m sorry.

  5. No news is bad news. Bad news is good news. MU is running out of news.
    Next to join MU: Transexuals, transvestites, metrosexuals, asexuals, pansexuals,
    non-cisgenders, trisexuals, quadrisexuals, orgysexuals, widows, divorcées, separated,
    married-spouse present, married-spouse absent, intersect, questioning, gynesexual, gynosexual,
    and there are several others that can now join; for inclusivity reasons. Well done, #MissUniverse

    • And Grandma’s, great-great grandma’s, great-great-great grandmothers can join as well.
      Good Evening everyone! Am Maria Constancia Imelda Cordafia Marcosa, 102 yrs of age, Miss Inclusivity Universe PHILIPPINES!!!

  6. Ok lang sila? What nonsense is this? There is a Mrs Universe already, right? Dun dapat sila. What’s next, little girls can also join MU?

  7. Deshauna Barber, former Miss USA, disagrees with the latest MUO pronouncement, citing the below excellent reason:

    “Allowing pregnant women & women with children is confusing to me because the title requires constant travel and a slammed schedule for the entire year. I am not understanding how you can be a mom during that time.

    “Even being in a relationship was almost impossible which is why many Miss USAs & Miss Universes start their titles in relationships but most times end up ending the relationship by the end of their reigns. So children added to the responsibility seems unrealistic for this type of title and commitment.”

    That’s all.

    • I agree with Deshauna
      For 1 year titira si MRS. Universe sa NYC at tiyak magkakaproblema sa marriage pano mga kids?
      MUO has really gone too far with this inclusivity thing. What happened with the criteria and requirements. I wont be surprised kung pati grannies 65 years old and above can join this pageant soon.
      Was this idea really well thought of? It is a stupid idea imo.

    • She’s speaking on behalf of mothers and married people even if she isn’t one of them 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Good decision. May chance na Yung iba. I hope the maximum age will be 30yo. Hindi nman ibig sabihin into ay Wala Ng pag-asa Ang mas Bata because sometimes mas nakikita pa natin Ang maturity Ng doctor sang Bata kesa sa matanda. The winner should be balance also accdg to age. Kung Nakita nman na napakagaling Ng Bata despite of her young age compared saolder, married women ay sa mas Bata pa Rin Ang crown. Miss universe is not insecure 😱 dapat happy lang. Cherette 😊

  9. This is a welcome development. They should also abolish maximum age requirement for inclusivity sake.

  10. Their pageant. Their rules.
    I will still be excited to watch candidates model in their swimsuits & beautiful evening gowns.
    Curious lang if the word “Miss” will be dropped, replaced, or retained.

  11. Ano na po ang pangalan ng pageant?

    Miss Universe Todo Na Toh!
    Miss Universe Isang Dosenang Sarap!
    Miss Universe We Got It All For You!
    Miss Universe All-In!

  12. This inclusivity thing has gone too far in my opinion with which it has plunged beauty pageants into dreary paradigm. I am not in favor of this at all.

  13. Inclusivity kemerut na naman. Why not change the age requirement first. Kaloka. Kadiri.

  14. Ms. Universe? There goes the notion and magic we associate with single women. For me, when women become moms or settle into marital bliss they enter a new phase in life and the Miss Universe pagean’t isn’t one of them.

  15. I would prefer to see MU org attract more countries to join MU … there are so many countries which can debut at MU , … or can return to MU after a very long absence …

    If MU is rumored to be held in South Korea , why not invite North Korea ?

    If MU is rumored to be held in Costa Rica , why not invite more Caribbean nations to debut or to return , like Antigua & Barbuda , Dominique , Bonaire … & Montserrat can debut ,…

    • That begs the question: Do those countries mentioned really want to represent their countries in MU? Take the case of North Korea. Because of their antagonizing stand on any matter that supports America, that is a no-no for them. So, representing MU is like taking a piece of shit for them.

      That’s all.

      • not all will say yes to the invitation, of course that is a given , but I would rather have the MUOrg spend and focus their energy on this , expanding the number of country delegates to the MU pageant rather than spend their energy on inclusivity of mothers and/or candidates with a ‘married’ marital status ( this naturally includes same-sex marriages ) …

  16. I dunno where is Miss Universe heading. Having a transgender and now married women or mothers is such a drastic move that many MU pageant fans would definitely have a say.

    For me, this is bold. I don’t want to entertain an idea that we’d spot more mothers on MU stage than the single ones. That is because, for sure, there are mothers out there who, once in their lives, had unfinished business in pageantry or had a dream to be on the MU stage. And it’s about time for them to fulfill the thing that once tolled them.

    My fear is, because of this recent movement, more single ladies would be discouraged to join the pageant because of washing out the status category. Uh, I would not want to see my most favorite beauty pageant die just like that. After all, MU is a brand that does not recant whatever management decision it pushes through. So, it’s now up to us if we still support the pageant or not.

    What’s next? PWDs and ugly girls with a story may join MU. For. The. Sake. Of. Inclusiveness.

    That’s all.

  17. Again… the word INCLUSIVITY is being abused.

    What happened to the words such as CRITERIA, REQUIREMENTS, and QUALIFICATIONS?

  18. While neutral on the issue, I guess MUO’s decision is based on the broader issue of “what defines a beautiful young woman?” Is it civil status? Is it genitalia? Is it age? The concept of universal beauty has indeed come a long way…

    • Sir, they want to focus on TODAY’s beautiful young woman, kahit ano pa siya – transgender, single mom, cohabiting with the boyfriend, travel vlogging or running an online business with said boyfriend, married but no kids, etc. The NEW NORMAL, apparently. As if saying, “ladies, we feel you”!

      Also, “we don’t give a (beep!) what these old-fashioned farts (in Norman’s Blog) say. KAYO ang magaganda, hindi sila”. ‘Yun ang dating sa ‘kin.

      As a living fossil myself, I feel as if MU no longer needs us… They push us off the bridge so they can use it as the pathway of pageantry into the future.

      ‘K, Fine. MU just lost one fart fan.

      GUYS, PAMBATA LANG DAW ANG MU. Irrelevant~obsolete na daw tayo & our notions. Eocene.

  19. Care to share your thoughts on this Tito Norman?

    I think that my question to the org is why now? What is the new long term plan of MUO? Which causes should it pursue now that it has extended its requirements?

    • @Bert, I think MUO’s emergent definition of feminine beauty is not constrained by civil status (and the related tongue-in-cheek issue of virginity), genitalia (thus the inclusion of transgenders), and cultural lens (thus the inclusion of participants from all ethnic backgrounds). Just like in the real world, a woman cannot be less beautiful, even a lesser mortal, if she is married, a transgender, over 30-ish, etcetera.

      • Here you are again with your perfectionist view points as if we live in a perfect world. Nobody wants to crown an ugly mother. Truth.

  20. Sana unmarried mothers na lang… at least they are still Miss… but if married they have already a separate pageant for them. OMG what is happening to Miss Universe? They have started to accept transgenders, married women? What is next? Grand mothers?

  21. Too much. More than anything, I smell desperation. The boat is sinking na nga ba talaga?

    • Pageants in general are a sinking boat naman na talaga kahit hindi sila pumasok sa mga progressive kineme na yan.

      People just don’t care at these so called “bimbo and I pretend I care about these social issues when infact I’m just gonna model and stay in my apartment during my reign” competition “bakit pa nga daw ba need pa maging maganda at sexy parang maging ambassador or spokeperson?” ika nga ng mga outsiders

      • GOODBYE MU!!! Hello MGI!!! It’s high time to grab the limelight! Mas exciting pa ang Miss Grand International! Daming drama at bongga production!!!👏👏👏..yan ang hanap ng mga vayot na pageant fans!!! Go go go Mr Nawat!😄😄😄

      • In the first place, pageantry is ENTERTAINMENT. Historically, we know that. Now, if they wish to inject some relevance or timeliness, sure. But it’s still a sensory thing. And, come on. What organization or office would turn down the chance to have an attractive Spokesperson?

        Parang (literal) cooking show. The presentation of the ingredients, the smoke-&-flames effects, the lovely table setting, kitchen ware brands to sponsor the tools & utensils, the cute/hot chef… Ganu’n. Maybe pageantry, going into the future, can get ideas from such TV fare to stay yummy.

  22. Sana AGE CEILING na lang muna… I mean, Global nga, ‘eh.

    Well, kung tutuusin therefore, puwede pa sumubok si ‘clear water from Sulop, Davao del Sur’!

    🙂 … Right? She’ll be 28 next year? Or, kahit 29 kasi ‘di ba nu’ng 2020 si MU-Caribbean island naka-place pa nga?

    Probably just like at that other Top-tier pageant, SPONSORS are specifying target demographics. Talanga’ng ayaw nila sa tanders? Awit 😦

    1. There are more & more couples who opt to not have kids. WME-IMG is eyeing THESE women?

    2. KAILANGAN MAGPANALO SILA BEFORE LONG. Otherwise, baka isipin ploy lang ‘to to lure more people into pageantry (hence, MONEY) ta’s gagawin lang din’g filler candidate.

    3. It would also be nice to ask MUO to formally~publicly state their policy regarding candidates whose ND’s are rival~competitor modelling agencies to IMG.

    But to cut the cr_p, NO I’m not exactly loving this… Reeks of tokenism.

    (Siguro kaya ayaw nila mag-adjust ng age ceiling, ay dahil kung nagkataon MARAMI pa’ng ‘may asim’ in their ’30’s!)

  23. hmmm … there still the age limit I hope !

    why would a mother want to become Miss Universe ? Isn’t there already a Mrs. Universe ? …
    Do we need to change the tilte ‘Miss Universe’

  24. I think this is too much. Pag pinush nila ito, marami ang mababawas sa fan base ng MU.

    • Palitan na din nila ang title… wag na gamitin ang “Miss”. Agree, this is too much na

      • sa true. “Miss” is a title for unmarried women. will stop watching MU if they allow married women to compete. Pera-pera na lang alam nila. Tumigil sila sa oag abuso sa “inclusivity”. Wala na sila sa lugar.

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