7 comments on “The Finals of Miss United Continents 2022

  1. Questions, po.

    1. Could you share, here, the link(s) to ‘Portoviejo nace de ti’? Or, we simply search on FB?…

    2. AMONG her accomplishments was second place in NatCos, which means she has done well in some other Preliminary segments. Tama ba entiende ko?

    Less importantly & only for the few who pick up details like tiny dust flecks to static electricity.

    3. How is the Stylist/Creative Director (for above shoot) related to designer Mak?

    4. How is Nald related to Roberta?

    Hindi gumagana utak ko… 0800H ng 7, Sunday, SA ATIN… 6, Sat, ng gabi-i sa Ecuador? Same time zone sila as USA West Coast? 12 hours ahead tayo? Tama, no? Sorry, I’ve not been to USA.

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