12 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2022 in Coron, Palawan

  1. As usual, latak na yung mga napupuntang candidates sa pageant na ito. Hahaha. May Miss Earth pa pala? Hahaha.

      • Sir, in connection with @jaretwrightlover’s comment (below), that Laurie is currently with KF… And we generally understand that MPE/ME is that camp’s stomping ground…

        Nabanggit ko na rin naman before & alam naman namin bet niyo ‘yun’g bata… We get why…

        I respectfully STILL nominate Ann Carres de Mesa to take on the MPE-Batangas sash!

        I think it would nice if TCI can also consider fielding their wards to Mutya, MPE,… etc. Tyvm.

        (I’m a bit sad Doc Adee didn’t proceed…)

  2. Should Laurie Mendoza try this pageant ? 99.9% I will bet she will get the crown

    But Bb is more desired , … even if she does not get the most revered title Bb International , she can clinch one of the other three …. should she try MUP ? My feeling is that she will only end up as RU

    • Bigla ko naisip si Paweensuda Drouin.

      Nag-RU kay Poonlertlarp nu’ng 2017 MUT, nadale sa keyword Question Round sa 2018 ME, then won MUT 2019… Third time will be the charm!

      (Ano nga ba ‘yun’g keyword na nakuha ni Paween? Problem was while understood by Filipinos it wasn’t a term foreigners are familiar with. ME probably shouldn’t do this sort of thing again. No?)

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