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  1. Omay and de Mesa gave very good answers in the Q&A compared to Chelsea and Roberta …

    Chelsea and Roberta were very lucky they got crowns…

    • Actually, Laurie’s Q&A performance is much better than Chelsea’s or Roberta’s …

  2. May Chismis… according to the grapevine…
    Someone from the team of Roberta Tomondong instructed her to give a less than satisfactory answer for the Q&A so she would land as 1st RUp, to give way for Nicole Budol for MGI, so she could Participate at MUPh 2023 or rejoin BBP and not ruin her winning streak in Pageantry.

  3. May Chismis… according to the grapevine…
    Someone from the team of Roberta Tomondong instructed her to give a less than satisfactory answer for the Q&A so she would land as 1st RUp, to give way for Nicole Budol for MGI, so she could Participate at MUPh 2023 and not ruin her winning streak in Pageantry.

  4. Odd one out si Borromeo. Ang lakas ng queenly vibes nung 3 pero si Nicole, parang inutusan lang umupo at sumagot ng questions. Even the way she carries herself. Super layo sa queenly aura nung 3.

    • For me, Nicole is much better than Chelsea … Miss Globe back to back will be difficult

      • True. Chelsea might be the prettiest during the coronation night, but I didn’t expect her to win the crown. Overrated.

  5. of the 4, i like the beauty of roberta..pang MU actually datingan ng hulma nya.. i hope karirin na talaga nya ang galawang ariadna gutierez. good luck roberta. get that elusive MGi crown ghurl.

    • I agree with the Ariadna Gutierrez vibe on Roberta. Please join MUP 2 to 3 years from now. You have a lot of time to prepare and be trained specially in q and a.

  6. They are all beautiful…Roberta is young and tall…Gabrielle is tall…these 4 would all win top 5…possibly 2 crowns again

  7. I think these queens will be competitive. Obviously, all eyes on Roberta as she has the tough assignment of bridging a fractured relationship between Pinoy fans and MGI while trying to win Nawat’s favor to crown her. However, she will be competing in “frenemy’s” territory that Nawat favors over PH at the moment. However, if Nawat’s MGI franchise will leave BPCI next year then it might be a strategic for him to crown Roberta and potentially have PH host MGI 😉

  8. BAKIT WALA YUNG DALAWA? I would suggest na ibahin yung hair style ni Gab. Hangang ngayon walang press release yung BPCI ? May sakit ba si Madame Stella?

  9. Gabrielle has beautiful voice.
    Chelsea is a dead ringer for Ruffa Guitierrez.
    Nicole talks spontaneously but she has to practice enunciating the word.
    Roberta is passionate. I can see her placing higher at MGI if not winning the MGI crown.
    All are potential international titleholders, but for me, Roberta and Chelsea stand a very good chance of winning the international crowns.

    • Agree Serge. Very true

      Nevertheless, Nicole can continue the placemrnt whether Hannah wkns this edition.

      We have high chance of getting back to back win for Ms Intercon thru Gabby!!!

      Chelsea has to continue her Q&A and comm skills lang to ensure consistency and get that 3rd crown; but she will placed at this edition of Ms Globe, no doubt.

      Roberta is the last best bet of BBP. I hope that Angkol realizes that with her height face and showmanship eh he will allow our gal to be their MGI ambassador. Tapos Roberta is a waste mgnt amabssadress pa so if MGI wants to promote sustainability eh there you have it. Ugh, Angkol give it to us na.

    • Agree. I f she could also lessen if not stop moving her eyebrow and eyelid when talking. It’s distracting.

  10. Can anyone enlighten us as to why the host of the show failed to mention that Gabrielle, TOO, already has international pageant experience? The reason I’m asking is because the Samar lass has had a pageant story which I believe can also be a source of inspiration. ‘Yun lang. Thanks!

    • Maybe because she did not include that on her info sheet. Normally it’s the guest themselves that provides the information and write up wherein the show will pick up or base their question. Would you know if she also mention it with BPCI for this year’s pageant?

  11. Bata pa pala itong nicole. Sakto lang na international sya para pwede pang maghintay

  12. Meron bang bite problem si Nicole? Parang laging nakakagat ngipin nya pag nagsasalita. Anyway she sounds good naman.

    May problema ba ang kilay ni Roberta? Pag nagsasalita parang gumagalaw mag-isa yung left eyebrow nya.

    • @tissa may mga tao na gumagalaw talaga isang kilay pag nagsasalita impossible naman botox yan dahil 19 lang si roberta

      • @Bonsai hater, wala naman ako sinabi na botox yan… Napansin ko lang yan during the q and a at dito sa interview ng CNN. It could be a mannerism which can be avoided. I love Roberta and I mentioned in another post, that I can see an Ariadna of Colombia in her. I hope she will join MUP in the future.

  13. Well deserved wins and placement.

    These girls look more beautiful in this CNN interview. Must be the lighting also, They are more relaxed, more rested with tempered make-up. And look how luminous their skin are, and those perfect set of teeth.

    Agree that improvements on how they express themselves can still be done. And to further develop that elusive “charisma” on screen. They still have time. Make up gurus can probably solve the angry-looking face (resting bitch face) of Gabrille.

    World Peaece.

  14. they mentioned mental health in connection with Laurie Mendoza ; I hope she does not feel abandoned ; it is just not her year … yet !

    your pals will keep supporting ; keep your head up , a crown awaits

  15. I hope Roberta will improve and more relax during interviews since she already experienced international competition. I know Nawat can’t ignore her beauty. It’s all about how charismatic you are during interviews and nailing the speech and Q&A +SS and EG.
    Nawat needs a Queen that will inspire people when she talk.
    Please don’t forget to smile always. My 1M support for you Roberta to bring home our first crown.
    P.S. #MIMisNowShowing 👑🙄😜😀hihihihihi

  16. Fantastic Four!! Walang tapon. Congratulations ladies and we will be supporting you all the way! ❤

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