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  1. Yung gown na overlapping dahon na sinuot ni Emme Tiglao … yan din yung sinuot ni Lou Dominique Piczon.

  2. I’m used to Michelle Gumabao always wearing the Tackiest clothes but she overdid it this time… Yung hairstyle w/ highlights parang labandera naming dating Japayuki… Her metalic gown looks like if u combine a Banana leaf and Aluminum foil to wrap a roasted pig when you cook it in an oven… and is the length of her gown meant to show off her big feet and muscular calves?! Who the hell styled her may ghad… she looks like a disaster! It’s like she’s trying to prove that she never desserved any crown. MICHELLE MAY PINAGDADAANAN KA BA?! 😳

  3. In the recent past , the highest quality contestants pour into Bb and MEP.

    Now, they pour into MUP and Bb.

    For Laurie Mendoza, I am not saying that she should stop trying for Bb but if by chance she decides to join MEP , 99.9% they will give her the crown , and at Miss Earth , she has a great chance of becoming the 5th Pinay to have an ME title …

  4. Daming brouhaha regarding pageant results. Pinoys spend time arguing, disagreeing, bickering, and hollering their dissatisfaction. Yet, no one questions unqualified, uneducated, inexperienced, comedians, boxers, actors, plunderers, racketeers, drug users, murderers, profiteers running for President, Senator, congressmen, etc. Pinoys will vote those with famous names, whether they’re worthy of high government positions or not.

    • @Dino, your observation is absolutely correct. I think the answer to lies in the fact that if one questions an electoral exercise, one could be red-tagged, sued for cyber libel, imprisoned and worse, disappear without a trace If one questions the conduct of a beauty contest or beucon results, the worst one can get are thumbs downs or annoying hecklings from trolls.

    • Very, very true,. Well said and straight to the point. Loved it.

  5. Mga kababayan tapos na po ang patimpalak at tanggapin na lang natin ng buong puso ang resulta. Kung hindi naman pinalad ang mga taong inyong sinuportahan harinaway suportahan na lang ninyo sa kanilang susunod na hakbang sa buhay. Hindi lang sa patimpalak umiikot ang buhay, may magandang planong ang Diyos.

  6. Diba hindi nakaattend si Nicole B sa press presentation kasi may sakit siya pero nakapasok pa rin siya sa top 12. It means na hindi pala gaano kalaki ung bearing ng event na yun compared to the other events.

    • Sino ba nagpauso o nagsabi’ng may bearing ‘yun’g Press Presentation? NatCos nga na kung tutuusin ay dapat sana mayronn ay wala… ‘Darling of the Press’ has no points weight, does it?

      • I explain why I think the NatCos can be decisive & so a most useful tool in elimination leading up to the first/semifinal cut.

        Usually, we are given the Popularity Poll as a way to advance a fan favorite into that initial pool. So, you can have ‘artista’ types like Budol or Pinto (or in recent memory Mariel de Leon or Mitch Gumabao) & maybe that can buy them time so they can reserve their energies & strategy for only when they have one foot in for sure in the Top 10/12/15, whatever… Easy way in, why not? Cool.

        ‘Pag ganyan, we see that few other candidates have enough numbers to challenge the popular girl in class. Parang School Council election ang mangyayari! The vote will be fractured; every clique & gang will simply vote for their ‘friend’. In such a set-up, there’s no way a promising underdog can spring a surprise.

        Last year, ‘ata, kung hingi ako nagkakamali, wala’ng ‘artista’. The Popularity Vote peaked as a regional showdown between Arianne Viardo (somewhere ‘Bulavcan’ kasi I recall Tiquestiques was also a candidate) & MisOr’s Cinderella.


        ‘Pag patapos na ang voting period & it becomes clear to fans they can sneak a ‘good NatCos girl in’ (like Lehmann this year, maybe?), pageant organizations could consider poll apps like the one used in past editions of World & Supra where it was possible to cut down numbers by ‘swiping -left or -right’. But more to the point, designers of these online voting applications should make it possible to TRANSFER one’s earlier votes to a perceived viable threat to the undesired popular girl, effectively displacing the latter. Anyway, nagbabayad naman ang voters, so they should be given the freedom to assess how to distribute their vote allocation. Parang guerra, how to manage scarce ammo!

  7. Ang ganda talaga lagi ng pormahan ni Jheza Huelar grabe… gorgeous! Pati bag ang ganda!

  8. BPCI’s silence on the brouhaha about the long pause before announcing BbP-International in the recently concluded BbP Coronation gives them free mileage. The noise makes them most relevant at this time where many pageants have sprouted around. However, as a brand of public interest, BPCI has a responsibility to clear the issue, so as to avoid any damage to its titleholders due to the malicious posts of the defeated candidate/s and the fans on the matter.

    I am glad that many pageant aficionados have aired their satisfaction on the winners’ placements. Like I did, they thought that BPCI has correctly assigned the girls to the international pageants where they may clinch the crowns.

    I wish our new queens the best of luck.

    Anyway, below are my observations/suggestions on the recently concluded pageant:

    1. I have always been confused with Anna Lakrini and Joana Rabe. They look like a doppelganger of each other!

    2. Diana Mackey has resemblance to BB Gandanghari. She looks like a trans!

    3. While she was awarded the Face of the Binibini, I thought Yllana Maria Aduana had the shadow of Nichole Manalo when the latter did her fist attempt at Binibini. Bland, no sex appeal, and boring with only white skin. Yllana’s whistlebait figure is an envy to many though. Thus, if she wants to make a comeback at pageantry, she has to make her lips a little thicker, get bigger eyes, thicker brows, and contoured face. Also, don’t be too pageant patty on her answers.

    4. Oh, Karen Laurie. Her waterloo is QnA. Her nerves get her whenever she hears a tough question. If she is still age qualified, I suggest she’d join Miss Earth Philippines. But, puhlease, work on her QnA.

    5. Sam Bernardo is a better presenter than Nicole Cordoves whose modulated voice is irritating. Sam is a natural TV presenter, except when she utters rehearsed words.

    That’s all.

    • Finally. Somebody said that Aduana looks like Nichole Manalo before retoke. Hindi talaga maganda. Maputi lang. Pageant patty pa ng answers. So hindi talaga crown material. Haha.

      • Yllana Aduana’s glam team should do better. May potential naman si girley, napakaliit ng bewang, hindi nga lang nabigyan ng wapak na styling at hindi tinuruan mang-akit sa camera. Kunsabagay, ito pa lang yata ang first national pageant n’ya. Gayahin n’ya si Chelsea Fernandez, napaka-animalistic ang registry sa camera. Ganun ang pag-awra.

        That’s all.

  9. Daming pakawala si Mama J dito. Hahahahahahaha. Wala talagang class si accla. Hahhahahahahahahahahahhahaa. Sabagay user of dirty money from Singsons.

    • Iyak ka nalang accla, obssessed ka masyado sa Mama J na yan ih, wala ka bang buhay outside of being obssessed wkwkwwkwk

  10. I find it strange that a third party production staff/manager would just unprofessionally rush up the stage to confront the hosts, when the auditing firm rep was right beside them, the pageant executives in the front row. Wouldn’t a sensitive matter such as the announcement of winners be better consulted first with both SGV and the execs? Why put the hosts and the pageant on the spot during coronation night?

    And why would you allow yourself to be heard and recorded before an audience all aiming their phone cams at anyone who wore a TV headpiece. Why was that unfolded & uncrumpled piece of paper so visible to anyone who had a camera? 🤳📸

    Let’s see where the production company is headed to next 🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Hay naku… andami affected…🤣🤣🤣
    At least alam na natin na effective ang paandar nila..

    • Sour graping siya. Paano manalo eh parang inaantok lagi. Maganda sana. Ayusin din niya QnA niya. Di naman siguro siya bobita.

      • No, it isn’t. So harsh, naman. Bawal ba to be feel bad lalo na’t you set a high standard fro yourself? Kahit sino’ng varsity team that missed the last Finals slot, they anguish. I’m sure you’ve watched sports events before, po… Feelings are valid & understandable. Be more sensitive.

        The sleepy eyes that don’t seem to smile when the mouth does? Yup. That’s true of her to some extent. BUT, that very same attribute of hers makes her incredibly photogenic! The way she pulls off moody~brooding looks effortlessly made us realize why she is a model in the first place.

        Let’s give her some quiet time. Well, for that matter, ALL the ladies deserve TRANQUILITY.

  12. Not very sure why Basiano is being hailed as the “clear winner.” I didn’t think it was all that clear. I wasn’t even sure she’d win a crown to be honest, but only because there are many beautiful girls who all performed well, and Basiano’s Q and A was not very strong either. If Pia and Janicel are any indication, it’s also possible to win both best in SS and EG without winning the top crown, and this practice has been backed up with years of pageantry success.

    The long pause was certainly odd, but I think it’s best to let this go. With Cat’s statement it’s clear that no changes will be made in the roster. All beautiful and excellent queens, and I think they were all placed in the right pageants.

    • They say that it was Janicel who topped the scores but Pia was assigned the MUP crown. Plausible. Janicel’s Q and A was satisfactory. Average but not cringy. As to Pia’s, great but not to astounding ala Cindy Obenita.

  13. I’m quite surprised to see that Budol girl bagging so much awards. Is she a very popular (comedian?) Just asking coz I did see her post on FACEBOOK recently about her journey to the pageant world. She looks nice.

    • Nowadays you don’t need to have a blockbuster movie or a teleserye to gains fans, she actually is a famous influencer. Nalaman ko rin during the prelims.

  14. I’m sorry but Cat’s explanation did not quite answer the question why the prolonged uncomfortable pause before the announcement of MIP winner.

    • Never namang naging okay si Cat sa iyo. Kadiring pakawala ni Mama J. #TeamAhasAndKweens.

  15. Bakit laging merong deliberations ang BBPCI? What’s the sense of getting high scores from the judges kung BBPCI rin lang ang masusunod? What’s the point of inviting diplomats, celebrities and other people from sponsors to sit as judges! I think it’s high time to change such kind of practice.

    • The titleholders and runners up are the top scorers. I think deliberation is done in order to assign the most suitable title to the candidate.

  16. Well well well… Catriona and Nicole covered their assesesss 😂 kasi wala naman silang kasalanan
    Nagbasa lang sila. Pinanindigan lang ng management na walang pagkakamali kuno pero ang talagang Totoo eh si Basiano yung Miss International. Aminin na kasi yung pagkakamali in public.
    Na kausap ko yung credible source ko na isa sa mga judges choz .

    • I pity you. Always seeing the bad things in people. Oh ano ngayon na proven malicious etong post mo? Yuck.

      • Always “seeing the bad things in people” ka pa dyang hypocrite ka as of namang hindi ka ganyan sa MUP at kay Gapod wkwkwk

      • I’m used to Michelle Gumabao always wearing the Tackiest clothes but she overdid it this time… Yung hairstyle w/ highlights parang labandera naming dating Japayuki… Her metalic gown looks like if u combine a Banana leaf and Aluminum foil to wrap a roasted pig when you cook it in an oven… and is the length of her gown meant to show off her big feet and muscular calves?! Who the hell styled her may ghad… she looks like a disaster! It’s like she’s trying to prove that she never desserved any crown. MICHELLE MAY PINAGDADAANAN KA BA?! 😳


  18. If elections can be rigged, what more for beauty pageants plus you can see the clas struggle.
    They made a Borromeo win this year just like that even if a Basiano was the clear winner that night.
    They let a Panlilio win last year as Miss Grand International, but look at what happened, she didnt even place.

    Miss World Philippines 2022 – also a questionable winner
    Bb Pilipinas International 2022 – also a questionable winner

    There will be a time, someone will spill the beans about why a Fuorniol won MWP and not Gigante and why Borromeo won and not Basiano.

    Also if they just thre Karen Laurrie under the bus then why Tamondong is still riding it, they shouldve made Karen or Herlene Budol as MGI and Tamondong as 2nd RU and Stacey as 1st RU.

    • We all know BPCI assigns crowns not based on scores but on whether a girl fits the mold or some other reasons. Look at what happened to my namesung 4M and Kylie..

    • How can you not consider that Tamondong may have scored so high in swimsuit and gown, possibly close to Basiano’s scores and that Q&A was maybe just 30% that’s why she still ranked high in the overall tally? You are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. And for me, I will choose Tamondong over Budol any time.

    • True, Tamondong faltered in the Q&A. But in my opinion, she is not being villified because among all the questions asked that night, she got the more difficult, tricky one to quickly find an answer for, much like Abunda’s question last year that will necessitate time to frame and analyze before it can be answered properly, even by a smart woman. And did you notice the judge who asked the question? He just went thru the motion of reading the question. He had no consciousness whatsoever that it could be a tricky one for the candidate and maybe somehow, fully repeated the question slowly to allow a few moments for the candidate to think.

  19. Will Tamondong get the elusive MGI ? or will this be just charged to a second worldwide pageant experience for her to further sharpen her skills as this young lady journeys into the MU arena …

    For Mis Globe Chelsea , I am not feeling the electricity for a back to back crown after Maureen

    • She has a big chance if she’ll change her advicacy from environmental protection to promoting peace.

      • MGI’s slogan is ‘Stop the War’. It will be easy, I think, for Roberta’s handlers~trainors to extend that… It doesn’t need to be a literal conflict somewhere. Mr. Itsaragrisil is not a lame brain. I’m sure he’s eager to see who would be able to spin a much more effective narrative to that rallying cry.

        Roberta, congratulations & good luck! We eagerly await the journey to (ASEAN neighbor).

    • Pakawala ni Evil Mama J is here. Kadiring mga nilalang. Mga walang budhi at integridad.

    • I do agree, but its not the glow, it is the clothes and styling when she hosts an event.
      I think for Bb Pilipinas , look at the clothes she and Nicole wore, they are not elegant lookng and the gowns are like the gowns you wear if you are in a Carribean cruise.

      These are the gowns that the Binibinis are forced to wear whenever they do not have money to buy their own gowns.

      Its not Cat and woth BPCI, you have to wear what they have for you or else, you won’t be the host next year. Hence they have to bear it, both she and Nicole Cordoves.

    • Pia- surprised winner
      Cat- runaway winner.
      If they competed in the same year in bbp we all know who’s gonna win. Pia in her 3 tries didnt even bag the best In swimsuit or evening gown. That says a lot about her presentation skills.

      • Even in MU, Pia would not have won if di lang nag-falter si Colombia. Nadala sa one-liner kemerut. I have to concede though that she did good as MU.

    • If Cat really glammed up and showcased the stuff that made her MU, sasabihin nyo naman she should not make it about her and steal the spotlight from the candidates.

  20. After looking at the fancam videos of Sashes and Script and qrown, it seems that the fault is with the Floor Directors. They probably thought that Basiano got the International crown as she won Best in Swimsuit and EG. When one of them approached the SGV partner on stage, they realized their error and proceeded with the announcement. They should be fired in my opinion. lol!

    • This i think is the best analyzation to this whole hullabaloo. Unfortunately there are still some who cannot understand this. Binibining Pilipinas’ deliberation has always been like this, the top scorers will be deliberated according to the crown that would suit her the best. They treat all titles of equal importance, as manifested in the same and equal cash prizes of the 4 queens.

  21. Seriously, BPCI really needs to be the one driving the conversation and explanation as to what transpired. Do not put the onus on the presenter. They are merely there to say whatever needs to be said. hihihihihi

    BPCI, please release an official statement, once and for all, so it can be put to bed.

    At least ang Miss Earth Phils eh nag respond sa height issue kahit opposite ang view nila versus the public sentiment. That’s how you do business, PERIODT.

  22. I still have that doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but it should be the ORG who need to provide the official statement. What’s with the commotion among the judges when it was annouced? We were there….huwag kami

    • Bekle na pakawala ni Jonas, hingin mo muna explanation bakit nag-live ang MUP IG at pagsusugal ang feed. Kadiri.

      • Di matanggap ni accla na may mga palpak BBP this year wkwkwwk. Kinicriticize lang yung pangyayaring to, todo insert ka sa MUP at sa kinaiinggitan mong si Gapod wkwkwk. Living rent free in your head yarn

      • At bakit mo dinadamay ang MUP???? MUP ba ang may show? Baklang darak ng araneta please buy some class

  23. This is a non-explanation explanation Ms. Gray. We got it that you are being careful with your words to not further fan the flame. We sympathize with you because you have unwillingly become the one to explain… but…but the question begging to be asked remains: what was the huddle all about? Why the almost comical long wait to announce the Bb. International winner? What’s it all about Alfie? Lol.

    You of all people, the most articulate queen has suddenly become so stingy with words.

    World Peace.

  24. Then why it took so long before the BbP International was announced? Why did the SGV representative re-validate the cards after 5 winners were already awarded?

  25. Sana wag sayangin ng BPCI si Karen Laurrie Mendoza. Sana mabigyan siya ng international pageant assignment. Please BPCI!!! ❤❤❤

    • If I were Karen Laurrie Mendoza, I would attend one of the Binibining Pilipinas winners’ pageants so that she has a better feel on what it feels like to represent the Philippines in any pageant especially a top-tier Big Four international beauty pageant in World, Universe, International, and Earth.

      Look at Pia Wurtzbach. Pia didn’t win a title during Bb. Pilipinas 2014 coronation night, but went to Tokyo to support Bianca Guidotti in Miss International 2014 and found out what it feels like to represent the Philippines in pageants. By that time, Pia figured everything out and made her skills stronger to win Miss Universe PH 2015 en route to her MU 2015 glory.

      • I agree! Regarding sa statement naman ni Cat, bahala na siya…anyway siya naman ang magdadala niyan hanggang sa dulo. Nararapat lang na magpaliwanag ang BPCI…

      • HIndi pa naman tapos ang lahat kay Karen, I agree with you, do ala Pia. She won tickets trip to Japan…watch miss international. Go to Bali watch MGI….do her assignment. Karen is almost there….konti na lang Karen. I suggest mag Vlog like celeste so that you will be more comfortable. DOn’t give up, but do your assignment. Visualize you are already a winner. Although it might be impossible to do MI kasi the next competion will be 2024, and overage na. I think you still fit sa Miss Globe, Intercon, or cross over na to MUP which is a bigger battle. Just one last hurrrrahhh.

      • Maganda si Karen Mendoza. Kaso lang, may time na mukha siyang inaantok, parang walang gana sa stage.

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