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  1. The advantage of delayed- watching this show over YouTube is that one gets to select (rewind-forward) important segments of the show. Some thoughts:

    > I would say that this is basically a commercial / advertisement show stretched over many hours with the coronation activities embedded in between. Lol.

    > The production numbers (stage, lighting, performance) transported me back in time to Germs-special. SB19 could have been any of those boy bands in that era. The opening number with the girls wearing short shorts could have been lifted from a horrendous Dolphy’s Angels movies. The overall look of the pageant was dated. I was expecting a more fabulous show after being in hiatus for two years.

    > The Catriona-template of changing as fast as one can get the facial expressions while doing pasarela was cringey and hilarious. Ngiti-ngiwi-simangot-asar-constipated-orgasmic-back to ngiti all in 15 seconds.

    > If one will compress the whole show, it will only be about 45 minutes. With this very short time, 30 minutes of it can be called the “fashion show of Catriona and Nicole”. Ladies, ladies, you had your moments under the sun already, show some restraints and lets others have their limelight. And Cat, I love you ghorl, but those cellphone site antennae earrings was a disaster. Lol. As for Nicole, I’ve never been a fan. There is something trying hard about her that I can’t put my finger to.

    > Giving out so many special awards make the awards non-special.

    > The pa-grand reveal-gown change stunt of Samantha Panlilio only proved that her beauty is for Ru Paul’s drag race contest.

    > Sad to admit but the removal of Miss U and Miss W franchise under Bb. Pilipinas has greatly reduced the gravitas of this pageant.

    > That Budol girl should thank her lucky stars for making it that far. The IC Mendoza look and being inarticulate didn’t deter for her landing a runner up title. (Advise : Don’t do this again).

    > The winners are deserving. We still don’t know if there was a Steve Harvey last night. But I think tama lang ang titles that they got. Gabbie’s joker face (matapang pero naka smile and the pai-lalim look) is not the Ms. International face we are used to.

    > I might have missed it, but was Madame Stella there last night? Is Lara Kwi-gaman (as pronounced by the hosts) her Shamcey Supsop?

    World Peace.

    • Yes the gravitas is indeed reduced. Pero bbp is still here after 58 years, that’s commendable. I doubt MUPh or mwp can achieve that with the age of the people behind it. Stella started in her early 20s.

    • Despite all yang gawa gawang pagkukulang ni BBP, bonggacious by miles pa rin siya kaysa sa MUP ni chararat na Evil Mama J. Greedy evil. Mga trolls at pakawala ang style niyo mga ugok. Kadiri.

  2. There were a number of top 12 semifinalists who can easily be sibling sisters to or even twin sister to Nicole Borromeo … I am referring to Omay … and also Aduana and de Mesa …

    too bad Bisan, Dimaculangan and Bernardo were not considered worthy of a spot in the semifinals … especially Payumo too …

  3. There are only 9 women in Bb Pilipinas history who have won both the SWIMSUIT and LONG GOWN AWARDS:
    9. MARY JOY BUSTAMANTE (TOP 15 1981)

  4. I think BPCI gave the winners their right placements, so no need to reassign the crown from one girl to another. Before the announcement of winners, I thought the BPCI Committee had deliberated well, considering the long commercial gap. So, when the announcement of winners came, the presumption is there was no turning back as to the assigned titles they deliberated on. And the hullabaloo on the announcement of BbP-International was probably caused by the mixing of cards by the tabulator.

    I would just understand that fans feel disgusted to see Gabby not getting the top crown, especially that she swept the two major awards and aced the Q&A round while Nicole Borromeo did not get any. But BPCI Committee has the prerogative. They know better.

    Nonetheless, I am happy for Gabby and am pretty sure she is happy with her crown, too. Her performance last night was one for the books, and her back to back evening gown win will now be etched in the pageant history.

    Kudos to Catriona Gray for an excellent spiel after the long pause. She made the situation light. Indeed, she is a good TV presenter. Her energy is effortlessly contagious. As to Nicole Cordoves, she tried hard again in putting her effort to upstage Catriona and the candidates by wearing over-the-top dresses. See? Mary Jean Lastimosa made fun of her gown. Lol. I hope fashion gurus advise pageant hosts not to be too flamboyant and steal the moment from the candidates. It’s not their night, but the pageant girls’.

    On Herlene “Hipon” Budol. Hipon’s trailblazing ride to the BbP journey was refreshing. She broke the BbP old-fashioned rules on candidates who should be queenly, modest, and with (subdued) outstanding personality. Indeed, Hipon’s appeal to the masses has been a good bite for the BPCI because the pageant has maintained its following. Hence, the sponsor awards for Hipon.

    To end my long note (sorry Tito Norms), I would love to give a piece of words for Karen Laurie Mendoza — pageant is not an end-all-be-all. Unless you learn how to be graceful despite heavy pressure, you may now end your pageant journey with head up high. If I were you, I would marry a rich businessman or politician. Your chances of winning is as high as butterfly in there.

    That’s all.

  5. On one side of the judges’ table, they look like nagtatalo talo sila, then may umakyat sa stage. Seems like there was a paused and commotion when Gabby was crowned. I was filming the situation when the flloor director asked me to stop filming. something is not right.

  6. So ito yung mainit init na Chicka sabi ng secret informer ko may naganap na error sa pag announced . Mamayaya maya may announcement ang BPCI choz pero exciting. Dapat yung mawala sa anim yung sumagot ng memorized na tag line sa huli mali
    Parin ang execution with matching military salute😂

    • Please explain it again, what do you mean by “Dapat yung mawala sa anim yung sumagot ng memorized na tag line sa huli mali Parin ang execution with matching military salute”? I don’t get it.

  7. Maybe they were torn between Borromeo and Lakrini for Bb International title, thus the long pause. He he. Should there be another title, I would give it to Lakrini

    • Napakaganda ni Lakrini pero ipaayos sana niya ilong niya. Perfect na siya sa BBP.

  8. Oh wow.. I always expected Nicole Borromeo to win BBP International but I stopped and just placed her in lower ranks when she missed the Press Presentation due to Covid. But it turns out, I was right, She is the most ideal for international since she would have the most time to prepair. Among all the girls, she has the greatest chance of winning Miss International in the future even if Hannah Arnold is given a runner-up finish this year. Nicole Borromeo’s multiple titles under her belt and her family heritage with centuries of good karma did not disapoint.

    Gabriel Bassiano acing the Q&A and winning best in swimsuit and evening gown made me think she’ll get the top prize but being assigned to intercon is not bad since there is a possible back2back win for her than any other crown.

    Miss Globe is just fitting for Chelsea Fernandez who I think is almost the total package.. Great trainning for her… She could join MUPh in the future.

    Roberta getting Miss Grand is ok…. I’m surprised that she did noT give a grandslam winning answer. But that doesn’t matter at MGI.. plus if she gets wasted at MGI as a runner-up, she stil has years ahead of her to win a higher international title.

    Was Harlene Nicole Budol getting at least 5 awards a record breaker? Anyway, 1st RUp is ideal for her so she could train more and hopefully the classy demeanor of the other winners would ruboff on her. If Roberta won’t win.. I’m sure Hippon would become a worthy successor.

    Stacey Gabriel… Pretty Face… well spoken… very classy.. My only issue w/ her is her height… but based on her personality, she can fight her way to the top… After this year, she could be a great representative for ME, Multinational and the likes.

    • On Herlene’ special awards, she is the 1st on most number of special awards (7) in BBP history. Then we have Nina Ricci Alagao as 2nd with 6. Then 3rd is Catriona with 5. But Herlene’ award are all sponsor awards unlike the 2 which bagged top special awards like best in swimsuit, long gown and talent.

      • There are only 9 women in Bb Pilipinas history who have won both the SWIMSUIT and LONG GOWN AWARDS:
        2. CATRIONA GRAY (UNIVERSE 2018)
        4. JANINA SAN MIGUEL (WORLD 2008)
        9. MARY JOY BUSTAMANTE (TOP 15 1981)

      • Alam mo naman nakiki ride la publicity yung mga company para sa promotion ng mga product nila. Binibining Pilipinas ay dapat hindi sinasalihan ng mga walang Alta sa syudad 😂 kasi nagiging squatterish ang brand😂 magaling ang handler ni Hipon kasi gumagastos talaga😂 wag mabahidan ang Binibining Pilipinas ng 31 million na bo2

      • @Ivan but still pinapasok nila si Hipon, so hindi far fetch isipin na pinapasok din sya pampaingay, wag na ideny yan wala namang masama dyan, strategy lang ng isang normal na BUSINESS.

        Tsaka jusko masyado nyong pinaglalaban na hindi nagpapapasok ng “cheap” kuno sa Bb. when they had Janina San Miguel right there. Wag masyadong pinuput sa pedestal ang pageant na to just to drag on another national pageant wkwkwk

  9. Tita Norm, one suggestion I have is to post an article for your rabib fans to use as an online chat prior to the coronation night so we don’t just use whatever random article you posted as our means to provide live reactions to the results. Call it “Norman Norman’s Rabid Fans “Title of the Pageant” Instant Reaction Thread””….

    Thank you.

  10. I think BPCI owes the public an official explanation as to why the very long pause before the announcement of the MIP winner. This will avoid speculations, innuendos, and intrigues from the social media Maritesses.

    • I honestly think that host Catriona Gray can shed light on everything. From where I sat last night, the silent ruckus was between her and the stage hands who were huddling in front. Maybe Nicole Cordoves can also clear things up, but she was just checking on what’s happening as well.

      • if the ruckus then was just between cat as the host and the stage prompter hands, then i say, BBPCI has learned to concoct something that stirs up controversy that translates to media mileage, read, publicity..

  11. It was quite clear. I saw second by second how the SGV representative handed Cat each envelope by title. She and Nicole were simply reading off the cards handed to them. If any, the SGV rep should be asked as well on the matter as he was supposed to know the results of the deliberation and monitored it until its announcement 💐

    A mistake proof way to approach this is to print the title/crown on the 1) cover of the envelope 2) inner flap of the envelope 3) top of the card containing the name of the winner. All three titles/crowns should correspond to each other to avoid any mix-up 👑

  12. I hope they come clean and let the true winner Gabby Basiano go to MI
    Karen Laurie or someone else with a truly beautiful face should
    Go to MGI. Being part of KF , Karen will be able to master the right pasarela in time for the Grand finals .
    As expected , Roberta and Chelsea folded at Q&A . Still they won .. Kudos to Roberta who showed extreme efforts to get the crown

  13. Roberta Tamondong should try MUP after 2/3 years. She can be our next MU if trained well.

    • Comm skills ?
      Glad she won MGI. I hope Grand will be her last hurrah in pageantry No to MUP

      • As I have mentioned, if she will be trained well. I can see an Ariadna of Colombia in her.

      • Yeah. Beauty wise she’s 100% pero she has a lot of things to work on sa comm. skills. Parang mas bagay siguro sa Supra ang awra nya

  14. Congratulations to the winners.
    I was also wondering why it took them so long to announce the Bb International winner.

  15. Another fully loaded batch in 2022 from Binibining Pilipinas.

    Herlene Nicole Budol and Lala Vinzon aka Maria Isabel David are two of the Philippines’ brightest futures in the pageant world.

    I won’t be surprised if those two keep all four top-tier PH pageant organzations (Binibining Pilipinas, Miss World Philippines, Miss Philippines Earth, and Miss Universe Philippines) in play in their pageant careers.

    I see the New Zealand pageant organizations trying to lure both Diana Mackey and Jessica Rose McEwen as two of their bets in the top-tier Big Four international beauty pageant set since they’re half-Kiwi.

    I also see Stacey Gabriel (aka a vampire in La Luna Sangre and SPO1 (Master Sergeant) Tricia Almario in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano), Miss Tourism International 2019 Cyrille Payumo, Graciella Lehmann, Annalena Valencia Lakrini, and Karen Laurrie Mendoza representing the Philippines in other pageants down the road even if it’s a smaller one like Miss Global or Miss United Continents.

    Finally, congrats to the winners in Nicole Borromeo, Gabrielle Basiano, Roberta Tamondong, and Chelsea Fernandez.

  16. According to a reliable Marites Basiano was Miss International and Boromeo was the intwrcon. Aminin Binibi pumalpak kayo. Mag text sa akin si secret mali talaga daw. Budol
    Wala dapat sa top six kasi hindi ko na intindihan yung sagot nya.😂

    • Which is also why the names of Gabby and Nicole did not appear on the screen as winners. There was a mix up obviously and based solely on the body language of Cat and Nicole, they read exactly what was on the queue card, so hmmm, nasaan ang pagkakamali?

      Nonetheless, mistakes may just turn out to be a blessing. Come to think of it, Gab may just achieve a back to back victory for PH at Intercon (that face alone is just a chameleon!). Nicole may continue placement streak at MI regardless whether Hannah wins this MI edition coz of her demeanor and doll like face and hmmm, age perhaps was also considered.

      Chelsea may have been chosen for Globe over Karen due to age too. Many cannot deny that Karen was beautiful but age may have been considered.

      Shocking result on Roberta’s win for MGI pero let’s stick to this, just like what Tito Norman predicted.

      Nicole answered in the Q&A but went overboard and still placed over Omay and Yllana? How about Stacey who placed higher than Anna in spite of the latter’s concise answer? Well, I think BBP will just call it a day and let the ball rolling.

      • I think the q and a is just one of their criteria in selecting the winners . Probably there are other factors they consider. Because if the basis is solely on the q and a, there are other girls who answered the questions better.

      • To the uninitiated, the Black Boys of BPCI provide the organization precious inputs as to which Binibinis possess the right attitude/demeanor that will make them a collective joy to work with.

  17. Budol will train with BPCI as First RU. She should train also for public speaking. More exposure and speaking engagement about her advocacy. Sleep and train with Sam Bernardo for a month since they’re on same management.
    Q and A and English speaking training. Then, MGI- is possible 🙂

  18. It’s ok for Gabriela Basiano to not be the BB Intl … she does not have to suffer the long agonizing wait

    She can move on pretty quickly and join MUP … (Lakrini , de Mesa and maybe Laurie must try too)

    Of the top 6 here, I can see Basiano , Tamondong and Gabriel as very promising for MUP , the only thing about Gabriel is she lacks height but otherwise , she looks like those fierce Latina MU delegates

    She reminds me of Mariangel Ruiz. Roberta’s facial angles & expressions are like Sigourney Weaver’s

  19. With a runner-up finish ang eight special awards … is Nicole Budol a record breaker?

  20. Wow !!! Palaban ang tatlong Bisaya na top three winners. Waray pa gyud ang duha. Sayang si Laurie … grand slam unta to.

    • Same here I wish there was another crown for Karen Laurrie. The Visayan Triumph!!!!

  21. Nicole Borromeo is a PURE-BLOODED BISDAK (true-blue Visayan/Bisayang-Dako). She won Miss MILLENNIAL PHILIPPINES 2019, MISS SILKA CEBU 2017, MISS MANDAUE CITY 2018, & SINULOG FESTIVAL QUEEN 2019.

  22. No, Nicole Borromeo is pure & true blooded Cebuana born & raised in Cebu. She’s a Maian Rivera deadringer.

  23. BPCI has some explaining to do tomorrow. That long pause with the lights being dimmed wasn’t normal at all. I still believe Gabby should have walked away with the International crown.

    • I thought Basiano should have gotten the International crown and Borromeo for Intercontinental.

    • I’d be waiting for that presscon saying Gabby Basiano is the real Bb Pilipinas International .

      She was the clear winner of the top crown.

    • They will not explain anything. Papanindigan nila na walang error at switching na nangyari sa intercon and international dahil eversince ayaw ng bpci ng issue. Kunsensya na lang for sure ng mga nakakaalam na dadalhin nila forever.

  24. That suspense before the MI announcement was too long. I actually thought that there was an error in announcing the winners.
    Sad for Karen who was the prettiest tonight.

  25. I’m still sad for Karen Mendoza not making it to the winners’ circle. I’m curious to know how readers of this blog will respond to her question (“Are pageants accepting of all body types?”). 😞😅

    • Her answer isn’t bad. She should have walked away with Miss Globe to be honest. I still don’t get the hype on Chelsea. Chelsea over Karen for me. Gabby could have won MI too.

  26. Oh wow , I feel for Laurie Mendoza …. I also wished Cyrille Payumo was up there among them

    If I remember correctly , Nicole Borromeo is a Fil-Am ? … past winner of Miss Phil-USA ? …

    • No, Nicole Borromeo is pure & true blooded Cebuana born & raised in Cebu. She’s a Maian Rivera deadringer.

    • You probably meant JEAN NICOLE GUERRERO, Miss Philippines USA 2017 (from California). Jean Nicole competed at BP 2019 (Gazini’s batch) representing ILocos Sur.

    • Nicole Borromeo is a PURE-BLOODED BISDAK (true-blue Visayan/Bisayang-Dako). She won Miss MILLENNIAL PHILIPPINES 2019, MISS SILKA CEBU 2017, MISS MANDAUE CITY 2018, & SINULOG FESTIVAL QUEEN 2019.

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