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  1. asan na yung THROWBAKLA?! pano yan lamang na naman ang A&Q sa cubao pageant kahit sangkatutak ang KF girls na kasali?!?!?!?! teritoryo na yan ni pusa ah

    • So pwede na rin siguro tawaging Miss Aces ang BBP International since 2016 straight Aces ang nananalo?

      Dalawang beses lang Aces sa MUP, nag-iinaso ka agad dito pero yung BBP na straight Aces noon pa, walang say?

      Yung pa-Kumu, Shein at aberya sa coronation, nung sa MUP nangyari halos maya’t-maya ang atake ng mga yan na parang pinatayan sila ni Shamcey ng pamilya, pero nung sa BBP nangyari, oks lang? Give the same energy naman, napaghahalataan na masyado yung bias ha

      • tyaka kung nag inaso si Jonas sa stage ng MUPH gaya nung naganap sa Cubao dahil sa may unauthorized live streaming, dios mio tadtad ng nega comments sa social media…

  2. I commend Budol … there should be pride in speaking the native language in any pageant … message you want to convey is the most important thing , never ever the ability or inability to speak English

    • Walang question. Magaling talaga at may substance magsalita si Budol sa salitang Filipino. Pero sa international stage, dapat magaling din siya sa English lalo na’t alam ng lahat na magaling mag-English ang mga Pinoy. Wala namang interpreters sa mga on-the-spot interviews.

  3. I think the only reason Herlene did not win MGI is because BPCI still has its own standards in picking winners. Roberta still fits the BPCI template and they are staying true to their criteria. In a way, I applaud that. I heard that this will be MGI’s last year with BPCI so they might as well stand their ground and not succumb to Nawat’s tantrums.

  4. Anna Valencia should prepare for Miss World Philippines. She has that angelic facial beauty that Julia tends to like with her winners….

    Karen Laurie- it is OK not to be OK esp after your second stint of non-placement. Take the time you need to process everything and at some point, you will realize that there are better opportunities out there for you.

    • Who knows? Third time could be the charm for Karen Laurrie.

      There are a lot of ladies from the Binibining Pilipinas Class of 2022 that can represent the Philippines in every pageant that are in play year after year.

      I also won’t be surprised if countries like New Zealand will try to lure the mixed race Filipinas like Diana Mackey and Jessica Rose McEwen for their bets in pageants like Miss Universe or Miss Earth since they’re both half-Kiwi.

    • Lakrini should also prepare her nose. It takes away our attention from her beautiful eyes, luscious lips and other attractive parts of her face.

  5. Some of the winners look like trans women, and there are trans pageant girls prettier than them ✌️

  6. Sayang yung ganda ni Roberta, sasayangin lang sa MGI tsk. Pero overall good set of winners naman, IMO the first time na tumugma sila sa protytype ng girls na ipapadala sa respective pageants nila since 2018

  7. Siksikan na sa Binibini. Tapos Top 12 lang. Eh kung sumali sina Graciella, Karen, at Mackey sa MWP, edi sana baka nagkacrown pa sila. Kaya puro kabayowtic mga nanalo sa MWP. Be strategic girls.

  8. Siksikan na sa Binibini. Tapos Top 12 lang. Eh kung sumali sina Graciella, Karen, at Mackey sa MWP, edi sana baka nagkacrown pa sila. Kaya puro kabayotic mga nanalo sa MWP. Be strategic girls.

  9. Sir Norms, pano po pinipili ang winners ng BBP, based sa judge’s scores lang or may say ang BPCI sa placement? After last night, it was proven na di lang talaga ang Q&A ang sole basis ng judging, gaya din sa mga past editions na may mga unexpected winners. At parang di rin totoo yung sinasabing favoritism sa mga certain candidates, dahil di naman nagbigyan ng korona dati si Vicky Rushton at kagabi, si Anna Valencia, na parehong
    sinabing fav ng org.

    • Anna Valencia placing in the Top 12 is already proof a favorite siya ng org. Wala siyang lugar dun.

      • Throat! Mas madaming dasurv sa top 12 na di nasali. Tanungin mo si Kwigaman at mga makapangyarihan sa loob. Swerte si Budol dahil sa Manager nya. Anong score ni Borromeo sa Prelims?

  10. Nicole will have to wait for more than a year but Gabby will show us what she’s got in October … back to back I believe Miss Intercontinental 3-peat begun by Karen 2018 ( Emma Tiglao 2019 could’ve… )

    Btw, has it ever been explained why Obenita was wearing a cocktail dress instead of a formal evening gown when she was crowned Miss Intercontinental ? …

    • I remember Cindy explaining then that she didn’t have enough time to switch back into her evening gown anymore.

      • Mr. Blogger, first of all congratulations for, once again, a near-100% prediction accuracy!

        Good luck to the four titlists on their respective campaigns.

        The matter is now behind us. Moving on…

        First week of August 2022 is the United Continents finale, isn’t it? How can readers help our bet?

  11. They are all Beautiful

    Nicole Budol is the beautiful version of Inday Badiday.

    Stacey Gabriel is the beautiful version of Flora Gaser (lol. Yes. This is how old I am)

    Chelsea Fernandez is the beautiful daughter of Carding of ReyCards Duet and Pops Fernandez. Para syang isang malaking bunganga na tinubuan ng mukha.

    Gabrille Basiano is at the beautiful version of Odette Khan. Nanlilisik ang mata. Ngiting parang may hawak na itak sa likod.

    There is something unsettling about the eye- position of Nicole Borromeo. She is the beautiful version of AiAi delas Alas.

    Roberta Tamondong is the beautiful daughter of Bernardo Bernardo and Pinky de Leon.

    I don’t know why I am so mean today. Sorry to those offended. Especially to Inday, Flora, and Odette. Lol.

    World Peace.

  12. Congrats sa mga winners!!! Pero hindi ko pa din matanggap na hindi man lang pumasok sa top 6 si Karen. Paki-explain mabuti, para mahimasmasan ako. 😢

    • She gave a weak and winding answer in the Q and A.

      However, I agree with you, she should be in the Top 6 and Tamondong should be out.

  13. Gab’s evening gown is once again theatrical bordering gimmicky. It reminded me of Nina Ricci Alagao’s natcos in MU1999.

    • @Boom
      Actually, Miriam Quiambao was the PH bet in Miss Universe 1999. Nina Ricci Alagao-Flores was the PH bet in Miss Universe 2000.

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