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  1. I do not know why the hoopla around graciela lehmann , … she is not pretty at all … probably she would be fine at MW which is really not a beauty pageant , but the competition at MWP can be very stiff … MWP still considers beauty in choosing the winner …

  2. I think the teleprompter might have been showing the wrong name … but the cards are correct ; Cat and Nicole cannot get the names wrong on the card .. they are much better than harvey

    • Calm down.. Just like what happened to Steve, it was all intentional to create the buzz…
      Parang mga paandar lang yan ni NAwat to keep himself relevant.

  3. Kalerks ang suspense but I’m so sad for Karen!!! Waley kahit runner up:(

    Congrats to Gabby!!! You earned the crown but I think she deserved MI, not MIC. Nicole Borromeo was solid and I’m happy she won the MI crown.

    Roberta dear, you were saved by your performances outside Q&A. Good job in getting that MGI crown. This is a tough assignment but you’re statuesque and Palaban naman.

    Oh my Herlene, im.not sure why they’d place her as a runner up. I don’t think she has the interest to join again. Should have given Anna Valencia or Yanna that runner up.

    Does anyone know why a long pause for Miss International crown winner???

  4. I’d like to know if there was a little scuffle right before announcing the BbP-International winner, considering the long gap.

    Nicole Borromeo is truly a dark house and, as I said it awhile ago, she peaked at the right moment which was at the final’s night. For sure, there are some eye brows raised on Nicole’s winning for she did not get any award (or I just slip, please correct me), pero I think she is the MI prototype than Gabby Basiano. Silang dalawa ni Gabby ang almost tied sa Q&A, kaya the BPCI Committee picked Nicole for International and Gabby for Intercon.

    I am good with the result. Good job, BPCI.

    That’s all.

  5. MI – Nicole B.
    MIntercon- Basiano
    MG- Chelsea F.
    MGI- Tamondong
    2ndRU-Cainta, Rizal
    Congratulations 🎉
    Sayang c Basiano Sali cya sa MU or MW next time.
    Pero back2back Yan sa intercontinental crown.
    Congratulations budol. Bawingbawi sa hakot awards.
    Nicole B has a chance sa top 3 for MI2022.
    Congratulations winners 🎉🎉🎉

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! But what’s with the awkwardly looong pause which is unprecedented before announcing Nicole Borromeo as the Binibining Pilipinas International winner?

    • I guess they want to announce some bad news but then the Execom changed their mind.

  7. I feel sorry for Iloilo City. A third time could be a lucky charm.

    Anyare sa haba ng dead air?

  8. Oh my this is Gabby’s night!
    You are doing a great job Gabby, this would be my first win in a moneyed bet if you get that Bb Pilipinas International crown.

    • Cebu? Nicole? Really? MI?

      Hmmm is it because she is a Borromeo?

      I think they made a mistake on announcing the winners, Nicole should be the 2nd RU and all the other 5 will be upgraded by 1 level, now lets wait for the presscon.

      Did something happen to Mdm Stella?

  9. I’m glad Lehman did not make top 12This should signal her to leave Binibini behind and join MUP
    Sane with CJ and Cyril

  10. Nicole Borromeo looks puny and weak on stage . And her face is not as pretty as how people describes it
    I hope Gabby gets either International or Grand
    Would have chosen Nyca , Day, and Payumo over Ann Demesa Budol or LAguna. Even I am not impressed with Roberta’s or Chelsea’s beauty . Long and lean Chelsea is not
    And Budol should not get a crown . Beauty pose and intelligence , there are more deserving girls
    Lakrini needs.a little nose job

    • I was expecting Gabby to get the Bb Pilipinas International crown really.

      Payumo is in my list too. I want Opiaza back next year. Karen Laurrie , heartbreaking for her.

  11. Bakit waley mga update Dito. Nag aabang p nman ako. Ayoko Rin magbigay Ng updates😊lol
    Congratulations budol dahil marami Kang nabudol😆 cherette lungs 😊

  12. Gabby Basiano aced the evening gown and the Q&A (for me, she got the best answer) portions. Will she get the top crown, which is MI, considering that she is not the MI prototype?

    Chelsea and Roberta did not give a good answer, pero sayang kung hindi sila makokoronahan.

    Nicole Borromeo got the second best answer. Ms. Amoy also provided a knock out answer.

    Oh, well. Mukhang mahirap ang naging deliberation.

    Catriona’s white gown is very JS Promenade-ish.

    That’s all.

    • Hope you will agree Nicole Borromeo is not as what you call it MI prototype.
      Actually in that long pause, since theyve announced Gabby as Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental, I was hoping they would give Karen Laurrie a chance.

      Probably they know Hannah will win the next Miss International and Bb Pilipinas is giving just an average beauty so Karen Laurrie can compete again next year, she is the MI template candidate that shoulve won.

  13. Ooooohhh.. Payumo was not included… possibly because they know that she could potentialy upset the ideal set of winners… same as what happened to Arriene Calingo…

  14. Si Aduana talaga ang face of the night, pero si Chelsea na pangatlo from her left is a lot more stunning than her. Very Eva Patalinjug ang dating n’ya. Maputi lang.

    Laglag si Lehmann at si CJ Opiaza.

    Ang daming fresh faces na nakapasok sa Top 12. Nicole Borromeo is glowing. Ramdam ko talaga na makakakuha s’ya ng mataas na korona.

    That’s all.

    • Ahh kaya sya winner ng best in Costume.. they know she speaks well.. but she’s not pretty enough.. so ngayon ang mga semi-finalist Primary requirement talaga pinaka magaganda… Pag kulang sa ganda… ligwak na agad…

      • Lehmann deserves the Best in National Costume award naman talaga. Pero, ‘yun nga, kinulang talaga sa ganda. Jimmy Marquez nga ang tingin ko sa kanya.

        Ang ganda ni Chelsea Fernandez. She’s a darling. Ang lakas din ng dating ni Tamondong. At ‘yan ngang si Nicole Borromeo, peaking at the moment.

        What can you say about Aduana? Maliit lang ang bewang n’ya then maputi. Pero wala talagang dating for me.

        Sarap sabunutan ng voice over girl nung swimsuit round, nagmamadali te? Kasalanan n’yo ‘yan, late na kayo nag-start. Kakaloka!

        Parang wala si SMA. Hindi s’ya napakita sa camera nung in-introduce ang panel of judges and BPCI Committee.

        That’s all.

      • I agree, IMo Aduana is pretty naman w/ symetrical features and sakto lang height hindi matangkad at hindi pandak… Masyado kasing pasweet.. ok naman sumagot.. pero she needs to win the hearts of pageant fans all over the world. Kulang lang sya ng paandar to make her standout and become an Iconic queen.

  15. My final Prediction:

    International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong- either that or 1st RUp.
    Intercontinental: Bassiano
    Globe: Mendoza
    First runner up: Borromeo
    2nd runner up: Budol

    Aduana-There is a chance that Aduana could replace Borromeo as 1st RUp or maybe even land a crown. Lots of fans.
    Payumo- she might be given a hard polarizing question but if she still succeeds, she could land a runner-up position.
    Lehman- Graciela Lehman is surprisingly being favored, she might get an easy question and possibly land as 2nd RUp if ever Nicole Budol fails.
    Mackey- highest placement is a 2nd RUp


    Not surprised that the Higantes costume lost the Tikbalang as I predicted due to the negative connotation of that festival.

    Only game changer would be the Q&A… I wonder who would rise w/ flying colors and potentialy beat my line-up.

  16. Binibining Pilipinas International
    Gabrielle Basiano

    Binibining Pilipinas Grand International
    Christine Opiaza

    Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental
    Karen Laurrie Mendoza

    Binibining Pilipinas Globe
    Roberta Tamondong

    1st RU Chelsea Fernandez
    2nd RU Cyrille Payumo

    • 3 out of my 6 I got but with wrong placements.

      Karen, christine and Cyril – please join again and get that crown.

  17. International: Tamondong
    Grand: Opiaza
    Intercontinental: Mendoza
    Globe: Basiano
    1RU: Borromeo
    2RU: Budol

  18. My final Prediction:

    International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Bassiano
    Globe: Mendoza
    First runner up: Borromeo
    2nd runner up: Budol



  19. Here is my final prediction:

    International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Mendoza
    Globe: Lakrini
    First runner up: Payumo
    2nd runner up: Borromeo

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