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  1. Mga Santolan.. feeling naman nila threatened tayo sa winner nila.. In fairness, maganda ang pagpa overhaul sa mukha nya pero ni hindi makapag English ng maayos… Goodluck!

  2. Congratulations Steffi!!!!! I really wanted to see steffi in the MU stage………………… She is my personal favorite, second is 31 Patraphon and 16. Personally, MUT made the right choice. I dont think, Nicoleline will make it to the top 5 in MU based on the diyossahan profile of the current candidates.

  3. What I love about MUP is that they try to incorporate original pilipino music. Agree, MUT’s production is on-point almost in all aspect, kaya lang parang feeling ko habang tumatagal nawawala na identity nila, parang nagiging MGI na sila. Mas naapreciate ko mga finals nights nila prior to Fahsai’s year.

    Anyway, congrats to Anna!

  4. I thought this was Thailand ‘s yr to win MU
    But they didn’t let Nicole win . Nicole had the best stage presence last night
    This will give Colombia a great chance at MU

  5. The new MUT is not a threat to Celeste, beauty and eloquence wise. Actually, none of the current Asian MU reps can outdo Celeste because Celeste has that Oxana Fedorova arrive.

    Kung mayroon man akong nakikitang biggest threat kay Celeste, s’ya ay si R’bonney Gabriel, the current Miss Texas who is yet to compete in Miss USA. R’bonney is a complete package or a quintessential beauty. She is effortlessly witty, has a good story to tell, and an advocacy to brag about. She is the type of girl MUO would love to crown. Mayroon s’yang interview na limang beses ko ng pinapanood, and she’s so perfectly charming.

    Celeste has the crown to lose. Dapat i-train lang s’ya ng mabuti.

    That’s all.

    • Oxana doesn’t have lip fillers Ana! Don’t disrespect her. Charot 😆😂. Actually abangan nyo na lang iappoint ng India since com skills wise mas Magaling talaga sila sa atin historically.

      • I don’t say naman na their looks are at par. What I am referring to is their impact to the pageant fanatics or enthusiasts, if you will. Kahit may lip filler si Celeste, at minsan ang tingin ko ay OA na, her face still could launch a thousand ships. Hindi nakakasawang tingnan ang mukha n’ya. Kaya nga halos lahat ng pageant vloggers, nasa number one list nila si Celeste. Tingnan natin how she progresses more as the pageant nears.

        That’s all.

      • Celeste looks like any other latina. Look at miss Venezuela in the early 2000s ganun mga kamukha niya. Valentina Patruno levels. Michele Bertolini. Mga katulad nyang Italian din.

  6. Pinas lang pwede magpadala ng half half beauties. Dapat walang halong foreign blood ag Thai winner

  7. OK she is pretty , but based on the night’s performance and her presentation , I do not see the MU crown anywhere near her head …. Celeste should rank higher than her , though I hope that Celeste wins the MU crown , CC should make a lot of improvements on her presentation & prepare , train +

    • Celeste should rank higher than her, tagal na nanalo ni Celeste, Ewan ko nlng if Wala pa siya upper hand 😅

  8. I love Kanyalak and Prataporn
    Nicolene is over rated.
    The winner kinda resembles Steffi Aberasturi
    The production is on point.

  9. Hahaha… Ligwak si Patraporn sa Top 5…
    Patraporn could have made it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe but she won’t win of course… At least Top 5… But based on MUT’s top 5… Only Nicolene speaks English so she’s obviously the winner of MUT… But will she even reach Top 15 of MU?! She looks like a clapper to me.. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Manong, off-topic… I was wanting to talk with you, but the Admin hid your comment regarding…

      You went through the Insider Interview serie in the previous post?

      The one you red-tagged, matino naman pala magsalita at sa pustura pa lang kagalang-galang! And take note, she opted to avoid the long lines at Japan (International) & Indonesia (Grand) & went for Albania (“… Globe…”, said she). It might just pay off (for her).

      (Guys, she’s in interval, 31 <= n <= 35, for those who might want to review…)

      But going back to this & FirstWang in particular, I'm just so happy to see her again. And congrats to the winner!

      • SHe’s a news reporter hence it’s no surprise she speaks well… regardless how well she speaks..Hindi sya maganda.. at lalong hindi nya ikinaganda ang pagiging Terrorists supporter nya.. A real beauty queen seeks to unite and not to devide.

  10. MUP, take notice of the MUT production. That’s how you put up a stage and execute the camera work. Nakikita n’yo ba ang rampahan ng mga kandidata? Hindi kita sa video ang wall ng stage, it’s totally black. Hence, hindi mukhang isolated at empty ang stage. Look at the LED background. Ang ganda!

    Ang tanging lamang lang natin sa MUT ay ‘yung winner natin. Ang ganda ni Celeste sa GMA Gala Night. Pero syempre, kapag mas maganda ang production, mas lalong inaabangan ng mga fans, advertisers, critics, etc.

    That’s all.

    • Anna paulit2 nalang yung production. FYI kulang talaga tayo ng latest equipments diri. MU nga when dito naghohost iniimport pa some of the equipments, sa Thailand di na need kasi nandun na lahat. I also watch thai channels and super duper HD. and by the way with Celeste, I don’t think she’ll win considering the direction that MUO is going just look at other bombshells the past years.

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