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  1. International: Karen Mendoza
    Grand International: Roberta Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Annalena Lakrini
    Globe: Gabrielle Basiano

  2. Binibining Pilipinas International
    Gabrielle Basiano

    Binibining Pilipinas Grand International
    Christine Opiaza

    Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental
    Karen Laurrie Mendoza

    Binibining Pilipinas Globe
    Roberta Tamondong

    1st RU Chelsea Fernandez
    2nd RU Cyrillie Payumo

  3. Tomorrow na pala ang BbP Coronation Night. Nakaka-excite pa ring panoorin kahit medyo nabalintunaan na ang pageant na ito.

    My prediction remains the same:

    *BbP-International – Chelsea Fernandez. Inisa-isa ko na ang kalibre ng bawat kandidata, and I believe Chelsea is the most ideal candidate to assume the crown. Communication skills wise, she’s good. Sa Miss International naman, hindi kailangan ng witty or extemporaneously excellent beauty. Memorize lang ang sagot d’yan, basta ba she’s convincing and authentic. Ang importante, eh, likeable s’ya sa mata ng mga sakang. Si Chelsea na ‘yun, whether you like it or like it. Lol.

    *BbP-Globe – Roberta Tamondong. Dusky, beautiful, Filipina-looking of another mold, charming, oozing with sex appeal, etc. I think Roberta can pull a back-to-back here, instead at MGI.

    *BbP-Intercontinental – Gabrielle Basiano. This girl is eloquent naman at bagay talaga sa kanya mag-compete sa Intercon. However, Nicole Borromeo might impeach her to the crown. Nicole is a powerful pageant performer, at nagpi-peak s’ya sa mismong pageant proper. She also speaks well, as in kudaera s’ya.

    *BbP-MGI – Christine Opiaza. Sa pageant na ito ni Nawatt, dapat consistent tayo sa pagpapadala ng rep natin. She must be a show stopper. Sa MGI, mahalaga din na eloquent ang rep natin, and I think Christine is better than any other bet for the crown. Sana huwag s’yang sayangin ng BPCI. Ang lakas kasi talaga ng “Wow Factor” n’ya. Magugustuhan s’ya ni Nawatt for sure. Basta gawin lang s’yang expensive looking.

    *Miss Araneta Center – Nicole Budol. Perfect fit si Herlene dito. Very Araneta Center ang character ni Nicole, jologs na nagpapaka-class. Crowd drawer din si Nicole, so business strategy wise, dapat s’ya ang piliin ni SMA.

    I can understand the push on Yllana Marie Aduana, nag-PR kasi s’ya, eh. Pero she’s so plane jane talaga. Para s’yang si Janella Joy Cuaton. Kahit sa mga pageant pages sa FB, she does not ring a bell. I hope I was wrong. Malay nga natin, mag-milagro si vaklah.

    Karen Laurie Mendoza may get a runner-up finish. Graciella Lehmann, pang-Top 12 lang talaga s’ya, courtesy of the National Costume award. Beauty wise kase, naging Jimmy Marquez s’ya.

    Good luck, ladies!

    That’s all.

  4. A fully loaded batch for Binibining Pilipinas 2022 coronation night.

  5. Baka ma 31 million sa coronation😂. Norman na hurt si budol hindi mo Sina a😂

  6. I’m afraid for Chelsea and Roberta who will likely struggle atQ&A unless they get an easy or well-rehearsed question . Also there more gorgeous faces in the competition ..
    I love Nyca Bernardo and Joana Day , they should make top 12
    Fatima super gorgeous
    Lakrini and Cyrillie Payumo should be our future MUPs They have very strong presence
    Karen Laurie
    Nicole Borromeo

    Maybe Omay


  7. Kahit sino man ang mananalo sa Bb. Pilipinas basta walang mga tattoo sa katawan. Hindi kasi nagbibigay ng suwerte, tignan mo sa ibang patimpalak ng ibang kampo, puro may mga tattoo sa katawan at sa kasamaang palad hindi nagtagumpay sa patimpalak.

    • Hoy tanda manahimik ka, get with the times already, kaya di umuunlad pageants outside of the hags conservative minds wkwkw

    • Correct!
      Worst pa yung bagong Representative ngayon
      Yung mga TaTOO nagkalat hangang CROTCH nya!
      Yuckkkk! Never mga yan ma qualify kay Madam S.

  8. One of us commented in an earlier post (that observation~notion now apparently hidden) that the (former) Miss Silka (alumna) looks like an amalgam of past exalted beauty queens which included, among others, MUP 2014 & BBP-International 2019.

    It’s the CHIN, guys! Look at her photo (here). Queen Nefertiti, that legendary face recognized everywhere. SHE LOOKS EGYPTIAN.

    Had BBP tried the Casting Challenge that MUP pioneered, that advantage would have been apparent early on. I hope they give it a try in a future edition.

      • Ikaw ang cheap bakla kasi di ka na makaahon sa hirap wkwkwk, wala ka sa kalingkingan ng kinaiinggitan mong si Jonas Gaffud wkwkwk

  9. International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Mendoza
    Globe: Lakrini
    Ist runner-up: Basiano
    2nd runner up: Borromeo

  10. I have a feeling that Lehmann will be the Cartisano of 2022. Paolo B. is a good mentor but not for BBP. The transformation of her girls are so obvious making them look like drag queens.

  11. It was such a long boring wait … & for what it’s worth , coronation day is upon us

    Miss International -Laurie Mendoza
    Miss Grand Int -Chelsea Fernandez
    Miss Intercontinent -Roberta Tamondong
    Miss Globe -Gabby Basiano

    Cyrille Payumo -alternate for one of the crowns

    1st ru -Diana Mackey
    2nd ru -Jasmine Dimaculangan

    Harlene Budol -alternate for one of the ru’s

    Opianza, Borromeo, Lakrini, Bernardo, Bisan, Gabriel will complete the top 15

  12. Bb. Pilipinas International: Cyrille Payumo
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental: Karen Laurrie Mendoza
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe: Chelsea Fernandez
    Bb. Pilipinas Grand International: Roberta Tamondong
    1st Runner Up: Gabrielle Basiano,
    2nd Runner Up: Nicole Budol

  13. I bet that BPCI will give the top crown to Lakrini. She has a lot of potentials.
    Very stunning, has commanding height and appeal. Since the winner of MI will still compete next year, BPCI will choose someone who is still raw but when polished will definitely be a cut above the rest. Lakrini is a diamond in the rough! She is my Miss Inyernational.

  14. MI = R. Tamondong
    MGI = S. Gabriel
    MIC = N. Borromeo
    MG = K. Mendoza
    1st = C. Fernandez
    2nd = D. Mackey
    MA = H. Budol

  15. My tough 4: Roberta, Nicole, Karen and Gabby
    Possible spoilers: Stacey, Herlene, Chelsea

    I’d be happy with Karen, Nicole or Gabby for MI.
    I’d be happy wurh Roberta, Herlene or Graciella for MGI
    I’d be happy with Karen, Stacie or Gabby with MIC
    I’d be happy with anyone for Miss Globe

    May the best Binibinis win 🙂

  16. I don’t get the hype kay Fernandez. Maganda lang siya and mas marami pang mas maganda sa kanya. Overrated. I remember her sa Miss Earth na akala ko easy win, but her Comm Skill is so bad.

    • I agree. She doesn’t even stand out kapag group shots. And when she opens here mouth, wala na. HAHAHA.

    • ilan taon na lumipas nun nag me ph sya. lahat naman ng tao natuto

      • Narinig mo ba siya sumagot ngayon? Wala pa rin. Ilang taon na, di pa rin natuto.

    • me too. she has a flat face and long nose that her ridiculously pretty eyes and smile somehow make up for. i still think Mendoza deserves to win MI. i just think that come final Q&A, between these two, Borromeo will give a more impactful answer that it will be hard to justify Mendoza winning. maybe Borromeo’s absence during (was it prelims or swim whatever) can affect her standing.

      • Basiano is more beautiful than Borromeo. Maraming mas maganda kay Borromeo. Huwag gawing dahilan iyang Q&A na iyan dahil hindi naman kailangan ng Q&A expert para sa Miss International.

  17. Naku mga mars ibigay na natin kay Karen Laurrie Mendoza yang Miss International Philippines title!!! ❤❤❤

  18. Hi norman if Nicole misses the presscon scores I think she can be the runner up. Gabbi is the ever present and I heard a fave of bpci

  19. We need to first consider BBP’s format. They narrow down the list to top 12/13 based on stage performance, and then pick their winners based on Q&A. There is deliberation, I believe, so there are other factors at play.

    The girls who I think will make the top 12/13:



    Lehman/Gabriel/De Mesa/Dimaculangan


    INTERNATIONAL – Q&A has to be unquestionably good for a justifiable win. Although, since the winner will be for 2023 and will have a year of preparation, a passably good Q&A might be enough for the girl with the undeniably strongest stage presence.

    1) Tamondong – rumored to be an org favorite, experience, height, body, stage presence, sexier Lara Quigaman

    2) Fernandez – has that cute kawaii thing going, very feminine, the Japanese might like her, my issue is she sometimes does not stand out in group photos especially when with taller girls, also mediocre Q&A

    3) Mendoza – sentimental favorite, I personally want her to win just to irk Boy Abunda, but also because of Boy Abunda, makes me wonder if Mendoza is still so easily flustered

    4) Borromeo – I did not want to like her because I have a long list of winners already, but this girl just always manages to stand out, Q&A skills also might be so unquestionably good she can’t be denied the crown.

    5) Lakrini – reminds me of Hannah Arnold the first time she showed up in pageantry radars. stunner but so painfully raw. wobbly performance. interviews reveal lack of training and prep. might get an easy question and bag the top crown – pwede na din since 2023 pa ilalaban.


    MGI – we know what Nawat wants: social media clout, exaggerated pasarela, perfect body, non-polarizing facial features, oratory skills (note: delivery over substance) yet we keep giving him the second best BBP Q&A performer regardless of fit. Let’s just finally give him what he wants.

    1) Budol – pageant and non-pageant fans will support her, the CLOUT Nawat wants. passable pasarela, perfect body and height, face looks off when not smiling and Nawat might make an issue of it, but she is pretty when smiling. as for oratory skills – she just needs a good interpreter and some emotionally charged pageant patty answer. also, she can handle the bashing.

    2) Mackey, Opiaza, Basiano – but Budol is still the best fit, imo


    GLOBE/INTERCON/Runners up

    Whoever among the 5 girls I chose for INTERNATIONAL.

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