10 comments on “Upcoming pageant assignments for the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 winners

  1. Here are my latest choices:

    International- Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Mendoza
    Globe: Lakrini
    First runner-up- Basiano
    2nd runner up- Borromeo

    • Fortunately, two of the three have already been cleared. The third one should get her clearance today.

  2. well well well , off topic , there is again Miss Iraq in Miss Universe 2022 and she is not bad looking … & Lebanon is back ( she is an ‘influencer’ in the social media world ) … we will also know the new Miss Bahrain before this week is over … the Middle East is burgeoning at MU ! can’t wait to see new countries like UAE and Qatar , and the comeback of Jordan and Tunisia … Morocco joined last year , (Bangladesh joined in 2019) … MU is getting wider audiences !

  3. there will be separate coronation for the Bb.International title? I think they will let Hana compete first.

    • The successor of Hannah will also be crowned on Sunday. She just needs to wait for next year’s edition of MI.

      • salamat po sa reply Tito Normz. Inaabangan ko na ang final picks mo po.

      • In that case, will MIP2022 have a full year to prepare for MI2023? Well, that will be enough time for any candidate to fit into MI’s new template of “Beauties for Sustainable Development Goals”. The recent paradigm shift of MI has caught the pageantry world off-guarded and one year should be sufficient time for “retrofitting”, or getting herself involved in community advocacies related to sustainable development.

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