4 comments on “The Return of Mutya ng Pilipinas

  1. Holding Miss Mutya International is a wise move by the organization. It is a way of showing the world the richness of the Philippine culture and tradition.

  2. Just like the past MISS MAJA INTERNATIONAL pageant which was held in Spain, the candidates wore the the TRAJE DE FLAMENCA OR TRAJE DE GITANA (Spanish outfit/dress), the mantilla (shawl), the peineta (the comb), and the fan (pericon) during the coronation. Do you think the delegates will don the FILIPINIANA during the crowning or be just part of a segment leading to the coronation?

  3. That would be awesome having this organization establish a NEW INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT with its brand name focusing and celebrating the Filipino/PHILIPPINES’ culture, the same concept as MISS MAJA INTERNATIONAL. So this indicates all the international delegates will be wearing THE TERNO during the finals. Marvelous idea!!!!!
    MISS MUTYA INTERNATIONAL 2023 here we come……(mutya means Pearl, dear, beloved and all sorts.)

    • All the Filipino/a designers will be scouring for ideas with their PHILIPPINES’ terno to be promoted and featured by their respective international delegates/MUSES from all over the world. The world will be mesmerized how beautiful the Filipiniana is as it is showcased the entirety of the pageant. I CAN’T WAIT. Hoping this commence SOON.

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