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  1. See i was right, she did one for MIC crown recognizing our current queen. 🙂

  2. Roberta is doing the Katrina Llegado publicity and pictorial. Katrina also pays homage to MU from the Philippines. This time Roberta is doing the top winners from the different crowns of BBP.

    I think this is giving the pageant enthusiast a chance to see Roberta in different style and gauge what crown fits her the most.

  3. If the intention is to get attention, then I think it is working. But based on the mixed reactions of her stunt, does she really want to get (some negative) reactions when there were none directed at her before?

    Roberta is a beautiful girl. Me thinks she does not to need to be nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard, copy-paste (lol) to be noticed.

    The Stella Araneta homage, sige I can understand. But to pay homage to a very, very recent SamBer (who, forgive me, did NOT win naman) is too much clout chasing.

    I don’t know what Roberta’s handlers are trying to ejaculate (translation: di ko alam kung ano ang gusto nilang palabasin. Char!), but with a last name lang tamod-ong, they can ejaculate as much as they want. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • I think the problem is that everyone is wayyyy overthinking it. To me, it shows her versa-tility to fit a pageant mold.

      Probably inspired by Pia’s photoshoot to of various Filipina MUs in their winning ensembles.

  4. Mga veks, I think Roberta is just paying homage to iconic beauty queen titlist of the crowns being handed out by BBPI. I have a feeling she will do one for Anne Colis and possibly MIC – not sure who the first MIC titleholder from the Phils is….Oh that Aussie girl lol… I still forgot her name. This is just my guess so we shall see.

  5. She will win a crown . She did her homework and a known favorite where it matters

  6. Honestly , I would rather have Roberta any crown but the Miss International crown … I do not want her to experience the long agonizing wait that Hannah endured …

    She can be the next Miss Intercon (back to back ) or Miss Globe ( back to back ) !
    I hesitate to send her to MGI because it is a questionable pageant, might be a waste of time for her

    • Mag-abang na lang tayo ng mga kaganapan teh. Hanggang dun lang tayo.

      Huwag nang naghe-hesitate, hindi naman ikaw ang magde-decide.

      May mga judgeseses, di ba teh?

  7. She’s making so much experimentation on herself. She’s undeniably beautiful but she should stay focused in the coronation night. Can be outsmarted by the others when she becomes too complacent and nerves get into her system like what happened to 1 candidate some years ago who got distracted in Q&A round by a simple gesture (making a face) of a live audience in the venue.

  8. So she either wants International or Grand…

    If she wins any of those pageants, it would still be the perfect drumroll if she becomes MUph 3-5 years from now.

  9. While Roberta’s recent photos were a blast, I find this cookie cutter approach risky to her end. It made her too presumptuous. Chances are, International and Grand might not be handed down on her.

    Anyways, here are my final picks:

    BbP-International – Chelsea Fernandez
    BbP-Globe – Roberta Tamondong
    BbP-Intercontinental – Gabrielle Basiano
    BbP-Grand International – Christine Opiaza
    BbP-Araneta Center – Nicole Budol
    1st Runner-up – Anna Lakrini
    2nd Runner-up – Karen Laurie Mendoza

    That’s all.

  10. Roberta is also eyeing the Grand International crown. I reckon she would be channeling her inner Maureen and Cindy for her photo releases in the coming days. We will see

  11. i dont get why this site still allots space to a shitty MGI. di pa ba enough yung mga pambabastos sa mga former reps natin? ano pa need gawin ni Nuat for this page to acknowledge all the BS that owner spews on filipinas?

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