11 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Primer on Kumu

  1. But when MUP partnered with Kumu, a lot of people here said it was cheap wkwkwk tapos ngayon walang masabi nung BBP na gumawa wkwkwk, ang ha-hypocrite talaga ng mga tao dito no

    • I don’t know that it’s cheap. But the thing is, even MWP took it in! So, the format~application at the very least seems attractive~amenable to the pageantry in the Philippines for some reason.

      Now, isn’t it made~designed by expatriate Filipinos (in the USA), initially to bridge that divide brought about by the economic diaspora? But it’s making traction even here!

      Let’s see if it will fully cover our beauty contest landscape. Has MPE used it, too? Mutya, with its ‘Fil-Comm’ sash & title, would probably jump in as well. Abangan natin kung ano’ng mangyayari…

  2. I’m going to have a full blown migraine picking which Filipina wins which crown during Binibining Pilipinas 2022 coronation night.

    The Bb. Pilipinas Class of 2022 is fully loaded.

  3. International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Payumo
    Intercontinental: Tamondong
    Globe: Lakrini
    First runner up: Borromeo
    2nd runner up: Laurie

  4. Can the blogger make an in-depth article regarding the estimated costs a pageant girl accumulate in preparation, and while participating in a beauty pageant.
    Are these pageant girls provided free hotel accommodations and free food during the course of the pageant?
    Are pageant girls given financial allowances by the pageant organization lalo na kapag more than a month ang competition since wala silang trabaho.
    Dapat kasi protected din mga pageant girls since kumikita ang pageant organizations out of them.
    Majority of pageant girls will not win anything but the pageant organizations win through their sponsors.

    • This is a complicated topic, to be honest. There are pageant girls who get full support from their respective LGUs and there are those who have financiers from the private sector. These are just two of the several scenarios. Research is needed. I hope to come up with something someday.

    • @Pats, your concern for the financial cost on the aspirants is an issue worth discussing. Equally concerning is the cost on the mental health of the ladies, given that they are easy prey to bashers, negatrons, and trolls. Some of them are given cruel labels and mercilessly ridiculed by p[ageant fanatics. After all the gruelling (and sometimes overextended) pageant activities, he 99% who do not win all go home amidst jeers as “clappers”. Sadly, such is the financial and emotional toll by the so-called “Celebration of Beauty” on the participants.

  5. My Top 12 in Random Order


    Competition is so stiff….😱😱😱

  6. Karen Laurrie Mendoza is still the perfect prototype for Miss International!!! ❤❤❤

  7. Loves the cockroach answer of Ethel Abellanosa. Witty . Another for the books. The primer concept was a nice innovation hopefully itll be more organized in the coming years. Tanong ko lang whatever happened to that pre recorded segment of the Bbs with Pia Wurtzbach and the other past Bb queens? I though they were going to show that sa primer or baka may another primer in the making na naman before the finals this weekend. Also i feature ba nila yung session nila with Boy Abunda? Not that it matters as he had a similar event with the Bbs last year.

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