14 comments on “Roberta Tamondong channels her inner Stella Marquez

  1. OMG. I hope this will not set a trend.

    I don’t know what is worse : a girl posting photos channeling Jonas Gafud or another one channeling Arnold Vegafaria. Char!

    The photos above while admirable is not giving me Stella Marquez vibes, but more Stella Suarez! Lol.

    World Peace.

  2. Well birdies fr Araneta said Tamondong is a favorite along w Lakrini and Basiano as in halata

  3. Sip sip but brilliant move. Still have to see a pasilip appearance of Mdme Stella. No sighting of her in the last 3 years from the start of the pandemic. Has she been relegating her chairwoman powers to other people in the Araneta grp or is she hands on with the functions behind the scenes?

  4. Great strategy.. Suck up to the owner of the pageant… Tomondong’s eyes are definitely on the biggest prize… I wonder what Borromeo, Fernandez and Bassiano would do to beat this uber grand gesture..

  5. Very nice tribute and timely release to generate some noise ahead of the sprint to the finish.

  6. Did BBP asked for this? However well intended, unsolicited gestures can be construed as presumptuous.

  7. But this is a brilliant maneuver for those handling her. It would definitely make Madame and her ilk sit up, notice and consider her for the MI pageant

  8. Channeling her inner Stella Marquez would have been right on the money had she worn a less provocative swimsuit. Not like this where her a spillage of melons is about to happen

    • I find it tastefully done maybe because the pose is not provocative in any way.
      Love her on these photos.
      It exudes vulnerability that reminds me of Marilyn Monroe

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