6 comments on “Binibini Snippets Part 1

  1. Hipon needs an interpreter dor her to get a crown
    Binibini os noted for difficult Q and A.

    Cyrille is a performer, watch out for her

    Nicole is stunning but lifeless

    Anna is still raw and not yet prepared on body department,
    but her future is bright. She is facially super stunning and tall.

  2. I like Nicole Budol but I do agree that it is indeed Cyrile Payumo who could potentialy displace her from the winner’s circle during the Q&A … On the other hand, if ever Nicole Budol does win, she needs to at least be habilimented at all times..


  4. I love Herlene. I also want her to win a crown but I must admit there are still a lot to improve on her to do great in international pageants.

    Maybe 2022 will be a learning for her but I’m looking forward for 2024. I’m sure she will be prepared by that time if she is really see pageantry her purpose.

  5. WOW. May bagong style Ang jag now. Lawlaw Ang fitting. Kulang nlang may hawak na shabu or weed😜😱😆cherette lungs😊
    I hope Hipon Will win a crown 👑

  6. I like how you split this quadrette (a new term I coined) hihihih.

    This set of 4 could be winners with Anna taking the top plum. However, I can see her being our rep for MW as well.

    I hope BPCI takes notice of Budol and autoassigns her for MGI. Ibigay na kay Nawat ang Pinay na may spunk at medyo problematic but still manages to command a loyal following of adoring supporters. Nawat cannot ignore her.

    Stop sending the classy girls to MGI. That pageant is pure entertainment, a forte Budol will excel in a heart beat.

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