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  1. My bet in the MU 2021 is now the MS 2022 queen! Though er intelligence easily projects the “Confidently Beautiful” aura, more importantly, her persona pulls a person in to be a part of herself. Like a work of art, true beauty is not just for people to look at, but to trigger people’s senses into action. She is destined to be “Inspirational and Aspirational”. Congratulations!

  2. di naman talaga kagandahan si Allison. hindi lahat ng tisay o tisoy maganda at gwapo. pero it think pwede mabago hitsura ni allison kung maganda lang pagka make-up. hindi maganda ang pilik mata niya. the eye lashes and eyebrows can change your facial looks and lets not forget the hair na mukhang kagigising lang ni ateh. pero ang kasalanan nito ay ang pumili sa kanya. o baka naman panakip butas lang si ateh. sayang naman magpadala ng “it” girl kung kulang sa training.

  3. Kayumangi kc ang dapat ipapadala sa Mister and Miss Supranational. Standout ang kayumangi sa predominantly white people in Poland.

  4. Wasn’t Lalela wearing a Jojo Bragais shoes during her crowning?

    She’s absolutely stunning. Her win is indisputable.

  5. The stage was glittering and beautiful, but this pageant’s way of announcing the runners-up and the winner is not yet at the Misses Universe, World and International levels, not even close. It’s almost anti-climactic. Nevertheless, the Miss Supra organization did a fantastic job holding this glamorous contest, the only one in Europe. And of course, congratulations to the gorgeous Miss South Africa, the Runners Up, and the lovely Miss Philippines’ Alison Black for a wonderful performance! Thanks for posting the results, Tito Normy!

  6. I really thought Alison would do well
    She really looked good during the prelim and final nights
    Unfortunately, we had the former beauty queens and kings … and then the organizers who were obviously all anti -Philippines

    • Alison , you couldn’t have done any better even if you had yrs of prep
      Just realize what you were up against
      I hope they stop sending reps to Supra

  7. Honestly, let’s accept the fact that it is NOT Alison’s fault, but again it is ARNOLD V. He doesn’t have enough foresight to send the right candidate or more so to prepare the candidate man lang. Personally, desurv naman ng Miss Supra din yan, umalis pa sila sa BB, they could have been the second highest pageant under BB. Well, honestly and I hope that ARNOLD and MWP should learn their lesson if not huwag nyo nang ipush ang pageant hand it back to BB or to somebody else.

    • I kinda agree. Cassandra Chan would’ve placed higher. But I’m the crown is already in Lalela’s bag from the beginning.

  8. Guys, pakiramdam ko papasok si Mr Ph sa top 5…ewan ko ba…parang may ibang game plan for Raed. Wait na lang natin later.

    • Hangang Top 20 lang talaga.. Dami better looking and more charming than him…and appointed lang…

    • Hello Jonalyn. Kumusta na diha sa Pinas? Ang imohang friendship na appoint ba? 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂

  9. I agree… May hulmahan na… Gandang Mutya Datul ang peg… Plus.. buong pangalan palang ni Mutya e Pre-colonial Sanskrit… One of the owners is of Indian ancestry.. MWPorg should be able to connect the dots… Visayan Steffi Aberasturi or Cordilleran Genesis Latugat would have been the ideal Philippine representatives… but if we pick from the roster of MWPh 2022… Cassandra Chan in My Opinion would have got a higher placement. Another better option would be Gwendolyn. Aminin nyo na, Limitted choices ng MWPh this year kasi ang hilig ng org (for some unknown reason) sa mga PANDAK!

    • I agree with you sis…kaso lang, habang tumatagal eh parang nagiging 5th choice na ng mga beteranang beauty queens ang MWP…from Bb Pilipinas, MEP, Mutya Pilipinas, Century Tuna Superbods, then MWP. #realtalk

      • Yes, I only see 2 options…
        Offer to host Miss World or Return the Supra franchise to Binibining Pilipinas.

    • Agreed, mga katulad ni Steffi at Ghenesis yung nakikita kong magdo-do well sa pageant na to. Hoping Ghenesis tries this out in the future, malaki ang potential nya

  10. Congrats Lalela!!! Sinasabi ko na nga ba…eh kung si Cassandra Chan ang inilaban…kung maibabalik lang sa BPCI ang Supra franchise eh dali dalian na…Felefens ano na, hindi pwedeng sa sash factor lang umasa…nakakahiya naman kay Mutya Datul, inilaban ni ineng yan nung 2013…sana naman eh yung mga susunod, wag namang ang goal lang eh maging Miss Supranational Ph…para masabi lang sa portfolio na nakapagsuot ng “sash which says Philippines”… masaktan na ang masaktan kesa naman magbulag-bulagan at maging stagnant…charizzz

  11. Congratulations Allison for winning Ms. Talent and making it to Top 24.


    I can still remember our hungry years, when even a semi-finalist placement was enough to make many hearts flutter with pride. I guess that ship has long sailed and the MINIMUM expectation nowadays is at least a Top 10. For Every Girl. In Any Pageant.

    In general, I think that is well and good. The bar has been raised. Being competitive is not bad and is the name of the game.

    With so many beautiful women (both pure and halfies) we have. The many training camps that have mushroomed overnight. The presence of on-line observers, bloggers, vloggers (both kind and cruel) who give their mostly unsolicited opinion. And the numerous winners, semi-finalist we have produced, this winning – entitlement mindset will continue, and we should just accept that.

    Personally, I am torn whether to give my 2-cents worth especially when the “losing Phillippine girl” looks and acts nice (Allison Black, Samantha Panlilio). Adding insult to injury is totally unnecessary. But at the same time, things must be said (especially to the organizers, handlers, camps, and the girls) with the hope that something will be learned that can be harnessed in the future.

    I am trying (and failing. Lol.) not go the way of some commenters here who became oh- so- wise after the pageant or those who give-off that “I told you so she will not win, I am so right” comments. But for the sake of lessons to the organizers who may learn from this incident, some thoughts:

    1. There SEEMS to be a unanimous opinion at the very start that Ms. Black’s beauty is… let us be kind here, not beauty queen material. It was the same general feeling towards Samantha Panlilio even before she flew to Thailand. The Patalinhugs and the Guidottis of our pageant world. These are the “WHY beauties?”. Baka the organizers / judges need to listen more to the pulse of pageant fans. Just because a girl can ballet, pwede ng pang Europe competition yan. Lol.

    2. There are the “WHY, WHY NOT beauties?”. These are the divisive beauties. Some went on to win big time, some went home empty handed. I for one is guilty of not liking Pia Wurtzbach when she was competing in Ms. U. I was forced to eat humble pie in the process and proven wrong big time. I thought she looked like a young Sylvia La Torre (yes, I am that old. lol) who has a not so fetching smile, a not so nice body proportion, and with an attitude at that.

    Gwendolyn Ruais is another example. I thought that the only thing going on for her was her height. I thought she looks like a trans woman with no curves at all (no offense to trans women. Lol). But first runner-up, she did finish.

    3. And then we have the “Uy – Ay Beauties”. Let me explain.

    “Uyyyyyyy” (is an expression when first seeing someone you thought attractive and a sure winner, only to be followed by “Ayyyyyy” (a dismaying realization na hindi pala maganda / gwapo at hindi worthy at all). My personal example is Rabiya Mateo. She was my clear winner during the national pageant. She reminded me of a young Penelope Cruz —- taob lahat kalaban from Michelle Gumabao to Sandra Lemonon (who has yet to spill her tea. Baka pag nag ka apo na sya. Lol).

    Rabiya was a disaster. From her mouth that she can not close, to that two horrendous platitos she called boobs. Her antics during the competition (and sadly until now) were additional factors to her almost non-placement.

    4). And the Unicorns. Megan Young and Catriona Gray. There were a few bashers here and there, but by and large, let us all admit that in our minds, pucha pag hindi nanalo si Megan , Catriona, guerra na bukas. Lol. These are clear winners.

    So wala lang..lol. Mema lang. In summary, we can learn from our mistakes but most of all, let us remember to be Magnanimous in Victory and Gracious in Defeat.

    World Peace.

  12. Congratulations Allison for making it to top 24 out of 69 girls.
    As I’ve said in my past comment, hwag tayong magpadala ng halfies sa pageant na to dahil hindi ito ang ine-expect ng organizers if we say Philippines considering the venue. Ang hilig natin mag padala ng halfies basta halfies maganda para sa atin kahit di naman. At saka anong iniisip ng mga trainors na sinalihan ni Allison? Miss World na pwede ang matamlay?
    Sabagay wala namang ibang choices kasi amongst the MWPh candidates this year wala talagang maganda na pede ilaban internationally. Pati Miss Eco na yan wala yan siguro first cut lang din dahil sa sash factor.

    Wala yan sa gown nasa performance. South Africa’s final gown is not also that good pero she was oozing with x-factor on stage.

    I was expecting the black barbie Cote D’Ivoire to enter the first cut.

  13. Dapat kasi si Gwendolyn yong Miss Supra Ph tapos MWPh si Alison. Mas bagay si Gwen sa Supra.

    • I dont think so dahil pareho sila ng mukha.
      I think Maria Gigante could have been a better choice dahil morena at pinay na pinay.
      Lahat ng pure pinay pinadala natin sa pageant na to nakaabot ng second cut.
      I can only think of only one pinay who could be the perfect rep to this pageant I dont remember her name but I do remember her pretty face. Pia’s batch in Binibini, the one who represented us at MI

  14. No comment pero mag coco moment parin.😂 ayan na nga nangamote ang Pinas. Wag na umasa sa Hombre bukas kasi ligwak din sya. Hindi ba kayo nababahala yung kapit bahay natin eh advance na yung mga pinapadala i mean mag Aga sa. Yung sa at in Waley na siguro wala na yung golden time ng Pinas na dati dati nananalo. Again sa organization yung ipadala eh yung hone na wag yung pinabili mo lang ng suka sa ka to eh winner na. It takes time . Well Una sa lahat wag na sumali yung mga pangit kasi beauty pageant yan day hindi Pakapalan ng mukha.

  15. Congratulations to Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane for a most deserved and generally expected victory that has now eclipsed her second runner-up finish at Miss Universe 2021!

    That being said, Miss Supranational has been categorized as an emerging grand slam pageant by the likes of Missosology, but this year’s coronation segment came across as a downgrade from previous editions and gave off decidedly second tier pageant vibes. There were quite cringey moments like the onstage blocking of the top 5, hosts and reigning queen during the announcement which seemed uncoordinated, unrehearsed and somewhat amateurish. Lalela was even asked to awkwardly walk to the back just so she can do her first walk as the new queen during the delayed sashing and crowning of the first runner-up. Past editions did way better than this and those befits more the hyping as a new big league pageant. Not this year though IMHO.

  16. Hindi ako nagtataka sa resulta ng patimpalak kahit mahirap man tanggapin , marami ang pondo ang mga kapitbahay ng Pilipinas pagdating sa mga patimpalak. Hintayin na lang natin ang anak ni Mutya Datul malay natin mananalo na ang Pilipinas sa Miss Supranational pageant.

  17. After Mutya Datul’s win in 2013, hanggang top 10 na lang highest placement natin sa Miss Supranational. Sa dami ng mga de-kalibreng candidates, I wonder bat hindi tayo makapagpadala ng tamang rep.

  18. Nakasabit pa sa Taf 24 si Kabayotic Tarsier… Kung Top 20 ligwag yan. Alisin sa MWP ang Supra franchise!

    • And who will the Miss Supranational organization give the Philippines Miss Supra franchise to if they revoke it from Miss World Philippines?

  19. Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations as well to Allison for making it to Top 24.

  20. Itong mga merlat na ito ay hindi MU caliber pero alam mong mananalo sa Supra:

    1. Steffi Aberasturi
    2. Genesis Latugat
    3. Isabela Galeria
    4. Ivy Joy
    5. Honey Grace Cartasano

    That’s all.

  21. Now we wonder , second guess , what if Justine F were Miss SupraPhil 2022 & Alison were the 1stru

    I believe that Justine F would have easily cracked the top 10 , and then who knows …

    • No. Justine Felizarta’s botched face would hardly be noticed in that pageant. Supra prefers naturally vibrant girl as their winner.

      That’s all.

    • Problem w/ Justine sa totoo lang sa lahat ng sinalihan nya.. She doesnt put her A game pag rehearsals… masyadong relaxed… walang effort… pag mock Q&A laging waley sumagot.. hindi pwedeng sa finals lang sya magaling… I know the saying “know when to peak”.. but there are multiple times that she should have peaked during pre pageant and prelims but she was always mediochre specially during interviews… Steffi also needs improvements in her q&a skills but she is far ahead of Justine who has English as a 1st language.

  22. Wow, mga kapitbahay natin ang mga runners up huh… mukhang nauungusan na tayo ng Thailand, Indonesia at Vietnam. Nagkulang ba sa preparation si Allyson? Mali ba ang pinadalang candidate natin? Parang mahirap lang tanggapin na hanggang top 24 lang ang Philippines! Andami natin na magagaling na candidata sana nga nagpick na nga lang.

    • Imagine mo na lang, Miss Tissa, halos walang facially stunning na sumali sa MWP pageant ni Vegafria this year, tapos sa pageant na ‘yan, ‘yung isa sa mga not-so-performing pero pasok sa top 5, eh nakoronahan. Supra has become one of the most important international pageants, kaya dapat we send the most competitive candidate. Mas maigi talaga na handpick na lang mula sa mga talunang kandidata sa nationals pero alam mong deserve mag-represent sa international pageant.

      That’s all.

  23. Nasaan na ‘yung nagsabi dito na Allison did well during the prelims at makakapasok s’ya sa Top 5 sa finals because she delivered? Nagbigay pa s’ya ng kanyang galing-galingang analysis about Allison pero puro sugarcoating naman. Nakakaloka.

    Since the beginning, hindi ako nag-expect ng mataas na placement for our Supra rep. Pero sige na, give na natin na nakapasok s’ya sa Top 24. It’s because of sash factor eme of the Philippines. Pakunswelo baga.

    Kung hinandlipick na lang sana si Steffi, for sure lalaban s’ya kay South Africa.

    Si Czech Republic na facially maganda pero bland ang aura on stage, lotlot din. Maganda lang talaga s’ya. Sa pageantry, the totality of everything or the wow factor of a candidate matters. Anyway, congratulations Lalela Mswane for winning Miss Supranational 2022! You deserve it. Congrats din sa mga shupitbalur nating nag-runners up. Indeed, sa mga minor pageant, kinakabog na nila tayo.

    That’s all.

    • I agree… Prelims Gown palang ni South Africa waley na ang lahat sa ganda… tapos ang gown ni Alison was very unflattering kahit Francos Libiran pa yan… It was designed for a different body type.. bagay Kay alison is corset top or anything that creates an illysion of an hourglass figure. Plus the national costume… it didn’t look good… mukhang cheap and her black leotard was showing while she was dancing. I wish si Steffi Aberaturi nalang inapoint… baka final 2 pa silang 2 ni SA.

      • Grabe si Lalela, nag-improve s’ya ng todo. She was styled well sa Supra, very Naomi Campbell. Kung ganyan ang style at performance n’ya sa MU, malamang South Africa had clinched yet another MU crown.

        Matinik talaga ang South Africa sa pageantry. Mas nangangabog sila. Dapat sila ang pinaghahandaan natin.

        Si Allison talaga, alam nating madaming kakulangan, especially sa styling.

        That’s all.

      • I agree with you Ana and C2F…. talagang pinaghandaan ng SA yan. Dapat talaga todo todo ang preparation bago sumabak. Sa mga minor pageants tulad into mas maganda nga maghandpick na lang sila. Daming mas magaling at experienced.

    • I agree with you Ana and C2F…. talagang pinaghandaan ng SA yan. Dapat talaga todo todo ang preparation bago sumabak. Sa mga minor pageants tulad into mas maganda nga maghandpick na lang sila. Daming mas magaling at experienced.

    • Ms AWL! Tanong mo kay Golden Mean na todo justify sa performance ni Allison Black! Judge yata sya nung MWP coronation night! While most of the fans agreed na di sya tlga handa sa assigned pageant niya!

      • Golden Mean
        on July 13, 2022 at 09:22 said:

        “Let’s cut through the chase.

        “Alison delivered a winning performance.

        “She deserved her Supra Ph crown during MWP coronation night. She deserves all the adoration and respect that she’s receiving from her prelims performance earlier today. As I wrote one too many times here, she will emerge in full fighting form in Supra with a performance worthy of at least a Top 5 placement enough to position herself to win it all.

        “In the end, it’s all about the woman in the arena. And she is one amazing woman in the arena.

        “Trolls? Bashers? Naysayers? Body shamers? All of you just burn in the sidelines as this woman shines her light to the rest of the world.”

        Ayan, kinowt ko na si Flor Tula, este, Golden Mean para hindi na mag-search ang ibang commenters kung saan n’ya ito sinabi.

        This kind of comment sounds like a two-bladed sword. While s/he is praising our candidate, s/he is actually giving her a false hope. Bakit hindi na lang kasi sabihin ang comment with accuracy? Hindi naman bashing ang tawag sa pagbibigay ng feedback. Makakatulong pa nga ‘yan sa candidate natin para hindi s’ya masyadong mag-expect. O baka naman sadyang mababa lang ang standard ni Golden Mean in terms of beauty department. Lol.

        Sa tinagal-tagal ko ng pageant observer and NormanNorman’s resident commenter, mas madalas namang napi-predict ko ng tama ang pageant result sa national at international pageantry. And nakaka-forecast ako ng tama kung ligwak o hindi ang candidate natin. Kung ano ang kulang sa kanya or not.

        That’s all.

    • Anna, the problem was he used all superlatives to describe Allison like she was the best beauty queen we ever had for any pageant. Sobra talaga the way he described and hyped her. Parang nagkaroon tuloy ng negative vibe about Allison and some people who disagree with his views somehow had the thought na, she will not place and this guy will be proven so wrong.

      • Nakakaloka pa ‘yung sinabi n’ya na the bashers, naysayers, etc. of Allison shall be burned in the sidelines. Ang sarap kyompalin ang hitad. O di sira ang kredibilidad ni accling. Hindi na magpaparamdam ‘yan dito. Kung magparamdam man ‘yan, wala ng maniniwala sa kanya kundi sarili n’ya. Lol.

        That’s all.

  24. I liked her prelim eve gown much better , more haute couture than this finals eve gown … the prelim eve gown is unique and daring and if it was designed by a Pinoy , I would not be suprised …

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