6 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022 National Costumes Part 5

  1. Regarding national costumes, the question is if the structure or contraption is removed, would the dress alone stand as a work of art or a Philippine representation? That’s the unanimous comment of fashion design professors in observing these NatCos competitions. And that many young designers don’t know when to stop adding details that they already become unnecessary and gaudy. 💐👑🕊️

  2. Walang tapon for this group…

    I’m not a fan of any Catholic Iconography but Anne Demesa’s costume is very well made. Allthough I hate the theme because it represents how our colonizers created gullible Filipinos who considers information spoonfed to them by the Catholic Church as the absolute truth, It looks pretty.

    I love the concept of the Tikbalang.. looks gorgeous on pictures… I just hope she can walk.

    l’ve seen all versions of Jash Dimaculangan’s costume but I find this mildly refreshing.. Gas gas na yung concept but well- executed.

  3. OMG, walang tapon sa NatCos. lahat visually pleasing. I think eto na ang pinakamagandang edition.

  4. Generally, I am happy with almost all of the national costumes. Very thematic, malinis at pulido ang structure, and looks expensive. Congratulations!!

    And while I would love if the big, spectacular costumes be showcased in international stage (tikbalang, gigantes, rice terraces), I don’t think these costumes will translate well IN motion. How will she walk with that, in super high heels? Will it look be-labored and painful? Will it affect her projection?

    Remember the spectacular Catriona Gray national costume? The attire itself was fabulous. It was the painful-looking hila-hilang giant parol (which failed to light up) that made her stint a dud.

    Still photos capture the best angle, color, and posing. But let’s be practical as to what will translate well when one is in motion already. I can easily pick three other costumes from above that are both spectacular and yet practical.

    World Peace.

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