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  1. Alison’s message: All I ask for is your support, trust, kind words and prayers 💐

  2. argentina , cambodia , colombia , costa rica , czechia , denmark , mauritius , poland , south africa , turkey , venezuela , vietnam ( TOP 12 Miss Supra 22 ) *HOPE philippines spoiler: ICELAND

    argentina , brazil , cuba , czechia , ecuador , france , germany , greece , korea , malta , spain , vietnam ( TOP 12 Mister Supra 22 ) *HOPE philippines spoiler: POLAND

  3. Miss South Africa would win. Her confidence and wow factor are overflowing. Such qualities are lacking in our rep, Allison Black. Thus, sorry to say, Allison might not make it in the first cut. There are lovely ladies who are deserving of the Supra crown than her.

    How I wish na ang trainers natin ay tinuturuan ang mga international beauty pageant rep natin on how to slay on stage kapag kinulang sa beauty department. Dapat malakas ang arrive, may attitude sa runway, the presence is remarkably deadly, at kayang pataubin sa aura ang ibang kandidata. The gowns also must fit in the candidates’ body and personality. Look at the gown of South Africa in the Supra preliminaries and her style undeniably rocks Naomi Campbell, pero facially hindi talaga s’ya maganda, halos pantay lang sila ni Allison. Czech Republic’s face is stunning pero she looks bland on stage.

    Allison’s gown, which was originally designed for Bea Gomez in MU, did not work on her no matter how it was beautifully crafted by Francis Libiran. Allison failed to carry it on stage. The gown also did not carry her well. So, it’s a meh.

    That’s all.

  4. My prediction for Mr. Supranational 2022.
    Winner is Mr. Argentina
    1st. Runner up: Mr. Greece
    2nd Runner up: Mr. Spain
    3rd Runner up: Mr. USA
    4th Runner up: between Mr. Brazil and Mr. Philippines

  5. With their performances in the preliminary competetion, there is a great possibility that Allison and Raed will reach top 5

    • kung c miss mauritius ng ginamean mo mglaban p cya s miss universe 2022 at kung c mister mauritius ng ginamean mo baka c top 20 or 10 lng cya aabot at tingin ko parang maliit lng c mister mauritius pero masarap naman ng katawan niy ni mister mauritius

  6. Plus plus plus pogi points na matangkad si Mr. Philippines.
    Sayang he didn’t have enough time to really bulk and tone his muscles and it seems like mahiyain/meek siya, guwapo pa naman.
    Good luck sa kanya.

  7. Sarap ni Mister Vietnam jusko yung pecs 😍 He’s got the winning glow.

    My bets for Miss are Czech Republic, Vietnam, and Mauritius. ❤

    • True about Vietnam. I also like the Mr Supra candidates from Argentina, Laos and Indonesia. Philippines is in my top 10 though. He seems such a nice person.

  8. Parang may vibe ng Tracy Maureen Perez si bakla dito. Godbless sa finals Alison

  9. Naawa ako sa kanya . Yung organization ang mali yung strategy. Kulang ang preparation nya. Yung lalaki naman jusme san galing yung swim shorts nya? Pero nakikita ko sa aking crystal ball
    Mukang makakapasok si Allison.

  10. Let us all hope and believe that both of them will be in the semifinals round on finals night …

    Then, let the chips fall where they may … anything can happen once you are in the semis

    But my bets for the crowns are : Ecuador for Mister Supa22 and Turkey for Miss Supra22

  11. Let’s cut through the chase.

    Alison delivered a winning performance.

    She deserved her Supra Ph crown during MWP coronation night. She deserves all the adoration and respect that she’s receiving from her prelims performance earlier today. As I wrote one too many times here, she will emerge in full fighting form in Supra with a performance worthy of at least a Top 5 placement enough to position herself to win it all.

    In the end, it’s all about the woman in the arena. And she is one amazing woman in the arena.

    Trolls? Bashers? Naysayers? Body shamers? All of you just burn in the sidelines as this woman shines her light to the rest of the world.

  12. Ang charming naman pala ni Alison Black pero parang pang Mess World vibe nya

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