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  1. Sino ang mga new appointees ng new admin dito? Best of luck beshies except 1. 😂😂😂😂😂. Ciao

  2. Talagang naglelevel up na tayo sa NaCos, especially locally. Like Norman said, unfortunately, mejo mahirap ishowcase abroad because of the cost. Great job sa lahat!

    That being said, mas napansin ko ang beautiful face (almost covered na sya, ha!) and presence ni Roberta Tamondong instead of the costumes. Gorgeous!

  3. I like the concept of Stacey Gabriel’s Magtataho costume.. I wish the designer made it more historical and cultural by creating a glam version of Dominic Rubio’s magtataho paintings.. using bedazzled wooden buckets in a rattan basket… While her wearing a chinese-collar long sleeved Kimona/Barong and those below the Knee length elephant pants that you have to tie like a robe…sculptured wooden platforms and an asymetrical Philip Treacy version of the traditional extra wide-rimmed bamboo cone hat.😊

    I also like the concept of Cyril Payumo… execution?… sakto lang…

    Na stress ako dun sa Caption ni Nicole Budol sa historical background ng Higantes Festival… Wow… “Giants once roamed the land of Angono”?! WTF?! I don’t expect a lot from Nicole but from her team who are suppose to be more educated than her… Do your research 1st before you come up with you BS… FYI, the Higantes Festival represents the common people’s mockery of the landlords of Hacienda De Angono who are the descendants of Governador-general Berrengier during the past Spanish colonial rule. Those same landlords are the relatives of the members of the Liberal Party like Chel Diokno, Risa Hontiveros, The Aquino-Cojuangco clan, Mar Roxas & including the Aranetas of Cubao. In short, kahit kelan e hinding-hindi mananalo as “best national costume” any Higantes festival inspired costume hangat pagmamay-ari ng mga Araneta ang Binibining Pilipinas. 🙄

    And again yang Santo Niño.. Wow…. paki research yung history nyan please if it is worth celebrating… 🙄

    • You left out “The Aranetas of Cubao, two of whom are married to two of the late dictator’s children (BBM and Irene).” So, really, presenting BBM as an alternative to the oligarchs and traditional political dynasties is false, isn’t it?

      Wow … paki research yung recent / current political history mo if it’s worth venerating with as much faith and piety as you display.

      • @SQ

        Ok, thank you for telling me something I’m already well aware of.🙄 I could actually write down a long list to answer your question but what does it have to do with winning “Best in National Costume”? 🤣

    • Ayan la na naman C2f. You never fail to make history sound ike chismis or chismis, history. Minsan nakakatawa, madalas hindi na.

      • @Jay

        I don’t really care what you think..
        But you are welcome.😁

      • C2F, fanatic. Kadere. Respect my own version of history kahit di naman evidence-based ang kuda. NAKAKASUKA! Hulaan ko, i don’t care na naman ang drama. Ganyan ang nga walang proof. Respect my opinion kemerut. Mga dep*ta.

      • @Throwbakla

        Excuse me?🤣… who said I don’t have proof of my claims? All the infos I mentioned are well documented and available online…It’s not my fault if you don’t know how to use Google or limitted data ka lang.🤪 You are the one one who’s accusing me so the burden of proof should be with you, the accusor. Why don’t you prove me wrong? Too lazy to educate yourself?🤣

      • Saan C2F? Sa Tiktok, Youtube? Sinabi ni TP at kung sino pang vlogger? ULOL!

      • At bobitang walang alam sa Rules on Evidence, ikaw ang nag-assert ng something, prove it. Share the links. Google kemerut daw. Hahahahaha. Nakakatawa ka. Sabihin mo yan sa judge nang masabon kang bobita ka.

      • @Throwbakla

        LOL @ Rules of evidence.. Triggered ka?!🤣🤣🤣
        Nasa korte ba tayo?! This is a blog that everyone can comment.. Kung ayaw mo sa comment ko, wag mo basahin para hindi ka ma stress.. Ikaw na ang matalinong walang common sense.. 🤣🤣🤣

      • @Lymaraina

        LOL Why are you and your multiple nicks telling me something I am well aware of? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. The national costumes – pang international ang appeal. Sana ma i showcase abroad. Bongga. Imho mas maganda and national costumes na sinusuot nila sa local pageants vs international.

    • Sometimes, the concern is how to bring the huge costumes abroad and the additional fee that comes in air-freighting them. Remember the one worn by Catriona Gray in Bangkok last 2018? The cost of flying the entire ensemble allegedly amounted to P250k

      • Tito Norman, that amount of money is chicken feed for the Aranetas. If they really are all out with their support for their Bb queens, I mean why not dole out that exorbitant shipping and handling fee to showcase the mastery and talent of the Filipino designer and the Philippines in general. Pero understandable naman talaga one of the reasons hesitant gumastos ang BPCI ng ganito – walang bearing ang National Costume sa final judging or who gets in the semi finals sa mga intl pageants. Thx Tito.

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