8 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022 National Costumes Part 2

  1. The Mariposa one has the WOW factor and the quality. I hope it wins.

    Norm- I do have a question. What happens to these costumes after the competition? Do they discard them? Or keep them? Or eat them? hihihih.

    I have to ask since it is no joke to make these and I hate them being thrown away but I never quite know what they do with these costumes especially the designers who are regulars in pageantry….

  2. I love Patricia Go’s national costume.. Whoever came up with this is Brilliant.. The Mariposa are members of the Genus Attacus… at least 5 species of which are found in the Philippines, 2 of which are the 1st and 2nd largest of it’s genus, and they are some of the largest insect species in the world. Great concept and innovation of the butterfly sleeves and it is well executed…

    I’m not sure if patricia or the designer is aware of this but some pre-colonial natives used it’s more durable silk to create fabric… I’m not sure if it’s still practiced but it would be awesome if our local textile industry would reproduce it.

    It would be awesome if the designer improves this by printing the actual moth wing on the fabric and not missing out the two snake mimic patterns on the shoulders which is common among Attacus species.. laser cuts the edges…and fully bedazzles it with multicolored swarovski crystals.

      • @PaquitaX

        True, and a bit of Michael Cinco… I have never seen a Mariposa inspired gown done like this before.

      • @Anonymous

        I agree. Come to think of it… A symetrical updo with a large Mariposa attached to a payoneta with a black sinamay visor would have made this better than a finale of a Philip Tracy fashion show.

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