26 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022 National Costumes Part 1

  1. Sa lahat ng mga nagreply. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Nakapagpasaya at nabuhayan nyo ng dugo yung hukluban hahaha.
    Ang saya saya nyan may pumansin sa kanya, sureball yun hahaha.

  2. Kudos to all the designers for putting quite a showcase this year.

    I really hope some of these costumes are showcased internationally.

  3. Bakit may baklang atheist dito ? Member pa ng 31 Million dumb witted😂 Strangest Things ang attitude costume nya😂


    Gone are the palara, school-project vibe, Lingo ng Wika costumes. Pulido at malinis pagkakagawa, but most of all, unified theme (only one theme) in each costume. I hope this trend continues. Enough of the garish looking, thrown-in everything including the sink costumes. Excited to see the rest.


    World Peace.

  5. I also like Karen Laurie’s costume. It’s beautiful and conceptual with a lot of historical and cultural value. So thanks to the designer who came up with it. Kudos to you!

    The other religious iconography inspired costumes are very beautiful except its based on the lies of our colonizers and the Catholic church so congratulations for perpetuating that. You guys will obviously not win best national costume.

    As for the candidate who wants to incite rebellion against our government, I suggest you give-up. You will definitely not win a crown anyway. You are a disgrace to your ancestors who were murdered by the ancestors of the same people who brainwashed you with their black propaganda against those who dared to oppose them.

    • Move on na, accla. Diba 31M ang naniniwala sayo? Bakit ba triggered at seemed threatened pa rin sa isang talent performance? You, who drag a candidate down and personally attack her dahil lang sa opposing political view, are a disgrace too sa pageant community. Pathetic!

      • @JB

        Yes, for oblivious ignorant minds like yours it sounds that simple. I’m just here to remind/inform her of how her own direct forefathers suffered in the hands of the same institutions that corrupted the minds of generations through the educational system itself. Ignorance is indeed bliss until you bite the apple.

      • @c2f

        Ako ba talaga ang may oblivious ignorant mind?

        1. Sino ba ang ignorante sa idea na pageant blog ito? Siguro, you find the right forum. Baka may conducted research ka about your ideologies, have it published. I-present mo. Or kung nagawa mo, i-present mo pa nang i-present. Yun yung simple. But no, you continue to be know-it-all here and possess that narcissistic personality disorder syndrome.

        2. Sino ba ang ignorante at close-minded sa ideas at opinions ng iba? Kasi brainwashed rin ako? Classic, nuh? Anyway, hindi ko talaga gugustuhin or papangarapin ang pag-iisip na gaya ng sayo.

        3. May I just remind/inform you also that with the number of dislikes your statements get, marami ang hindi natutuwa sayo. But of course, you wouldn’t care kasi kami nga yung ignorante.

        At based din sa analysis ko na naunang statement mo, you were not reminding/informing her about your blah blahs; you’re directly puttting her down and discrediting her peroformance. I’m sure, kung sakaling hindi sya makakuha ng crown or hindi mag-qualify sa sf eh iinject mo sa sarili mo na yung talent perf at yung beliefs nya ang dahilan. At kung manalo man e iba-bash mo nang todo ang BBP. Quite predictable.

        Anyway, how’s the feeling of getting the attention and ‘fame’ that you’re after? Pero if that’s what your therapist tells you for your mental health, sige, go, ilaban mo lang yan. Last ko na to sayo 😘

      • @JB

        🤣🤣🤣 Do I sound like I care about being “Liked” by you or any of the followers of this blog? That is your thing.. not mine.😁 .. I don’t even care about what you think so don’t stress your tiny little brain too much.. ok? 😘😘😘

    • Pathetic. Do you want a Politburo type of government? 🙄. Records show magnanakaw sila. Hindi chismis 😂

      • @Yna

        LOL What you are suggesting is not even close to what I have in mind. Maybe you should tell that to the same misinformed Binibini… But on the other hand, based on your lack of understanding of our country’s historical & socio-political setting, I suggest that you keep your shallow opinions to yourself.
        Thank you!

      • Feeling matalino to. Basta ako never sasamba sa kleptocrats. Imagine, Romanians electing a Caucescu again? Or Germany electing another Hitler? 😂. Syempre matalino mga tao don. Dito ninakawan na nga sinasamba pa. Hehhh.

      • I think closer2fame is a closeted communist. He hates communists but communists doesn’t believe in religion. Hahahahaha 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

      • @Yna

        LOL.. You are so funny.. That’s you argument?! Putting words in my mouth?🤣 Hindi manlang ako nachallenge sa pinag-sasabi mo.. I suggest you try harder.. 😘

      • See, feeling superior Pinoy. Pagkatapos mong husgahan ang Germans and Pinoy, talagang Pinoy lang ang ginawa mong bobo. So, what makes Germans more intelligent by electing another Hitler? Kakaiba ka talaga mag-isip.hahah. Proud ka pa sa ganyang mentality.

      • @Bird Pacific

        LOL That’s your only tactic? Putting words in my mouth while using multiple nicks? Puhlease… Kahit ilang beses ka pa magpalit ng nick.. it just shows how desperate you are for not being able to prove me wrong.🤣🤣🤣

    • Okay lang maging nationalistic, pero it just shows how payak your mindset is. The Church is an option for you not to believe in. Take the risk or whatever convenient truth you want to believe in but it is not what others think and then puke it out on others as if that is what we will believe. It is up to you.

      Put that inside in your very essence of your existence that you not the standard and forget that illusion.

      • @Renato

        Sorry if I’m not gullible enough to be fooled by the corrupt antics of the Catholic Church but if that’s what you think is “Payak” then so be it.🤣 But thanks for showing your self-rightious side just to call me out… It’s so hypocritical of you.😘

    • @JB- baks, may mental disorder ka din…simple and sweet…period.

      • @Jonalyn

        I agree, JB can’t handle the truth…

        Lakas manghingi ng proof iba dito… and yet nobody has proved me wrong. Their cognitive dissonance is so strong that they can’t even do their own research. 🤣

  6. These are eye catching creations.
    The effort, time, and money spent definitely made such beautiful impact.
    Can be used for any international competition.

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