15 comments on “A Day with the Binibinis of Aces & Queens

  1. Oh isama na yung paghahanda sa tanong na may kinalaman sa abortion mga girlalo. Lalu
    Na sa Miss Universe. Isa pa gun rights plus depression. Oh sa mga nagmamarunong dyan gumawa na ng template kung pano sagutin ang mga tanong.

  2. I think Herlene would be trained in such a way that whatever her response would be, she would use the audience reaction to her distinct advantage. 💐

  3. I have the strong feeling mag Ja Janina San Miguel si Hipon Budol Girl

  4. I hope the girls won’t philosophies or overthink their answers. They don’t have to connect it with their advocacies or the tired and trite women empowerment thingy. I’m looking for spontaneity, sincerity and substance. Girls, I go for concise and candid answers

  5. I wonder how Nicole Borromeo would make-up for missing the Press Presentation. Would she completely back out and Give way for Tomondong?

      • That is because she’s the girl that the world’s oligarchy, multi-national corporations, western-Media and the Catholic Church would support.

  6. I’d really love to see them all without make up like in MEP, big reveal who has the natural beauty

    Roberta is naturally beautiful in this picture … some have more than enough make up on their faces

  7. Wala bang a day with KF para matanong si hipon? How i wish makapasok sya para matanong sya sa Q and A it would be interesting

      • I saw the Video when the interviewer gave her your intricate question… She did not directly answer it but in between the lines, she did imply that her contribution to pageantry would be “If we support/up-lift her… She will bring us with her”. Quotable -quote…. hahaha … I hope her team tackles that because for sure from here on, your question would be the template of her future interviews including the final Q&A… She should not let a backhanded question distract her from answering it correctly.

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