12 comments on “Paula Ortega wins Miss Universe Catalunya for Miss Universe Spain 2022

  1. Wow, so she speaks Catalan aside from Castillan Spanish, English, Filipino (Tagalog) & Bicolano?
    I wonder what other forreign language she studied back in college?😲😲😲

  2. so if she wins Miss Universe Spain , and Miss New Mexico wins Miss USA and how about V VIncent as Miss Universe New Zealand , then MU2022 will be sprawling with Pinay-blooded beauties …

  3. The girl has fighting spirit. I hope she succeeds and wins it all. Best of luck, Paula.

  4. Cassandra, Paula, and Justine yet ang pinadala sa Supra is the Kabayotic Tarsier??!

    Tanggalin ang Supra franchise sa MWP!

  5. After what happened in Miss World Philippines, she had to show was she was made of.
    Goodluck Paula!!!

  6. Another door opens for her! This woman has it! Viva Paula Ortega!

  7. Oh wow! So she had a really nice back-up plan after all!

    I hope she wins MU España!

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