10 comments on “Mister Supranational Philippines Raed Al-Zghayer

  1. Mister Supra 2022 Philippines almost sure a semifinalist , might even likely enter top 5

    Czech Rep > can shoot up as winner
    Poland > can shoot up as winner
    Germany > can shoot up as winner

    4th ru Malta
    3rd ru Vietnam
    2nd ru Brazil
    1st ru Argentina


  2. He might make semifinals cut …

    But in Miss Supa 2022 , the semifinalists deserving are …

  3. Saw the top model video. While he was one of the Standouts in the looks and physique department, he is stiff and uncomfortable. No self assuredness. I hope he improves his walk, and his pose and let out that charm. His outfit was too safe and so he didn’t stand out unlike Mexico and Cuba. Even Vietnam and Korea had the swagger of a cosmopolitan guy.

  4. Top 5 is the most realistic placement. We can never tell, He is one of the most handsome candidates in this year’s edition. He might even win if the stars align for him during the coronation night.

  5. He’s tall and handsome.
    He needs a boost of self-confidence though.
    Sa video pa lang medyo di siya relaxed eh, paano na pag on live stage?
    Best of luck to him.

  6. Instead of discouraging words why we Filipinos unite to cheer up our representatives. I am sure Alison and Raed are doing their best to show their talents to the pageant. Win or lose we must support them.

  7. Mukng nangangamote and Philippine delegation sa Supra. Nagkaproblema yung lalaki bago umalis sayang lang yung expenses nya kung clapper lang sya. Yung female version naman kulang sa training. Dapat yung pinadala dyan yung ilang beses na sumali sa pageant na hindi manalo nalo atleast meron nang ezperience. Oh well just accept the fact na wala tayong laban sa Supra.
    Yung male version mas gwapo pa yung janitot namin dito😂

  8. Good luck, Raed. He looks shy and kind. ❤

    BTW, Grabe ang sarap ni Vietnam at Cuba! Pero I hope Vietnam wins, it's time to crown an East Asian man.

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