4 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022 TV Plugs

  1. The new treatment for the Binibini theme song was okay, quite catchy. Even the rap part wasn’t off. Just that the local boy band had the voices of chipmunks 🐿️

  2. Wait lang, bakit ganun ang proportion ng face ng karamihan ng girls? Ang nipis na mahaba? Parang hindi naman ganun ang hitsura nila.

  3. These are the 4 candidates who I find videogenic
    Payumo, McKey, Lakrini, and Tamondong

  4. because of the very lengthy pre pageant buzz , hype , commercials , pitches and other activities , despite the high quality of the candidates , I am beginning to feel the fatigue , and I just want to tell the BBorg , just tell us who the winners are already …

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