5 comments on “RL’s Angels for Miss Universe Thailand 2022

  1. Congratulations! I have a good feeling Perpetua would reach the final Q&A

  2. Tito Norm, did he also train Miss Peru last year?

    He looks really young. Best of luck to his camp!

  3. off topic connected with MU 2022

    Miss Guatemala (from MGI 2021) and Miss Portugal (from ME2018) are delegates at the MU2022 and will shake up this year’s competition for sure …

    • Not entirely off-topic. After all, MUT serves as our link~bridge for this post… 🙂

      I don’t recall who the Portuguese rep to Earth was back in 2018. I only remember the ETERNAL Telma Madeira. Puso.

      (Speaking of ‘eternal’, here we find one named ‘Perpetua’. Wonderful coincidence!)

      And Batchelor? Nemen!

      ‘Ay, you meant 2021?… Batchelor was 2020, wasn’t she? Sam Ber’s? Sam Pan was 2021.

      But back to this post…

      In a word, meh (as C2F would say). Facially, anyway. And from what little I heard in the Key Word auditions & at least for the handful who opted to answer in English, cringe.

      In any case, this post serves as impromptu advertisement & endorsement of Thai Airways (see lower photo of RL). They should give him free miles! Khop khun kah.

  4. Filipinos are known to be among the best pageant coaches in the world. I am proud of him.

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