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    • @XYZ

      Oh that… It’s obviously spelled “Hearsay”. I’m just waiting for someone “smart” enough to point it out. 😂You actually proved my point on how mere mispelled words can easily create the wrong interpretation from the simple-minded audience. 😁 Triggering one’s bashers is a great way to creat clout. So THANKS! 🤣🤣🤣

  1. I love Miss Texas is soooooo proud of her heritage. Saw her interviews gosh she has that MIss Universe vibe

  2. After watching the videos: I go for Miss Texas. She has the biggest chance of placing higher or even winning the MUSA crown

  3. Norman pls check out the new Miss Florida USA Taylor Fulford at seng12900 new channel. This lady competed EIGHT times before winning Miss Florida USA this May. She did NOT have to travel out-of-state to win a STATE title but stayed in her home state. She competed every year since 2014 except 2015.

  4. My current favorites in MU2022 ( best 8 )

    MU – Ukraine
    1st ru Portugal
    2ndru Philippines
    3rd ru Guatemala
    4th ru Colombia or Venezuela or Curacao or Bhutan

    • Your choice, po, of Ukraine is partly due to the band wagon of support, I presume. Even their Supra rep is getting plenty of publicity; it helps the pageant is owned by & held in a sympathetic neighboring territory (Poland). Cool. Let’s see if like at Eurovision Turin 2022, they’ll rule.

      But, why Bhutan? Why not Cambodia which looks/seems better sponsored as a MU franchisee? I saw the former’s photo. ImHo, nothing earth-shaking. Or, you simply like first-timers? Puwede naman’g kahit First (semifinal) penetration muna. Kung ako lang, baka mas unahin ko pa’ng mag-place ang mga tulad ng Malaysia, Korea, or one of the ‘-stan’s’ – Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Turkmen, etc. – as they’ve been participating for some time now, if sporadically. Singapore nga, nito’ng huli naka-place na ulit!

      My poinrt – will catapulting Bhutan ON ITS MAIDEN RUN do anything groundbreaking for MU now? If there’s a geo-political angle being played out here, please share as we would love to know! 🙂

      Burt, back to this post… Btw, thanks so much for your ‘off-topics’. They make for heady thought.

      Guys, I like Yamat (Hawaii).

      1. As one of us said in the earlier post, ‘Yamat’ is an unmistakable Filipino surname. Perez & Gabriel could be Latina had we not known better (& we thank Mr. Blogger for the information!).

      2. The T-I-N-Y waist is very Anita Rose Gomez (of MPE fame). Memorable. Exciting. Fantastic.

      3. The physical transformation is stunning to say the least. She can represent USA at SCUBA International in case she enjoys pageantry so much she wants more & anyway she already knows how.

      • I saw Cambodia’s swimsuit walk … even though she may be stunning to look at , her walk is not at par with the best of the best at MU’s glorious pageant history and recordbreakers … Bhutan for me has an x factor but who knows , she might end up not even making my final semi finals cut months from now …

      • Oh, it is nice to see a fellow Eurovision fan here! Natuwa ako! 🙂

    • You mentioned ‘x-factor’, a quality/attribute normally associated with modelling, not pageantry. The other Fil-American with The Society whom some of us wish would join MUP came to mind…

      I suspect not a few of these ‘weak sash’ if first-timer countries are handled not by a dedicated franchisee/National Director but sub-contracted to modelling agencies. After all, ANYONE in theory can purchase as many country franchises as she/he wants, & it’s entirely up to her/him how she/he ‘sources’ the ladies, whether casting, beauty contest, or by simple appointment. I imagine it would be no different with MUO; I mean, why not if they are determined to meet targets as far as number of participants is concerned. I’m not saying the Bhutan contact person isn’t able to afford a full franchise package/bundle, but I hope she won’t end up a filler simply because…Paz

      • And speaking of Cambodia (her walk not being MU-caliber), their Mister Supra rep apparently hasn’t arrived. I wonder if he was able to depart (from Phnom Penh) in the first place.

        Let’s level the playing field for our part of the world at least as far as ‘pasarela’ is concerned. It was mentioned before that it has recently become the practice~custom for one the country’s pageant camps to host counterparts from all over (for a fee, probably), which some quarters see as a betrayal of sorts as by doing so we are leaking our techniques to the enemy, so to speak. But even this matter can be a separate post!

        If we can have EVERYONE here at the same time – all our immediate neighbors who seek our expertise/advise (kasi sabi ni serge, magaling daw rayo’ng trainors in the RL Angel’s MUT post) plus any other country that’s interested – with a standardized program/syllabus, let’s watch them!

  5. Kinda weird that it’s only Kiana who did not mention her Filipina heritage when she’s the one who carries a pre-colonial Ilokano-Kapampangan surname “Yamat” which is theorized to mean: “A noble, whom should be respected” from the Malay-Sanskrit ” Yama/Yamas”-meaning ” restraint/ to give respect” and “Gat” short for “Pamagat” meaning “ruler/Title”.

    • True and she is the one with a very sounding Filipino last name found majorly in the Philippines and no other place in the world.
      BTW, how is R’Bonney related to Bb #1 Stacey Gabriel? LOL

      • Maybe they are related but the surname is too common for us to assume that they are close degree cousins..

    • @C2F. You are very knowledgeable about Philippine History. What is your opinion on the comment of Ella Cruz that History is like “Tsismis”.

      • Tama naman si Ella Cruz!… the history na pinapakalat ni Ambeth Ocampo is tsismis lang din.. He’s just repeating the works of Teodoro Agoncillo and Teodoro Kalaw na walang CCTV footage nung naganap ang history that they wrote on books… In short, he is spreading “Heresay”.

        Example: the name of “Lapu-lapu” has been lost in translation of history book that were rewritten multiple time… so many variations were produce that the truth is lost. Lapu-lapu is obviously not his real name.. it’s Pigafeta’s interpretation of what he heard from our natives, in short, tsismis.

        “History is Written by Victors. It implies that history is not grounded in facts, rather it’s the winners’ interpretation of them that prevails. The victors can force their narrative down on the people.The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” History is also multi-faceted… You need to hear all stories from both sides of the fence, winners, losers and onlookers plus tangible evidences for you to come close to the absolute truth.

      • @serge, I could not really interpret your intention on asking c2f about the issue. Is that sarcasm? If not, any smart person, I think, would not ask him about that coz the answer is definitely obvious. He would agree with people who have the same political views as him.

      • @Martha
        Are you talking about me or yourself?

        @Diana Hayden
        Majority of the history that is part of our curriculum are based on the writtings or supervision of our colonizers particularly the Spaniards, the Americans and the Catholic Church… That were echoed by Teodoro Kalaw and Teodoro Agoncillo upto now by Ambeth Ocampo and Xiao Chua. Even Mainstream-media is a a huge part of that bias since their biggest forreign shares of ownership(aside from the Catholic Church) are the Multi-Media companies of George Soros whom like Maria Ressas Rappler are CIA affiliates. In short, they were all biased. Again we should study all sides for us to come close to the absolute truth.

        Ex. Our Pre-colonial history are based mostly from the writtings of the Italian diarist Pigafeta and yet little to no mention about Indonesia’s Pararaton and Kerta Negara nor the Tarsilas of Brunei and Sulu. Even China and Japan has their own biased history about us.

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