10 comments on “Meet the Press with Binibini8 Nicole Budol

  1. Well… 1st of all a beauty queen’s prime requirement is the ability to inspire.. She definitely nailed that part… Even if you are the prettiest girl in the whole pageant.. If you can’t inspire people then your beauty is useless… Nicole is very inspiring.. her life story.. her journey… She is the most popular girl in this batch.. Only problem is that she lacks class… but I don’t think being classy is required at her target pageant assignment… Her problem is that would Binibining Pilipinas allow a crude girl who acts cringey at times to win and change the standards that took half a century to build… And if ever she does win, she will be attending events and be interviewed on a regular basis.. would BBP be willing to take that risk? I suggest that she needs to clean up her act.. nail that final Q&A and at least portray that classy girl for at least within that contract as a winner.

    PS.. Pag aralan ang pag highlight ng boobs… or kung pwede wag na ihighlight… nagmumukhang mga cancer lumps pag dinodrawingan pa… ang panget tingnan.🙄

  2. In the history of Bb Pilipinas, I have not seen a candidate like Nicole Budol. She is a breath of fresh air. Her authenticity makes her stand out from the rest of the candidates. I do not mind if she takes the Bb Pil-Grand Int’l crown because it fits her. She only has to make good in Q and A, otherwise, this would lessen her chances of winning

  3. Binibining Pilipinas is not a joke. But i would say yung make up skills nya mas maganda pa sa pinadala sa Supra .

  4. I think she is a fit for MGI coz they’re looking for someone who can put up with the org’s antics. Now, if she can tone down her over the top movements, then she just might win over the Madame and her ilk knowing how conservative they are.

  5. The transformation is remarkable. The right make-up, proper training, and years of hosting did her good.

    She got the unique beauty of her grandma who passed away indeed, and a loving, supportive mother.

    Good luck, IC Mendoza! Char!

    World Peace.

    • @@Thomas, before I went to the last part of your comment, I was I was like “this is so unlike of Thomas” until I reached the last part. You made me laugh so hard

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