11 comments on “Meet the Press with Binibini 31 Yllana Marie Aduana

  1. Mananalo ito kasi ProMedia eh. Parang si Kiray este Gwen. Ganyanan ang labanan.

  2. She is pretty and can speak well. She might pull an upset come coronation night.

  3. Aduana is definitely one of ther prettier girls in this batch.. But I’m bored… Bassiano may not win this year, but her cringey national costume is more amusing than this girl…

  4. She is very beautiful one would want to read the article based on her pictures. In the vids, she still needs to make her messages concise though.

    She is elegant and statuesque like a Barbie Doll.

    I want her to develop further and to represent the Philippines at the MUP. I want to see her introduce herself as from the Philippines with her engaging character.

    • Mananalo ito kasi ProMedia eh. Parang kay Kiray este Gwen. Dahil lang doon.

      • Mr. Blogger, good afternoon, po. Pasensya na’t off-topic. Nabanggit kasi ‘Laguna’, ‘eh…

        Naalala ko po si Alexandra Rosales, the 2019 (?) Binibini from the same province. Last I read, she was unable to compete at Meso-America & was replaced by MUP-Muntinlupa City 2020.

        How did she fare? Meaning, the replacement lady? I’m sorry, I forgot her name.

        What will be next for Alexandra Rosales pageantry-wise. ‘Di ba ay bata pa ‘to? Baka 20~21 lang?

        Another off-topic, even further away… Thitaree Kasorn is MUT #9. Wasn’t she 1st RU to Sophida Kanchanarin (Catriona’s batch at MU)?

        The man on the left (beside Ms. Jam Aquino) is Yllana’s (direct) manager/handler? I presume.

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