15 comments on “Larger than life Binibinis at Araneta City

  1. Cirylle Payumo ang Bb. Pilipinas International.
    Iyan na ang comment ko yesterday pero binubura? Anoh bhey? Manila Bay!😀

  2. Dun nga pala sa naghahighlight sa boobs ni Nicole Budol… Please lang you are doing it wrong!… fake na nga lalo mo pa mas pinahahalata… goal is to make it look like a baby’s butt cleavage and not 2 cancer tumors… haaays… practice-practice din.. 🙄


    Borromeo- International/1st RUp?
    Fernandez-International/Intercon/ Globe/ MGI/ 1stRUp?
    Lakrini- MGI/ Intercon/ Globe/ Runner-up/ International?
    Mackey-Intercon/ Globe/2nd RUp

    Tomondong- 1st RUp/ MUPH/ MGI?/International?
    Budol- MGI?/2nd RUp

    Bassiano- MGI?/ Globe/Intercon/ 2nd RUp/ 2nd RUp
    Mendoza- Globe/ Intercon/ MGI/ 2nd RUp?
    De Mesa-2nd RUp????

    Possible Winners:

    INTERNATIONAL- Borromeo/ Fernandez/ Tomondong/Mendoza
    MGI- Lakrini/ Budol/ Bassiano/ Tomondong/ Fernandez/ Mendoza
    Intercon- Fernandez/ Mendoza/ Mackey/ Lakrini/ Bassiano
    Globe- Fernandez/ Mendoza/ Mackey/ Lakrini/ Bassiano
    1st RUp- Tomondong/ Fernandez/ Borromeo/ Lakrini/ Mendoza/ Bassiano
    2nd RUp- Budol/ Lakrini/ Mendoza/ Bassiano/ Mackey/ De Mesa

    Special Mention:

    Justine Punsalang- Aral ka pa ng history… Hindi yung binabase mo lang opinion mo sa tinuturo sayo sa school, ng simbahan, mga textbooks at mainstream media na puro biased…. FYI, What you think you know is not even the tip of the iceberg… Travel travel ka…. see history in person… Maybe then you would have an idea or at least a semblance of the absolute truth.

    • Oh.. I forgot about Cyrile Payumo…
      I”ll remove Dimaculangan from my Top 12 and place Payumo right under Mendoza…

  4. Tamondong and Lakrini will be crowned unless they make boo boos in q and a. Birdies told me they were heavy fave

  5. So Tamondong, Bassiano, Mendoza & Budol are the alternates?if so then who would be sent to MGI- Lakrini?

    • Sir, if you recall the past post on when Pia visited the Binibini’s, pito (7) ang napili’ng photos ni Mr. Blogger. This (now) serves as his refinement of that previous selection, which, again, was :

      Valencia – Lakrini
      De Mesa (pero kahit noon’g MWP pa last year, bet niya na ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to, apparently his Pinay beauty ideal a’ la Michelle Gumabao type of face, just imo)

      So, ibig sabihin ne’to, yeah it’s possible si Anna ang anointed one ni Mr. Itsaragrisil.

      Tamondong will probably be 1st Runner-up. After all, it’s a position~role of one ‘good-to-go’ at a moment’s notice in the event any of the four become incapable of proceeding (huwag naman).

      This means the real battle will be for 2nd Runner-up. But now I think about it, para tabla lang sina Karen Laurrie at Gabby, & as a way to ‘welcome’ TCI into the game, WHY NOT ANNE? 🙂

      • Sabagay.. International.. is definitely reserved for either Borromeo or Fernandez.. While Tomondong being Aces & Queens could become the next MUPh… So Maglalaban for MGI is Bassiano, Budol & Lakrini… for sure ang totoong bet ni Nawat is Lakrini for being the prettiest of the 3… At halatang hindi priority no Bassiano ang MGI based on how she’s acting… as if naman she could beat Fernandez and Borromeo for MI..

    • If I may add, & probably as a refresher on the camp assignments, Roberta currently stands as the flag bearer for A&Q, being the most recognizable face. If only for the sake of accommodating all the interests at play, it should follow she won’t come out empty-handed to say the least.

      I get, too, that there might be animosity from supporters of the repeaters given this Pick. We are talking about, again, Gabby, Karen Laurrie, Graciella, & Jashmin,in particular. What can we do/say? It’s a level playing field I suppose, so they should get as much mileage as the ‘ones here’.

      BUT, what COULD make a difference is the Fan Vote, as it did with Cinderella. And while it’s second nature to back up your city/town/province/office/school mate, ‘pag crunch time you have to be sensible enough to switch to the one with the best chance of catching up numbers-wise. LIFE.

      (That being said, my preferences are quite different from this one & I don’t feel like voting. So, there.)

  6. Since ‘eto’ng apat ang pinili ni Mr. Blogger, our 2022~2023 calendar will be assigned as follows.

    Fall, September to November – 35
    Winter, December to February – 25
    Spring, March to May – 17
    Summer, June to Augusr – 23

    Puwede kaya’ng gawin’g NFT ‘yan?

    • I agree with you, serge, sa 2; Payumo and Mendoza. I will also add Tamondong among the standouts. I sensed confidence sa kanilang tatlo.

      Not a fan of Graciella, maybe because of the alleged enhancements. I love Lakrini! She’s just gorgeous! But I don’t know why her facial poses are always the same (parang parating gulat or tulala!). But I’m sure she’ll place.

      Mackey and Fernandez are also gorgeous. Anne DeMesa, Patricia Tan and #39 Omay are sleepers and my sentimental faves but I don’t think they’ll place (hoping though) because of so many deserving ladies.

      Borromeo is cute. I’m just not sure if she has what it takes, internationally. Budol is hyped, and popular, until she opens her mouth. Cringeworthy sometimes.

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