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  1. To Justine Punsalang… Natawa ako sa Spoken word mo .. Ano bang History alam mo? Sana iresearch mo beyond 1986 and even beyond1896.. How about the origins of your own family?… How your ancestors were murdered by the ancestors of the same people you are now defending .. Ikaw at ang pamilya mo ang nakalimot or walang alam sa katotohanan who the real evil are!… You think you know better.. but truth is you are brainwashed! You will not win! Last mo na yan.. Mag NPA ka nalang.. 🤣🤣🤣

      • @Aries

        Hahaha Ng Ano?!.. Tell me what You think I dont know..🤣 Are you calling me a liar?.. The burden of proof is with the accusor…. Feel free to prove me wrong anytime. 🤣

        Ang hilig magturo.. mga bobo naman sa history.🙄🤣🤪

      • @Chezka.

        Hangang thumbsdown and pasaring lang naman kayo.. But you don’t even have the guts nor brains to prove me wrong.. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Napapanis na ang mga kandidata dito, sa tinagal-tagal ba naman ng pageant process ng BPCI. Parang matira ang matibay ang labanan. Lol.

    Kumusta kaya ang daily stipend ng mga merlie? May panggastos pa ba sila? Tumataas ang cost of living sa Manila, kaya I wonder how do provincial reps sustain their daily living.

    Dapat kapag may pageant na ganito, sagot ng organizer/provincial pageant director ang hotel accommodation ng mga merlie.

    That’s all.

    • Hi, AWL! And to think some of them went on leave from their work. I’m sure it’s without pay. Each candidate’s participation is like a huge investment, and it pains me to see that despite all the resources, time, and energy spent, they still get bashed by supposedly celebrators of beauty.

      • Hello, Scorg Dear!

        Heto pa ang catch. Sa hinaba-haba ng pageant process, ni minsan wala akong nabasang may pa-out of town trip man lang para sa mga candidates, kahit pa-El Nido tour man lang, para ma-reward ang mga merlie. Puro sa Araneta Center ang ganap!

        To top it all, ilang buwan ng nagpipigil sa paglafang ang mga merlie kasi baka in the middle of the pageantry, magsipagtabaan sila. Kaya, tapusin na ang pageant na ito! Nakakaloka na.

        That’s all.

      • Hi AWL, I noticed that too. Proactive events management requires a specific timeframe for all participants to adjust to. Were the candidates informed at the outset that it will take months from registration to final crowning event? If a participant is a career professional, it is an absolute necessity to know the timeline for her to determine her own latitude of action– indefinite leave or resignation?

        I suspect BPCI, being a multi-franchise entity, is too dependent on schedules and developments in its franchisors. With its major franchisor MI on a paradigm shift from “world peace” message to “global sustainable development”, it may have been on a wait-and-see mode for developments that BBP activities can align with.

    • Naisip ko naman, any hopeful will only set into motion her preparations (meaning perhaps down payments for gowns, NatCos, & the like) ONLY if she makes the Roster. Ba’t ka nga naman maglalabas agad ng pera kung hindi pa naman sigurado’ng pasok ka sa Official Line-up. Now once you’re in, only then do your designers begin work, & that takes a few weeks at the very least. So, BPCI by protracting the pageant period – & providing t-shirts & jeans for the meantime – gives the individual teams time to do what they have to do.

      They’re now on their 58th edition. Surely if it was feasible to get everything over with in as short a time frame as possible they would have already done so.

      Naiba lang talaga nito’ng pandemya. Restrictions on travel (recall how the IATF essentially had to be told beforehand kung mag-pa-pageant kayo?) made it very challenging to ferry supplies in & out of the provinces on top of a handful of ladies bowing out on age as schedules were postponed several times. Naalala ko tuloy si A(G)S, who had to withdraw because natamaan ‘yun’g mga negosyo niya; at the time, may pinatatayo siya’ng resort sa Siargao at na-feature pa nu’ng isa’ng channel sa Youtube. With that recent storm that effectively changed the landscape there serving as the second whammy, I hope the stress has not been too much for her at may tumulong sa kanya on what clearly are losses financial at the very least.

      I just give her initials, out of respect kasi baka gusto niya na mag-move on. But it does underscore that while any pageant organization should do their best to shoulder as much of the cost of competing as possible, there are things that are just beyond their control. Naalala ko lang ulit kasi kung nagkataon at natuloy siya, manlalamon ng mic ‘yun’g bata’mg ‘yun! Yup, she was with a camp.

      An advantage to protracting the pageant period is if you’re a candidate short on funds & you’re determined to put yourself onstage at maparaan ka, I’m sorry to sound like pond scum but you may find useful that you have time to ‘manage’ your cash flow~solvency; I imagine that if BPCI fixed the pageant duration at the beginning, only the well-off & well-backed ladies will join. I’m sure the organizers have the poorer candidates in mind.

      • Nahirapan akong basahin, Flor. Your point is going to East only to find out you are indeed going to West at may North trip pa on the side, tapos nagpaikot-ikot, ang ending sa South pala talaga. Haha! Pero keri lang. Ganyan daw ang mga profound people, hindi nila talaga agad pinapatumbok sa reader ang gusto nilang sabihin. Typical UP grad eme. Para pag may mag-comment, ang usual banat ay, “you do not fathom me.” Ganon.

        Ito ang na-gets ko: ‘yung National Costume na sinusuot ng mga merlie. Ang alam ko d’yan, rare lang ‘yung nagpapa-customize ng natcos sa mga regional pageants. Usually, mga nagawa na ang isinusuot nila tapos mino-modify na lang. Kung hindi man, I believe natcos is not that complicated to do, unless sobrang detailed. Mas mahirap pang magconceptualize ng evening gown, kasi madalas ang designer wants to come up with a unique, trendy and impactful gowns.

        That’s all.

  3. I wish between now and July 31, the BPCI activities showcase the intellectual and values dimensions of the gorgeous candidates. Its major franchise, MI, is branding towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To fit MI’s template on “Beauty for SDGs” obviously requires superior brainpower and solid involvement in community advocacies. It’s now high time for BPCI to shift gears on its charitable corporate identity. As I said in my previous comment, the best charity is not dole-outs but in empowering communities to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. I believe that’s what sustainable development is all about, and what MI’s new brand envisions and promotes.

      • Who are you reffering to? Yung feeling Matalino porque UP grad pero ang totoo wala naman talagang alam?!

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