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  1. Guwapo naman si Mr. Philippines pero as usual, if it’s a Pinoy pageant rep., kulang lagi sa muscle bulk and muscle definition.
    Good luck to him.

  2. Average look , docile demeanor , unengaging personality , and passable comm skills .. not a great combination.
    I hope he proves me wrong

  3. I believe, the ultimate issue to resolve in MS is: who is the most inspirational and aspirational among the candidates, whose career and lifestyle would young boys want to imbibe and emulate? As I said before in the female counterpart of MS search, I believe the pageant in its 2nd year of brand-building is looking for an image model whose intellect, character and physique can best influence people to hope and work for a better life. Among the six in this episode of SupraChat, only Nepal’s career appears to be inspirational and aspirational to young people in today’s wired world. He may not look stunning, and no “hairs in the chest like Raed” but he sounds stunning with his values and intellect radiating from his ideas– despite his obvious nonfluency in the English language.

    • Sir, kayo? When you were young, which of the two – mixed martial arts c/o John Adajar & traveling as a flight attendant c/o Raed Al-Zghayer – would have caught your fancy?

      I haven’t seen Raed’s Introduction Video, but John’s was the classic ‘back story driven’ campaign. I highly recommend you watch the interviews done with the two gents by a FEMALE pageant vlogger, kasi maaati’ng may ipagtapat sila sa babae na hindi nila sasabihin sa kapwa lalaki, straight or gay.

      This Nepal’s not too bad. And last year’s rep, the medical doctor who stunned~dazzled the pack in the SupraChat as well, surprised all with a 3rd Runner-up finish ahead of then heavy favorite Spain (himself a sports teacher). Dr. Santosh Upadyahya (I hope I didn’t misspell) wasn’t incredibly tall, but was very handsome.

      There is also this quality of PERSONALITY.. Davonna Finley (The Sovereign) reviewed that pack & said that there were candidates who got through eliminations apparently on CHARM; she set her sights on physicality (she’s into fitness herself). Said she, “… I want thick (meaning, big & burly)”. So, who has more CHARM~PERSONALITY, in your opinion? John or Raed? I’m asking because some early leader boards are predicting an easy Top 10 penetration for Philippines this time, something we haven’t done since 2016 when the Mister pageant began.

      Oh. If you want further glimpse of John’s personality~charm, go watch that KUMU PBB edition which Samantha Bernardo & himself joined.

      • @Grand Port, the question MS has to contend with is: what does it take for a man to be idealized as masculine whom young boys will aspire to become and will draw inspiration from? Among the ideologies of masculinity, what optics should the candidates project: strong? confident? tough? aggressive? protective? independent? powerful? leader? career-driven? I hope the organizers’ search will converge on an optic that will eventually define the MS brand of “Inspirational. Aspirational”. SupraChat should be able to give the audience insights into the MS’ concept of masculinity

  4. I like the hairs in the Chest of Raed.
    In this group, my top 2 are Zimbabwe and Philippines

  5. I agree with Ivan (the host). This is a great group! Wise (in a good way) guys. I wouldn’t mind being a ‘ka-tropa’. I hope Raed ends up with one of them as room mate.

    Guys, ‘eto’ng si Ivan Paderz ‘yun’g nagsabi’ng “… there are many beautiful women in that country” when Datul was crowned in Belarus, right?

    Hands down, Zimbabwe trumps all here. He will get the nod of judges & pageant b/vloggers easy!

    If there was a ‘Best Voice’ citation, Sierra Leone is that. And I like how he said that we need to find our place in the universe & not get distracted in our role in it, as advise he would give to everyone.

    Loco ‘ton’g si Poland. Malopolska nga ang venure/host, ta’s sasabihin niya’ng sa Baltic Coast 😦

    Tama ba entiende ko sa sinabi ni Nepal? Na although maayos ang infrastructure nila ay poorly managed? He will probably rank second to Zimbabwe for this round.

    Haiti is scary! He’s the ‘I-am-proficient-at-everything’ kind of person. But his candidness is nice. Also, I got that vibe from that contestant last year who said he thought Ann (Porxild) was pretty during their SupraChat session (I think Adajar was in that group, too), so the Thai queen blushed. That might be the reason why Ivan was tasked to work the boys as well…

    Philippines. Talaga’ng hindi na makikinig sa iba? Malay natin, may masabi sila’ng makatulong sa pagkamit ng mga pangarap natin. But I can appreciate that he can get up as early as 0400H. For those of us who are acquainted with how the wee hours unfold, it gives a perspective not possible to achieve in broad daylight.

    Thanks, Mister Blogger!

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