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  1. In fairness, gumaganda styling nya habang tumatagal. She looks good in this one, hope she keeps it up

  2. Incredible beauty. Keep it up, Alison. You’re absolutely beautiful and you radiate calmness, humility, and charm. Stay kind. Always be a ray of Philippine sunshine. You got this! Orange is your color! You look like a Filipina/Southeast Asian princess in your orange dresses!

    I can’t take my eyes off you during the sashing ceremony. You were glowing. Nice, clean aura all throughout.

    In my book, at this point in the competition, you’re in my Top Five faves alongside Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa. You and these four other girls represent a truly beautiful and diverse range of multiracial and multicultural beauties.

    • That, if ever, would be a first. I don’t know it has been done that four (4) Asians & an African made the Final 5. MU did something similar when Pornthip Nakirunkhanok won… Only Mexico was the odd girl out.

      But I wonder if last year’s ‘problem’ with regards to how Indonesian fans ‘behaved’ following Jihane’s exclusion from the Final 5 could possibly affect their prospects. Pero kung ako lang, I’d replace with India, then you & I can agree to such a configuration. Yeah, Ms. Black is just enchanting!

      • In any fair competition, race, ethnicity and politics shouldn’t have any place in the selection process.

        If the Africans and Asians are the dominant ones this year, the org should give them the placements and stop giving token placements for other candidates.

        India is beautiful too. She’s a performer too so that’s a really strong ace up her sleeve.

        Among the non-Asians and non-Africans, I noticed Germany, Poland, Peru, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands during sashing. Not quite sure about Venezuela this year. She might place but not sure if she has a winning glow.

        Thailand is like a different person when candid. She is irresistibly charming when candid but flat during SupraChat. Can she tap into her candid energy during finals? If she can, she could win it all.

        Why I like Indonesia is because she reminds me of my friends who are Muslim princesses in Lanao. They have a glow and aura that exudes unforced elegance and grace. Will the behavior of the Indonesian fans last year affect her chances this year? Let’s wait and see.

        South Africa and Vietnam are both polished and styled differently compared to MU. They are currently my #4 and #5 in my Top Five. My concern about South Africa is that there seems to be some kind of disconnect with her and the people around her. She’s beautiful like Naomi Campbell but her eyes seem to lack warmth and life. She doesn’t exude joy in my humble opinion.

      • Maganda din si Hongkong! Cute. Tangkad pa. And she ruled her SupraChat session. 🙂

        Other lovely faces are Turkey, Mauritius, Brazil, Ireland, & Czech Republic.

        I think I will have Hongkong as my dark horse.

        Guys, ang dami’ng petite! About average height sa batch si Alison at litaw naman siya kahit paano.

        Remember I said sa last BBP post (Talent Show) na ang laki ng arrive ni Anna Valencia? Look at Finland & you’ll understand…

  3. Kabayotic Goddess tbh. Mutya Datul really is once in a lifetime. We will not get the Supra crown anytime soon.

    • I am unhappy they made Paul Salas a villain…. That was off-topic. Now, back to the post.

      Indeed, Datul is eternal & we are so lucky to have seen a beauty of her caliber in our lifetime! I personally rank her with 4M & Parungao as the three most beautiful ‘Miss Philippines’ of all time. Well, Gazini came along, so that has now become four.

      Ganda nu’ng dress niya, no? Very season (Summer) appropriate! Ngayon ka nga naman mag-slit. But am still not a fan of excess fabric, ‘yan’g mga tela na kinakaladkad.

      Nonetheless, I am incredibly confident she would at least match Sgt. Pajares’ placement.

      Guys, nga pala! Paalala lang. As has been advised to us, never bash the org nor the other ladies kasi sa rep natin puputok ang backla(u)sh. Basta, remain classy & sustain support for Black. Paz!

      • Mutya didn’t have veneers as well. No surgery as in nada. Wala din yung sponsor na skin clinic prior to joining bbp. Totoong gandang Pinay.

    • veks, learn how to appreciate the diverse beauty around you instead of spewing negativity. You sound like a bitter supporter of someone who got a less crown in the last MWP…hihihihih

    • That is one lowly creature. Sorry, Norman. That is so uncalled for. Makarma yan.

      • Wag ka magmalinis gurl. For sure mas masasakit pa pintas mo sa mga Inunesyans at Latinas. Makarma ka din remember that.

      • I was referring to Pupu Madrid with ITS cruel comment. I only have time to look at Norman’s blog.

      • @Sandra I don’t frequent other blogs I assure you that and how dare you put words into my mouth! I stand for respect on any person. You are like those 1980’s palengkera orientation. Spare me.

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