13 comments on “The Talented Alison Black for Miss Supranational 2022

  1. I was hoping she’d gone en pointe with her toes. If there’s a classical dancer in the juding panel she’d get dinged.

  2. Oh where are the good makeup artists. What have they taught her?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ She must know how to do her face better than what her MUA taught her. She was once a ballet dancer; they know stage makeup very well. 💐

  3. It’s a tie pala ang Felepens at Inunesya…

    Parehong chaka. Alienatious at Kabayotic.

  4. Ang tanong, may bearing ba ire sa overall judging?

    Si Dindi last year Top 3 pa sa Top Model, diba?

  5. She reminds of Cindy, quiet confidence, silently slaying the competition despite having a polarizing beauty.

    • Cindy Marina, MU-Albania 2019?… The volleyball player? How is her beauty polarizing, po?

      Kanina ko pa iniisip kung sino’ng Cindy… Hindi naman Crawford or Kurleto, model & actress resp.

      • Si Obenita veks…hihihihi Yung hindi sya bet ng marami tapos najusok because of her wits and wins the MIC.

  6. I really, really, really hope that TALENT is not the only ace she has up her sleeves.

    Let us be kind and say that facially she looks like the very beautiful sister of Dolly Ann Carvajal. Her face greatly improves when she is smiling. E ang sagwa naman yata kung lagi syang naka smile…lalo na kung mag isa. Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. Certified byuconera talaga itong si Zozibini Tonzi, MU na nga s’ya, gusto pang masungkit ang Miss Supra. Lol. Si Alison naman has that Ariella Arida vibe. Pero nanlalamon si Mexico.

    Mas kaabang-abang itong Supra kesa dun sa pa-pageant ng baklitang ayaw na ayaw na nananalo ang Pilipinas sa international pageants. Lol.

    That’s all.

    • Madame, Grace Jones naman…

      But yourself & pageant vlogger AS (his initials) share the view. That Jamaica shouldn’t ape Zozi.:-)

      I previously said Alison looks like Tracy Perez x Paola Ortega. But in this (official?) head shot (for MS), the resemblance to a dolled up Nicole Budol is not farfetched. But if I may add, her Intro Video calls to mind Laura Lehmann’s for MW 2017 – a similar feel~air of grounded optimism & level-headed clarity. Easily one of the best ‘Philippines’ has put out recently!

      I would say Supra & Grand are at par atm. For one thing, both have no problem finding venue. The former for now seems to have settled in & been adopted wholeheartedly by Cracow (Malopolska). The latter is, every edition, an educational whirl through some not-very-known part of Thailand, but Thai-based brands are good at that. Both are very lucky in that regard. Have a great week, po!

  8. Congratulations. I hope this helps her get a higher placement during the finals

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