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  1. Bruce Espeso not even a runner up … that is such an injustice ..

    • Barring financial constraints & work-related commitments, there is nothing to prevent him from trying again. He already has the following. He also knows what he needs to do… Kung gusto niya pa.

      Unless talaga’ng intended lang siya na maging filler.

      I would like for him to give it another shot. I’m sure marami’ng tutulong sa kanya. ‘Til next time, po.

  2. They’re cute.
    They’ll look like twinks though standing next to Latin & Euro candidates.

    • Nothing we can do. Our DNA doesn’t code for ‘tall’ & ‘burly’.

  3. I think the winner is deserving. He looks charming in Alladin inspired attire posted online.

    My only comment is that they need to do away with swim trunks and go for full speedo in the future. Swim trunks do not really suit us since it makes us even shorter. At least that’s my point of view.

    A low cut speedo would be more appropriate. And that’s not trying to be pervy for them to show more skin.

    • Actually, ang point naman talaga ng skimpy is so that as much surface area is exposed/seen (with discretion, of course) kasi nga to impress the judges you have to show the muscle tone. Kaya din sila ‘oiled up’/shiny… Ang no-no, ‘yun’g pag-drawing ng pan de sal sa tummy, but that didn’t happen here, so good.

      Another thing, may swim wear sponsors din kasi sila. So, it’s a chance for the designers to get creative.

      Kung gusto nila at ng fans, mag-nude shoot din sila. Like those ‘high art’ sculptural exhibitions. Open-minded na naman ang mga tao ngayon. In some other male Nationals, it’s done.

  4. The winner MJ Ordillano is tall pala at 6’1″ per Tito Norm’s affirmation, but his photos and videos do not give him justice as he looks the otherwise.

    I think he was poised to win because of his looks, charm and excellent communication skills. He is a Southville International graduate via athlete scholarship grant. What I love about MJ is his voice. He is a natural English speaker as well. So, he is a potential TV or pageant host.

    On a lighter note, ramdam ko ang kiri mo nung nagpa-picture ka sa kanila, Tito Norms. Hihi!

    That’s all.

  5. I love the sheer pants of the first runner-up, I want to buy something like that.

  6. Mico Teng should have waited 1-2 y before joining again . He needed personality development . He sounded very provincial and lacked confidence

  7. Kebs na magrepresent ng Mister International Phils, tutal sa Pinas nmn gaganapin so expect a placement, sa atin na rin ang Best in Natcos for sure 😃

  8. @Tito Norman, so matatangkad pala sila coz you’re 5’9″ and in that photo, the shortest one seems to be 3 inches taller than you.

    • MJ Ordillano is around 6’1”. Mark Avendano and Kitt Cortez are 6’. Michael Comaling is 5’10”-ish. Andre is same height as mine.

      • No offense meant tito norms, pero sa photo nyo po, mas astang macho ka pa compared to at least three of them. Lol. Sa photo po parang mga “Kyla” yung iba. Ky-la lambot ng itsura. Lol. Did you smell anything? Si tito norms..”chick boy” ang dating. Pwede sa chicks, pwede sa boys. Lol

        Did you smell anything?

        World Peace.

      • Inquiring minds want to know some ways and techniques of Tito Norms in sniffing out if a guy is a “lyka”. And why does Tito Norm need time.

        Will Norman be very “hands on?”
        Will he employ “oral” exams?
        What will he ANALyze?


        World Peace.

  9. OMG. Kambal po ba si winner at si 2nd runner up? Parang copy-paste po face nila. Sana, sumali rin yung isa pa nilang kuya…yung mas talented brother nila — Maybe next time na lang, Mr. Marcelito Pomoy. Char. Lol.

    Ano bang kabaduyan ang show na eto? And what horrendous attire during the interview portion na para silang mga alladin. Feeling Jasmine si Girl Abunda e mas mukha syang Genie. Lol.

    World. Peace.

    • oo nga bakit ganon si Boy Abunda, puede ba bigyan ng memo na ganito dapat ang attire

  10. The cropped pants – aka, flood pants – I agree are not flattering, look 1960’s passe… It really only looks good on super-tall-&-skinny guys (Kai Sotto came to mind). Even Davao City in the Formal Wear preliminaries looked ‘not nice’. Rein Villareal stood out like a sore thumb back in 2015 when Pedro Mendes won… Please put these pants to a rest already! Tanting could have pulled it off…

    ‘O, October daw, said our new King! Mr. Blogger, AFTER na ng Manhunt sila, I suppose… Ask Mr.. Rosco if he can get that Cuban who recently competed at Global (Mico Teng’s batch mate) to come over & try his luck in Philippines, who knows perhaps he will have better results.

    ‘Pag natuloy ang mga pambato ng Malaysia at (again) Cuba, ‘pag nagtabi sila with MJ, the three will look like cousins. The Cuban was a Global semifinalist, along with our own Ricky Gumera.

    I’m delighted with Binan! Tall, handsome (baby face, ‘ika nga ni C2F), & vocally well-modulated, he should have more than enough time to become more lean. The Thais will have high expectations!

    I liked Ver Comaling back when he was fresh out of his medal-winning stint at the SEA Games, with his ‘semi-calvo’. Before he competes at National Universe, puhon he will have the mane sheared. And if there will be a Mr. Talent Show preliminaries, he can sing. He, too, has nice voice!

  11. My expected winners circle except I never thought the dude w/ baby fats from Biñan would be 1st RUp.. no matter how good his Q&A is.

    My ideal placement would be:

    Winner: Ordillano
    1st RUp: Cortez
    2nd RUp: Comaling
    3rd RUp: Cue
    4th RUp: Avendaño

    Meanwhile, what the hell is Michael Comaling wearing?! Cropped pants w/ low socks to expose his ankles?!.. Why?! He looks like a fashion victim!🙄 If I have no idea about his credentials I wouldn’t pick him for the Top 10 because of this bad choice.

  12. Deserve. Tumatagos sa screen ang sex appeal. Medyo disappointed ako kay Godfrey, wala siyang dating in motion. Pero kay Papa Neil pa rin ako.

    • Q&A is Davao City’s Waterloo but he should have at least finished in Top Five. Imus bombed the Top Ten Q&A! Leyte and Paranaque looked like twins. Cebu City would have advanced had he not answered in a circuitous manner. Short and sweet, that’s how you do it. What happened to Quezon Province? San Juan was the most effortless in Q&A

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