9 comments on “Alison Black begins her Miss Supranational 2022 Journey

  1. I wish her luck. May the stars align for her during the coronation night

  2. Mister Blogger, who designed the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Mondrian’ dress copy? REALLY NOICE.

    Just my little thoughts as we begin our excursion of Malopolska.

    1. Lalela Mswane will be 1st Runner-up at best.
    2. If the organization wants to consider a third crown for India, Ritika Khatnani can be. BUT, drought muna after… Maybe again after 6 or 9 years?…
    3. Ano ba’ng tama’ng pronunciation? ‘Krah-COW’? Or, ‘Krah-COV’?
    4. Facially, Poland, Colombia, & Thailand are the year’s. PUT ONE IN THE FINAL 5, PO.
    5. I, too, feel good about Ms. Black. Why? We have Sgt. Pajares to thank for that. Thanks to the former Bb., interest in the Supra brand in Philippines was elevated. All Alison needs to do is stay the course; she already seems off to a happy start! .

    • Kra-COW in American English
      Kra-COV in British English
      Kra-Cuf in Polish

  3. Incredibly charming, bubbly, and, above all, humble. She is already shining in Poland without even trying to be competitive. Her glow and aura are refreshing to say the least. And, objectively speaking, in IG stories shared by other candidates, Alison’s presence and facial features are radiating alongside delegates from Africa, Asia and Europe.

    Based on IG stories, Alison is among my top three favorites at the moment together with Indonesia and Thailand. South Africa is incredibly beautiful but for some reason, she doesn’t exude a magnetic presence for some reason. Thailand is better appreciated during candid moments versus a more formal setting such as SupraChat.

    Will an Asian girl win this year? It’s too early to tell but Southeast Asia has a very strong set of delegates this year… Alison included.


    I have a feeling that Supranational Org will not crown an ultra polished girl. My gut tells me that although South Africa and India come across as perfectly polished, the organization might go for someone more authentic, flowy, and relatable.

    • And you’re name aptly characterizes where you belong.
      In the gutter or better yet, a public toilet with no water and soap.

    • (You don’t like channel 7 hunks, we guess… Cool. It’s a free market after all. But I can say that Jameson Blake looks like Cao Xuan Tai, the cute & amiable Viet who won MotW 2018.)

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