11 comments on “Micca Rosal is Miss Aura Philippines 2022

  1. In Bb 2021, she was good … best wishes

    OFF Topic: I think Miss VIetnam and Miss Indonesia will not reach the semifinals in MU 2022 …

    Newcomer Miss Bhutan Universe 2022 will likely make the semifinals cut …

    • Nako! Subukan nila’ng huwag bigyan ng kahit ano’ng recognition Indonesia this year. After their decision to hold the pageant in Israel, masama loob sigurado ng organization, considering in past editions they could afford to bring all three title queens – Universe, International, & Supranational – to the Finale & customize ‘kebaya’ for them… NEVER diss loyal & ‘loaded’ franchisees, please. 🙂

      I find the new MUVietnam quite pretty. Though I wonder how Mr. Itsaragrisil’s MGV fared with all the Press swarming to the former.

      Interesting, too, that MUVO opted to already designate the 1st Runner-up as their MU rep for next year. Bakit kaya? Well, at least she’ll have PLENTY of sweet time at her hands! Source : a Thai pageant vlogger.

    • From 1983 to 2003 , Miss Venezuela never failed to become one of the semifinalists at Miss Universe

      This is a record that Pinas is trying to break and Pinas will break it , half-way there … ! (2010 -2021)

  2. First of all, congratulations! Isn’t this that crown with a single large gemstone dangling front & center?

    Didn’t she compete as ‘Micca Agoncillo’? She hails from that town along Taal Lake, no?

    Magaganda ‘yun’g Final 5 nila! And if I’m not mistaken, all pageant veterans.

    • Gud Sun, po.

      OT… Ngayon’g araw po lipad ni Ms. Black patungo’ng Poland, ‘di po ba? Kasi, sabi ni Raed, 3 weeks ang Miss., ta’s 2 weeks lang sila’ng mga boys. Source : interview by a pageant vlogger who used to frequent the blog but now only scans unless may bago’ng username na siya…

      • Sir, please ask Mr. ALV if he can somehow arrange for Alison & MS-Cuba to be room mates. I have a feeling the two will hit it off! They share that casual carefree spirit that disarms & endears.

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