37 comments on “Fuschia Anne Ravena wins Miss International Queen 2022

  1. She is drop dead gorgeous. It is a well deserved win and yes, she can join MUP from physical beauty alone. Congrats, girl!

  2. Pansin ko lang! Sa tatlong winners natin sa pageant na to, may common denominator silang tatlo. Mahinhin and very feminine looking(syempre maganda), di cocky at overconfident at down to earth. Di rin masyadong hyped at pa naive ang peg. Siguro ito yung template ng pageant na to? Kaya siguro ligwak yung ibang magagandang sumali d2 dahil sa angas at overconfidence.

    • As Madame Shamcey has said, documents to establish that gender is legally now female must be presented. And as we can imagine, mahaba’ng proseso ‘yun na dapat noon pa ay sinimulan na.

      Sino nga pala ‘yun’g dapat ay ilalaban ng The Camp na transgender? ‘Anyare na sa kanya?

      • @Grandport

        Hindi nga Transgender si Keylin..
        She’s either a hermaphrodite or a chimera..
        There is a huge difference… 🙄

      • Yeah, but what does the law say? Kung black-&-white ang batas, individuals have little choice but to identify with societal traditional gender roles~identities. Otherwise, amend~update the law!

        Pageantry is easy; at least tanggap. ‘Eh, pa’no sa labas ng ‘Pride Bubble’? I’m talking about legislation. No drama. In the first place, si Madame Shamcey naman ang nagtakda… By saying.

        Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g dati’ng protege ng Palaro’ng Pambansa from North Luzon. Na-feature siya dati sa isa’ng documentary ng Dos… Track & field, and grew up believing siya ay babae pero ang sabi nu’ng mga medical experts na kinonsulta, ‘di daw nag-descend ang testicles, kaya mukha’ng _ilat. We never heard from her since, but I can imagine she (m/l)oved on… Sa’n na kaya siya now?

    • Fuschia already turned 28 earlier this month. By the time she completes her reign as MIQ, she will be 29.

    • NO. Transgenders got their own pageants. I respect them, but not to join pageants for natural born women. I think that inclusivity and acceptance politics should not be applied in MU, MW, MI, ME, MS, and other major pageants for integrity and originality. It’s not even for political correctness. No matter what enhancements they take, surgical interventions they go through, pills and hormones they digest, they’re still male anatomically. Enough of that non-sense.

  3. Transgenders have that offensive odour that is common to all of them.
    Something offensive and inexplainable kahit pa maligo sila nh woman’s perfume.
    Amoy balls ba yun? Sorry po
    She’s really pretty though. Congratulations!

      • @Dino

        Nagkaka putok din si @Justpassingby pero Masculine ang amoy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Justpassingby

      I think you are just smelling your self and your transphobic bigot of a brain is just looking for someone else to blame.

    • @Closer2Fame
      I smelled something really fishy and offensive although he was JustPassingBy.
      Gave me headache, really.

    • That’s a terrible thing to say , Justpassingby
      You are clearly lacking conscience

    • Justpassingby….are you referring to their surgical site odor? Their incision site will acquire some sort of distinct odor because they don’t have a natural biota inside that incision like most naturally born ladies would. Some may develop chronic infection or neovagina candiadisis.

  4. Ang ganda ng stage and production, very glossy and HD which the Philippines cannot produce at all . Buy din kasi ng equipment pag may budget and time !

    • Or, how about MUPO getting a Thai production~events group to implement the pageant THERE?

      Parang nu’ng 2018 when Intercontinental was steered by a Japan-based organization (pero may Pinay ‘ata…) BUT the pageant done in the Philippines. Yup, the year Karen Gallman won.

      Kasi, admittedly the ‘budget & time’ required to have that level of stage design isn’t an overnight development. And it may actually prove cheaper to hire someone to do it, a’ la third party. Try lang!

  5. Congratulations. Unquestionable win. Well deserved. Was she walking with one loose shoe? Grace under pressure indeed.

    Fuschia is even prettier and “more woman-like” compared to other real women contestants I’ve seen lately. When the reigning queen (Ms. Mexico) was crowning her, one would wonder who was the Mexican one. Fuschia is a dead ringer for Halma Hayek.

    Side Note (and if you want to laugh): If anyone gets to watch the live reaction vlog of Adam Genato, please concentrate on the announcement portion of top three winners. Adam was busy making kalkal her pechay all throughout the video. Lol. Tito Norman, if you are friends with Adam, pagsabihan mo naman to be more conscious. Kundi May tuyong puting laway sa gilid ng bibig nya, nag mukha naman syang Eve kaka kal kal ng pechay nya. haha.

    World Peace.

  6. What makes Fuschia’s victory extra significant for the Philippines is that this is such a wonderful coincidence with the celebration of Pride Month!

  7. A most deserved win for the Philippines! Placements were more or less deserved. Translator botched Colombia’s top six answer but still her tiwering presence and sexy alluring beauty gave her a pass for the final three. Lucky Philippines for her top six question was a standard question in pageants so it was a breeze for her. Beautiful, feminine and classy. That’s Philippines. Pageants here could learn a thing or two from MIQ. Fast- paced and giving us a two hour entertainment

    • I’m sure it was an honest mistake, Sir… 🙂

      That being said, I don’t think spaying~neutering has ever been an advocacy of any contestant in any beauty contest anywhere, but come to think of it why not? After all, it’s an animal welfare matter.

      Pets are another universally-binding interest. Someone should put together a pet-themed pageant! Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g entry ni Mitch Gumabao sa BBP 2018 Talent Show. We’re sure you know.

    • I think she said it intentionaly to sound iconic…
      Just like the way she says ” FELEEEPEEEENZZZ”.

      • Well, at least the Thais now know that ‘kapon’ is the Tagalog word for ‘castrate’… But, yeah the practice does provoke discussion…

        Another thing, nga naman, is how society limits gender to ‘female’ & ‘male’, as when required to tick one of those small boxes/squares in job application forms. But, will adding ‘other’ be better? Roles, naman, ‘ata ang pinag-uusapan, not merely ‘bedroom preference’. Anyway, happy Monday!

  8. She’s a clear frontrunner from the get-go — very well deserved and an incontestable victory indeed.

  9. Wow… nadulas pa yan…
    Congrats! Mukhang mga bodyguard nya yung dalawang runner-up…

    Hands down… she’s even prettier than some of our past Miss Universe and Miss World reps…

  10. I would love to see the day when MUP is represented by a transgender woman.

    • Absolutely no need for that. Beauty pageants for women should be exclusive to biological females. As it is, we already have an oversupply of full-blooded world class Filipinas with poise, grace, beauty and brains.

    • Thanks to you, may mga nagsabi’ng ‘hindi niya in-_accla’, in apparent reference to your view that aping MUP 2019 would be counterproductive. You’re an influencer, Sir! Congratulations, too. 🙂

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