4 comments on “Michael Cinco X Jojo Bragais for Mister International Philippines 2022

  1. I hope it doesn’t conflict with his MU connection… he should choose the shoes worn by the MUP2022 semifinals round to be the official MU2022 swimwear shoes …

  2. Akala ko, sa Vigan… I’ve not seen this part of Intramuros! Is this near where Jasmine Umali did her then-Runway Challenge entry? She was ‘Manila’ sash, right, at MUP 2021?

    I can imagine taking the Final 3 from this selection. Come what may, they’ll be M5 x JB muses, & that’s good ‘coz that means they can keep the org~brand in the spotlight for a while.

    One got the 1-year endorsement~ambassadorship of the fitness services sponsor, sort of like the Ever Bilena prize at BBP. If that’s not a reliable indicator of his chances, I don’t know what is!

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