9 comments on “The Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Talent Competition

  1. kind of blah … I’ve never been really interested in the Miss Talent portion of worldwide pageants, those who have them … I guess it is the reason why I love MU the best because it does not have Talent contest

  2. Ayaw pa kasi aminin ng mga hags dito na pinasok si Herlene para may ingay ang pageant nato wkwkwk since nawala sa kanila ang MUP, barely na gumagawa ng noise ang BBP, yun ang totoo.

    Nung nag Kumu MUP, nagagalit kayo pero nung ginawa din ng BBP wala kayong imik wkwkwk mga double standard at closeted insecurity nyo talaga kay Chonas

    • If that’s the case, then kawawa naman si Herlene. Unless OK lang sa kanya ‘magpagamit’…

      Does BPCI need to resort to publicity stunts to make up for the perceived loss of luster owing to the departure of the MUP franchise from their portfolio? With the wins last year at Intercontinental & (The)Globe, they seem to be doing perfectly well/fine. You wouldn’t even think they lost cadence!

      Honga. Ba’t nga ba ang KUMU ay gala na? I asked below (in my earlier comment).

      Speaking of Mr. Jonas, anyway na-mention mo na, I have a question.

      OK. Presumably, his party holds the MUP franchise, kasi nga sila ang nag-pa-pageant. Cool.

      PERO, bakit pagdating sa physical/actual movements (arrival, in particular, of the reigning MU which we saw in both the cases of Haarnaz & Catriona) in the Philippines, ay LCS?…

      Iba pa ba ‘yun’g national franchise sa right to bring in the reigning MU (kasi nga naman kung tutuusin, the ‘MU’ brand per se is a legal~business ‘entity’ in & of itself) into the country?

      Kung ganu’n, ibig sabihin kung gusto nina Mr. Jonas na bumisita sa atin ang kasalukuyan’g MU, dadaan muna sila sa/kay LCS? And who arranged/determined this set-up? MUO? Ba’t ganyan?

      HINDI PO ‘ETO PANUNULIGSA. Nagtataka lang po. Sana’y maliwanagan. Maraming salamat muli.

  3. She is just ruining the classy Binibining Pilipinas
    Pageant. She shoudnt be there in the first place pang TFC lang sya
    Sa kanyang handler please Binibijing Pilipinas is not a joke and circus
    . Nicole just stay hime.

  4. For entertainment value and performance level, Nicole Budol. For intros, Anna Valencia got my attention, along with Cebu and Iloilo City

  5. ‘Ah, OK. May maaasahan pa tayo’ng Miss Silka, Jag Jeans challenge, at Petron shoot between now & end-July. Muy bien!

    ISPS ang nag-PCR test sa kanila, presumably, last year nu’ng nag-bubble sila.

    KUMU has now penetrated all three big Philippines beauty contests – BBP, MWP, & MUP. Why?

    I got a Riana Pangindian vibe from Jashmin Dimaculangan… Hhmmm…

    Honga! Sultan Kudarat, like Honey Be Parrenas before her, has something going. Like a Chaling~Praeww aura, she might pull a sweet surprise. 🙂

    ‘Ala! Board member na pala ng BPCI si Precious Lara. Congratulations, po!

    Ang LAKI ng arrive ni Lakrini. Naalala ko tuloy si Jamaica Ambal nu’ng 2017, sa Parade of Beauties.Puwede’ng pantapat sa mga African at Black Caribbean Latina… Ano’ng balita sa rumored fifth crown? Rumor pa rin?

    Sa’n ba may talent Prelims? Sa The Miss Globe ‘Miss Talent Show’, no? Ano nga ba’ng ginawa ni Maureen? Si Leren, nag-bayle na tila ay mula sa Mindanao…

    (I have so many questions… Senior moments.) .

  6. Wow Nicole Budol looking sexy while dexteriously dancing and lypsinching to her own song w/ back-up dancers and talking like a truck driver was the highlight of the competition. It was Entertaining as hell..
    I love it!!!.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The rest were.. Meh…

    As for the Intros.. Borromeo, Tomondong, Fernandez, & Mendoza nailed it.

    Gab Bassiano’s way of saying Eastern Samar did catch my attention but NOT in a good way. It’s like you are askin for another runner-up position and not a crown… tsk tsk.. 🙄

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