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  1. Alison’s charisma comes from her humility. She’s the kind of speaker who actually grows on you over time. Very calm, collected, joyful, and truly at ease with herself. This is a good batch of speakers. I like Alison, Miss Zimbabwe (who reminded me of Miss Universe Kenya 2026), Miss France, and maybe even Miss Indonesia (even if I thought her statement that there are no bad historical figures is downright problematic, I still like the energy that radiated from Miss Indonesia).

    So for this round, the Philippines, Indonesia, France, Zimbabwe did very well. In a fair fight, any of these four can win the Top 2 spots in the SupraChat.

    Singapore underwhelmed by not showing personality. Ireland answered all the questions but lacked a kind of vibrant energy (her performance shows us that there is an element in a interview that is more important than just being able to answer the questions and that element is being able to establish a beautiful ebb and flow between the candidate and the interviewer). Thailand was pretty but not quite magnetic (if she would not recalibrate, I see her having the same Achilles heel as Miss Universe Thailand 2016… beautiful but very bland in Q&A). Nepal did okay.

    If Thailand competed during the pre-rebrand years of Miss Supranational, she could do very well. But for now, I think she will be eclipsed by the likes of Miss Philippines and Miss Indonesia and even Miss Zimbabwe. I think Thailand should take notes from France since they both used interpreters. France, despite the language barrier, was shining during the SupraChat.

    Having said all my comments above, the girls of this group were able to speak their minds properly at the very least. Congratulations to all of them.

    The SupraChat segment of Supranational further strengthens that argument for Supra Ph being under the MWP org. Alison was prepared wonderfully for Supranational because of the MWP pageant fast tracks.

    • The way you describe Alison, naalala ko bigla si Atty. Magtanong. Same adjectives were used!

      I agree…

      1. Gustav Eiffel probably is the single most resonant French person in the global mindset, thanks to that iconic tower that immediately screams ‘F-R-A-N-C-E’ to anyone who sees even an image.

      2. MUT 2016 was Chaling. Hhhmmm… Pero, mag-finish man lang better than Benjarat, OK na.

      3. PM Mr. Lee is that kind of world luminary that while commands profound respect prefers to be discreet. This ‘underwhelming’ is very Singaporean! Very accomplished but also very mindful~modest to the point of almost self-effacement. They prefer to let the ‘hard/software’ walk the talk (for them).

      4. I don’t know what happened with JaTim. She sounded perfectly fine at her Nationals. She needs to be told to pull back; by being too friendly~cool, she comes across over-eager & a tad smug.

      (Uuhm, please pardon me if by replying to you like this I am sounding like her. Jawa Timur.)

      5. MUKenya 2016 was Mary Agnes Were, right? The look on her face was priceless! She absolutely had no expectations of being called into a placement. Same humility as Alison, no?

  2. I didn’t know Tony Blair is Irish. I learned something today. 🙂

    Ms. Black did not disappoint, & delivered with ease & warmth. That’s how it’s done!

    I’m sorry, I’m saying it. ANG GANDA TALAGA NI PRAEWW. Siya ‘yun’g ganda’ng puwede’ng ilagay sa Final 5 on nothing else. Like last year’s Eonna Constanza (4th Runner-up, who was lent Sam Bernardo’s ‘pearly’ NatCos for BBP 2020).

  3. In the context of the “Inspirational. Aspirational” tagline of MS, who motivates the audience the most to feel something that makes them want to do or be something? I believe MS in its 2nd year of brand-building (with the first year unfortunately punctuated by the pandemic), the organizers are looking for an image model whose intellect, character and physique can best influence people to hope and work for a better life. To me, to be inspirational and aspirational to global audiences is not an issue of looking stunning but to sound stunning with core values and intellect easily radiating from the insightful ideas of a pleasant conversationalist.

    My Filipino bias may factor in but to me it’s effortlessly Allison’s round.

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