10 comments on “Lunch with Manhunt International 2020 Paul Luzineau

  1. Ohhh haaa! Ang keyword sa article is “intimate lunch”!

    Anyway, hindi ako masiado naguapuhan sa kanya,

    Maliit yung forehead then chiseled masiado yung jawline kaya parang hindi proportional ang dating!

    Well, laman-tiyan pa rin naman!

      • Mr. Blogger, did Tjardo Vollema fly back to Amsterdam already? Mr. Ryan S is still in Manila…

        As winner of the Misters of the Netherlands 2021, he is Paul’s direct successor (2019; I assume they skipped 2020). Or, naglilibot lang ng Maynila with the other organization?

        I wonder if Manhunt Brazil will still field Hendson Baltazar. Maybe you could confirm with Mr. Rosco D… Even if a new (2022) rep has been crowned, I think it would be nice if he could still come over to meet fans. Some candidates are just so inspirational even if they do not compete internationally they add luster to the brand! Maybe these lucky few are the ‘unicorns’ spoken of.

      • Tjardo and Ryan will fly back to Amsterdam tomorrow night.

        Tjardo is having some beach time with his family in Batangas

      • Pahabol, po. Kasi, only now did it come to mind.

        Manhunt (International), correct us if we’re wrong, is so far the only major international beauty contest (but yes, to Mr. Rosco it is a proper model search) with a sash that has tassel! That fringe-y trim at the ends… Puhon, they’ll keep that as a trademark~fingerprint. It looks soldier-ly.

        I recall when Philippines (last) hosted (Paui won,as you mention in the article). On Finale night, out-going titlist Vicent Llorach & our very own June Macasaet wore their respective years’ sash. Only differences in color & font lay-out, but the tassel detail bound the two.

        We may have spotted tassel at official ceremonies of monarchy/royalty. Why isn’t it used more?

      • Paul, not Paui.

        My hands are getting really bad at the keyboard. Hirap talaga ‘pag elderly. The hand-eye coordination may have issues as well. My apologies to Mr. Luzineau. Enjoy your time in ‘Pinas!

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