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    • May suwerte ‘yun’g manika!

      Great way to close June 2022, indeed.

  1. Mas maganda pa sya sa Miss world phil winners. Yung isang image may hair sya sa armpit🤣

    • She is indeed much prettier than our Miss World Philippines winner… So trueeeee!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. looks different but not so unique , it has the same motif as MU Thailand 2017 … doll costume

  3. Our candidate lacks self-confidence and queenly aura
    And even though she is beautiful, I donot think she can win especially with her limited comm skills.
    Plus , copying Gazini won’t help her

    • But if the other candidates are not articulate as well, then maybe it is her destiny to win

      • Ako nag-Rate down sa ‘yo, po. I can’t help it. I have to say… Natawa naman ako sa inyo. 🙂

        OK. You (initially) said, essentially she isn’t cut to win. Fine. Tapos, nagdalawa’ng-isip kayo by saying that, really, her only chance of winning is if mahina rin utak nu’ng iba (“… as well…”).

        Why backtrack/hesitate? If you don’t like her, then don’t like her.

        Don’t worry, she won’t be discouraged. After all, it seems so far to be a level playing field. All good.

        Baka mangyari ‘yun’g quote ni Nonoy Marcelo, cartoonist~satirist of ‘Ikabod Bubwit’ fame. Said he, “in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed sw_rd is queen”. As though Fuschia’s only chance of winning is if the others are dimmer than her. Accla pa ang magiging dim??!

        You should watch g_y pageants, the run-of-the-mill kind. IT’S AN ENTIRE COTTAGE INDUSTRY, with robust sponsorships. Nothing is left to chance, no stone unchecked. Pride Month pa naman.

      • Flor , I think she is the prettiest among the candidates . I’m just not confident abt her comm skills . Hope she doesn’t get rattled at Q&A

  4. Wow. Never seen a national costume like it. Definitely unique. I’ll leave it at that..

    Heaven help us.

    • I don’t understand it either why many of our candidates say the word ‘Philippines ‘ like that

      • I can understand and tolerate Ariela’s thick Tagalog accent but Fuschia as a Cebuana repeating it is just so plain Tackkkky and irritating… Fushia just sounds ignorant and gimicky when she did it… she’s looking so gorgeous and classy then sounding so cheap and uneducated is mind blowing to me.

  5. I must say the doll’s costume itself is elegant and the candidate herself is stunning. BUT the whole ensemble as a “national costume” is an epic fail for me. Puhhhlease, leave this kind of natcos concept to Myanmar or India.

    The ugliest part of the costume is that tacky red curtain that looks like a Chinese matrimonial curtain. If they take that away, perhaps this natcos can be forgiven.

    • Can you tell us again why you’re not happy with the elegant costume?

      It sounds like you’re hurting. I hope you are ok.

      • nunyabiz1991, do you really want me to tell you again what you have just reacted to?

        anyway, on a side note, i hope you can respect my opinion as I respect yours. you find the entire natcos elegant, well and good. but. i. don’t! as simple as that. ayt!?

      • I agree.

        I don’t see any extraordinary in that custome.

        She will not win anyway.

        You can’t read anything on her face. Just smile. That’s it. Parang Gazino Ganados lang.

      • aj, na-lost yata si nunyabiz1991 sa pagmamadaling i-gaslight ka. Nunya, doll’s costume is.not.equal.to. Ms Ravena’s costume, which is the doll itself. Ang costume ng doll ang sinabi ni aj na elegant. So in a way, natalbugan NG costume nya ANG costume nya. Gulo no? Parang yang costume na yan mismo.

  6. Agree.

    > This is a Halloween costume not a national costume. Not fabulous, but creepy.

    > Inquiring minds want to know, why does the doll look like Victory Velasquez Vincent? Lol.

    > Overall, the doll reminds me of Annabelle, IT, Chuckie and Phoebe Buffay-made doll combined.

    > To add to the creepiness, the look makes it appear as if hands were coming out of Fuschia’s vajayjay. Lol. An image that’s enough to make anyone have nightmares.

    We are just impressed by the novelty, but if one will watch the entire presentation, there were other more fabulous costumes. I will make Ms. France the winner for this round.

    World Peace.

  7. Came to mind Gabrielle Basiano’s ‘kalesa’ at BBP 2021. Essentially a backpack ensemble (the arch). But that’s my point. At least with the horse carriage, it looked good all around. Mr. Cary Santiago could have at least extended the filigree to the back; it’s a shock because seeing the ornate front makes your brain expect the ‘borloloy’ everywhere else. Nagmukha tuloy arts-&-crafts.

    Also, I imagine it would be an even more memorable presentation had Ms. Ravena articulated the doll like a puppet, much like in the Indonesian stage play tradition. ‘Coz it’s just stuck there…

      • Friend, let’s be clear about something. We are NOT dissing Mr. Cary Santiago. Not at all.

        His Philippines Eagle NatCos in splendid silver for Gazini at MU 2019 will remain a benchmark in how we will interpret our avian national emblem in the future. It was so good it spawns copy cats to this day, at all levels, all around the world.

        My point? The arch is mere distraction, I think. The dress alone, even with the Fuschia doppelganger, can stand because with her beauty, so bright without any other add-on, is enough. I mean, look at the photos SANS that arch. Let’s focus on the dress, & I think we’ll all be fine.

        Good luck to Ms. Ravena! Parehas kayo ni Alison, both black (intended to be humorous but just in case it might offend ravens are of that color & I have quite high hopes for both ladies, thank you).

  8. OMG. Fuchsia is so beautiful.

    I couldn’t care less what costume she wears.


  9. I love it… I saw the actual video… I find her whole presentation flawless except the beige straps were exposed.. I wish she used one of those transparent ones instead… Anyway… the whole ensemble is gorgeous even the tiniest laser cut-out was well executed.. The historical refference is medyo gas-gas… but I find it very creative na parang bitbit nya mukha ni Gazini as part of the costume… hahahahhaaaa

  10. Cary Santiago’s innovative creations are very Met Gala-ish. I like the whole ensemble, as the festive fashion is so avant garde and the craft is neatly finished. This is for the win. Bravo, Mama Cary!

    That’s all.

  11. May kiliti, yes. Mapapa second look ka, yes, until it dawns on you that the doll is redundant. She herself could have just worn the doll’s dress instead. So mahuhulog na pampakomplikado lang ang doll.

    • So how long did it take to dawn on on you that the doll was redundant?

      And what did you feel after it dawned on you?

      • I believe Nakakalurker looks and feels like the “dawning” of Dawn Zulueta and not as horrible as the “dusking” of Nunyabiz. Means palapit na sa twilight looks. Joke lang po hehhehe

      • @nunyabiz1991

        1st question: Just to answer your question, not longer than the shortest appendage you have on your hot body. Let me make it clear, though – the longest “dawn” will never diminish the redundancy of the doll.

        2nd question: I felt mislead if not deceived.

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